How to Get a Colombia IP Address In France With a VPN Server (2024)

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To safely access many local Colombian sites and services, you must get Colombia IP address In France. ISPs in Colombia must provide user data, including communication history, to intelligence agencies upon request, often without a warrant. Additionally, there has been a rise in cyberattacks and hacking attempts against journalists, activists, and media outlets.

Using the best VPN for France with servers in Colombia is the easiest way to obtain a secure Colombia IP address. This allows you to browse the internet in Colombia while protecting your privacy and securing your connection from hackers. However, not all VPNs have servers in Colombia or provide the necessary speeds for uninterrupted internet use.

I tested over 45+ VPNs and found that ExpressVPN is the best option for obtaining a Colombia IP. It offers fast servers in Colombia that are excellent for uninterrupted browsing, streaming, and gaming. Moreover, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to get Colombia IP address In France? – 5 easy steps

If you’re wondering how to change VPN to Colombia? Follow these three steps:

  1. Choose a VPN service that suits your requirements. I suggest ExpressVPN as a reliable option.
  2. After the payment is authorized, download the official software for your device. Avoid using third-party websites and only rely on trusted app stores.
  3. Connect to a VPN Colombia server and wait for the connection to be established.
  4. Attempt to access Colombia content that is geographically restricted. If you encounter issues, don’t worry. You may need to clear your browser cache and cookies and try again.
  5. Congratulations! You now possess a Colombia IP address and can enjoy unrestricted access to your preferred content from your home country.

Quick Overview – The Best VPN to Get Colombia IP Address In France

Here is a quick overview of the best VPNs to get Colombia IP address :

Why You Need a VPN to Get Colombia IP Address In France

A VPN redirects your internet traffic through a server in a country of your choice—such as Colombia—making apps and websites believe you are located there. To guarantee a fast, secure, and reliable connection, ExpressVPN operates virtual servers for Colombia.

Using a VPN to obtain Colombia IP address is crucial for maintaining privacy, accessing restricted content, and ensuring security:

  • Privacy: A VPN encrypts internet traffic, safeguarding against the watchful eyes of the Colombian government, ISPs, and third-party snoopers.
  • Access: It enables access to local Colombia content, such as Colombia television online channels and financial services, no matter the user’s physical location.
  • Security: A VPN protects against cyber threats, particularly on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, by creating a secure tunnel for data transmission.

Why Would Someone Need a Colombian IP Address In France?

Having a Colombian IP address can be beneficial for accessing region-locked content, conducting market research, or ensuring online security and privacy. It may also be necessary for individuals or businesses seeking to establish a virtual presence in Colombia, bypass geo-blocks, or comply with local regulations when conducting online activities.

Best VPNs for Getting a Colombia IP Address In France (2024 In-Depth Analysis)

I have conducted extensive testing and analysis to identify the top VPN providers for obtaining a Colombia IP address. Searching to know which VPN has IP address in Colombia? Let’s find out below;

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Colombia IP Address In France


ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Colombia’s IP address. One of the standout features of ExpressVPN is its ability to stream both local and global content, making it an excellent choice for users who want access to a wide variety of entertainment options.

ExpressVPN supports torrenting, allowing you to safely and securely download files without worrying about compromised privacy. ExpressVPN has automatic server selection, ensuring you are always connected to the fastest server in your chosen location. It enables you to connect to geo-restricted Colombian streaming sites, giving you access to content that would otherwise be unavailable.

ExpressVPN servers are built for worldwide access, with a list of IP addresses in 105 countries. Currently, ExpressVPN has one server location in Bogota, Colombia. When connecting to its server, I could torrent it encrypted.


ExpressVPN servers are fast and efficient for unblocking geo-restrictions.

Currently, ExpressVPN only offers one server location in Colombia. While this may seem limited initially, the server performed exceptionally well during my testing. Thus, I can confidently recommend this VPN to you,

I could also watch geo-restricted content with ExpressVPN for Netflix. Other sites like Caracol TV, Paramount Plus, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, ITV, and BBC iPlayer using ExpressVPN connected easily.


ExpressVPN unblocked Cuevena, a Colombian streaming site for us quite easily.

