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How to get someone’s IP address

There are 3 ways you that can help you on how to find someone’s IP address in France. You can either use the Command Prompt on Windows PC to check the IP address. Second, you can examine email headers, and third, you can use IP check tools online to find someone’s IP address.

There can be multiple reasons why you might want to find someone’s IP address. Maybe you want to trace someone online, or maybe, you want to block an IP address. No matter the reason, there are multiple ways to find someone’s IP address.

An IP address is an alphanumeric address that acts as an identifier, as it is used to identify devices on the network. An IP address is used to send and share information online with other devices on the network. Websites, your ISP, and government agencies use your IP address to track your online activities. Your IP address also contains information about the location of your device.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address in France? – 3 Methods

If you want to track someone else’s IP address, you have three options, as discussed in detail below.

1. Use Prompt Command

One of the easiest ways to check someone’s IP address is to use the command prompt if you are using a Windows PC. All you need to do is go to Start, search for CMD, and open the command prompt window.


On the DOS pad, enter ping and the address you want to track. It will try to establish the connection between your device and the IP address you are looking for.

command prompt-in-France

Similarly, if you are trying to find the IP address of a website, you would have to type ‘ping‘ and press enter. Now, your PC will try to find the server for the site. If it goes through, you’ll be able to see the IP address that you wanted.

2. Through Email

Another best way to check someone’s IP address is through email. It may come as a surprise to you, but IP address information can be found on most email platforms like Gmail. To get the IP address through email, you need to examine the header information. It contains a lot of other information about the sender as well.


If you are using Gmail, follow these steps to view the email’s full header information to view IP address:

1. Go to Gmail, and open the email you want to check the header of.


2. Next to Reply, Click the three-dotted menu > Show original.


3. In the original message window, at the start, you can see the sender’s IP address.

check-ip-through-email-headerYahoo! Mail

1. Log in to your Yahoo! Mail.


2. Select the email you want to view the header for.


3. Click More > View Raw Messages.


4. The header will open in the new window.

Apple Mail

1. Open Apple Mail and choose the email you want to inspect.


2. Click View > Message > All Headers.


3. The header will show below inbox.

We hope this answered you on how to pull someone’s IP through email.

3. Use Online Tools

The simplest way to find someone’s IP address is to use one of the online IP lookup tools like Simply go to the site, add an IP address you want to track, and it will give you information like geolocation and more.

Keep in mind that it’s not always accurate, so make sure to double-check the IP address before entering. You can also test using your own IP as well.


How to Hide your IP Address in France?

Now you know different tools you can use to find someone’s IP address in France and get information like their location, etc. However, if you can use it to get someone else’s IP address, so can others track you.

Anyone can get your IP address and track your online activities, stealing information like browsing history, personal information, and even credit card information.

Therefore, for maximum privacy, you need to hide your IP address. One reliable way to mask your real IP address is by using a reliable VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) will pass your internet traffic through a VPN tunnel, thus hiding your original IP address.

For example, with a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can connect to any server location you want, and get a Chile IP address in France, Ukraine IP, Brazilian IP address in France, and more. Your actual IP address will be masked, and if someone uses online tools to check your IP, they will get the fake IP address instead, thus protecting your privacy.

How to Find Someone’s IP address in France-FAQs

An IP address in France is a distinctive address used to identify each device over the internet or local network. They are identifiers that allow information to be transferred between multiple devices on a network. IP addresses contain local information that makes devices available for communication.

No, finding out someone’s IP address isn’t illegal in France. There are no specific laws preventing you from using the IP-grabbing tool. Your IP address is actually public information at this point, so you don’t really need to worry if anyone has found out about it.

Yes, it is possible for people to find your IP address in France. While it won’t reveal your location, you can always hide it using a VPN service.

Tracing an IP address in France is quite simple, and technically as easy as a line in the prompt command. However, if you’ve hidden your actual IP address using a reliable VPN service, then the person tracing your IP would receive an error and get no details.

The server admins of Discord can’t view your IP address in France. However, the people who work at Discord can. But, they won’t share your IP address with anyone and will keep it safe with them.

If the game you’re playing uses P2P anything, it can easily reveal your IP address in France. When you join the game, type netstat after opening the Command Prompt. Then, go back to finishing your game.

When you visit your Command Prompt again, it will contain a list of IP addresses connected to your computer. You can then visit Google, search for IP Lookup, and find out anyone’s IP.

Final Words

These are some of the ways how you can get someone’s IP address. Remember, if they are using a VPN, you won’t be able to see their true geolocation, because a VPN masks their real IP address and gives them a fake one for security purposes.

That is why it is recommended to use a VPN all the time so no one can track you online even if they do get their hands on your IP address because it would be fake.

We hope our guide on how to find someone’s IP address in France was beneficial to you. While all the three methods above are super-easy, if you have any questions, feel free to jot them down in the comments below.

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