ExpressVPN’s speed test yielded download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. These exceptional speeds ensure seamless streaming experiences with no buffering or lag. ExpressVPN delivers on its promise of providing a fast and reliable service that exceeds expectations.


These speed results are best for streaming videos in 4k quality without buffering.

Security is a top priority, and ExpressVPN excels in this area. It uses AES-256-bit encryption and an automatic kill switch to protect your online activities from prying eyes. Moreover, KPMG’s recent audit verified ExpressVPN’s no-log policy and TrustedServer technology, emphasizing its commitment to privacy and transparency.

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth for many activities for people who wish more internet freedom- from shopping to gaming and doing online work. Express is truly a reliable choice.

ExpressVPN is an affordable option for secure and reliable VPN service users. ExpressVPN cost only EUR 6.24/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.

Along with a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial, you can access apps for all your devices and enjoy advanced security features that protect your online activities. Every plan also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind if you are unsatisfied with the service.

Read my ExpressVPN review, which provides other details you might want to check out.


  • Effective Colombian access through its Colombia server
  • The encrypted new IP address for Colombia streams abroad
  • Secures connection through AES 256 encryption
  • No bandwidth throttling
  • Compatible with all devices


  • Only one server location in Colombia

Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN for a Colombia IP Address In France


Surfshark is the best budget-friendly VPN to get Colombia IP address. Surfshark costs only EUR 2.33/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee along with a Surfshark free trial with every package sold.

How do I get my IP address from another country? Well, With its 3200+ servers across 100 and service based in Bogota, you can connect to your desired locations in seconds.

One of the key advantages of Surfshark is its ability to provide a higher level of service, security, accessibility, support, and tools compared to other VPN providers. The service is designed with the user in mind, and Surfshark is constantly improving and polishing its features to ensure the best possible experience for you.


Surfshark’s Colombia servers helped us unblock various sites from anywhere around the world.

After connecting to its Colombia server, I could easily unblock Colombia channels, like Aracol TV, NTN 24 Tele Noticias 24, CABLE NOTICIAS, Señal Colombia, Canal CaliTV, and more. You can use Colombia’s social media and global sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Surfshark is an excellent VPN for accessing Colombia content from anywhere. It offers unlimited bandwidth and efficient streaming. Access Netflix with Surfshark is one of its standout features, thanks to its remarkable speed and reliable connection.


I was able to unblock my favorite Colombian streaming site to catch up on my favorite shows while traveling away from home.

Surfshark provides lightning-fast speeds, making it easy to set up Colombia IP Address. With its VPN connection, there will be no more buffering and ISP throttling. On a Surfshark speed test, it achieved 81.32 Mbps download speed and 76.12 Mbps upload speed on a 100 Mbps connection.


It performs more consistently than many rivals.

Surfshark offers a range of features that prioritize your online security and privacy. These include a kill switch, no-log policy, and advanced encryption technology. Surfshark provides unique features like Camouflage and NoBorder mode, enhancing online security with Colombia IP Address.

One of the most impressive VPN services for Colombia IP by Surfshark is its ability to support multiple devices simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for users who need to connect to various devices. With Surfshark, you can connect unlimited devices, ensuring a secure VPN protects all your devices.

As the best cheap VPN for Colombia IP addresses, mobile users can also get a Surfshark free trial for 7 days. More information is contained in my comprehensive Surfshark review.


  • One Colombia server location to acquire Colombia IP Address
  • Access to international platforms and local e-banking
  • Fast speeds for torrenting and streaming
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Budget-friendly option to get Comobia IP
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and free 7-day trial


  • Expensive monthly plans
  • Disconnection issues

CyberGhost – Largest Server Network VPN for a Colombia IP Address In France


CyberGhost has the largest server network to get Colombia IP address. It operates 11651+ servers across 100, including 20+ servers in Bogota, Colombia. It is currently the most extensive network for obtaining a global IP address to date.

CyberGhost is not only an excellent choice for streaming Colombian content but CyberGhost for torrenting is a great option. Its optimized P2P servers allow you to download and share files safely and securely without compromising your online privacy. The service provides fast download speeds and unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content without interruptions.


CyberGhost servers helped us stay connected to current Colombian affairs.

CyberGhost is an excellent choice for accessing their favorite Colombian content from anywhere in the world. With its dedicated Colombian servers, you can easily unblock regional channels like Caracol TV, RCN TV, Canal 1, Senal Colombia, and more. The service offers fast and reliable connections, ensuring you can stream your favorite shows and movies without buffering or lag.

CyberGhost also allows you to access international content from streaming giants such as Hulu, ITV, ESPN, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. This means you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment options worldwide, no matter where you are.


CyberGhost was efficient in unblocking sites with its Colombia server

The CyberGhost speed test results for its Bogota servers are impressive. With a download speed of 75.47 Mbps and an upload speed of 69.34 Mbps, you can enjoy seamless streaming and browsing experiences.


Cyberghost speed on a 100 Mbps connection.

It recognizes how inconvenient, slow websites and buffering videos can be. Corollary CyberGhost VPN offers unrestricted bandwidth, UltraHD CyberGhost servers, and an ad-blocker. This VPN ultimately upscales your security through AES 256 encryption, split-tunneling, NoSpy servers, and Cyber’s WireGuard protocol.

This VPN is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, and all the devices attached to them— phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions. CyberGhost on Firestick is compatible with secure and private streaming.

With a maximum of 7 simultaneous connections, you can enjoy the web without worrying about data caps and have your friends enjoy the same premium. Sharing is bliss!

It provides an undetectable Colombia IP address for only EUR 1.9/mo (US$ 2.03/mo) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free on its 6-month plan with a 7-day free trial and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost offers a lifetime subscription deal. They offer various subscription plans, ranging from monthly to long-term plans, with a free trial.

A more insightful CyberGhost review is here.


  • 24 servers in 1 Colombia city for gaining a Colombia IP address
  • Allows torrenting and streaming geo-restricted Colombia platforms
  • Security at its finest with AES 245 encryption
  • NoSpy servers
  • Has a Cookie Cleaner and DNS Leak Test
  • 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Ambiguous privacy policy with regard to its no-logs policy.
Get Colombia IP with CyberGhost 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Testing Methodology: How We Tested the Best VPN for a Colombia IP Address In France

Several factors were considered when testing the best VPN Colombia. These factors include servers in Colombia, the ability to access Colombian content, fast speeds, strong security and privacy, and customer support.

  • Servers in Colombia – To test the VPNs, I looked at how many servers were available in Colombia and the quality of those servers. I tested the VPNs to see if they could provide a stable and reliable connection to servers in Colombia.
  • Ability to Access Colombian Content – I tested if the VPNs could successfully unblock Colombian content, including streaming services, websites, and other geo-restricted content. I checked if there were any issues accessing content and if the quality of the content was affected.
  • Fast Speeds – To determine the VPNs’ speed, I tested their performance by running speed tests on their servers in Colombia. I measured the download and upload speeds, as well as the latency, to assess the VPNs’ overall performance.
  • Strong Security and Privacy – I evaluated the VPNs’ security and privacy features, including their encryption protocols, privacy policy, and logging policy. I also looked at any additional features, such as ad-blockers and malware protection.
  • Customer Support – I tested the quality and responsiveness of the VPNs’ customer support, including the availability of live chat, email support, and phone support. I also looked at the quality of the help and support offered, such as troubleshooting steps and FAQs.

Benefits of Surfing the Internet with a Colombia IP for Local Access

Once you get Colombia IP address, the following could be the benefits you may get around:

  • Access to Region-Locked Content: A Colombian IP grants access to localized content such as streaming services, news websites, and social media platforms restricted to the region.
  • Enhanced Online Security: Utilizing a Colombian IP can sometimes provide an added layer of security by masking your true location and reducing exposure to region-specific cyber threats.
  • Improved Connection Speeds: Accessing local servers with a Colombian IP may result in faster connection speeds and smoother browsing experiences.
  • Market Research Opportunities: Researchers can gather valuable insights into Colombian consumer behavior and market trends by analyzing data collected from users with Colombian IPs.
  • Localized Search Results: Searching with a IP Colombia can yield more relevant and accurate results tailored to the local context, enhancing the user experience.
  • Circumvention of Geo-Blocks: By appearing as though you are browsing from Colombia, you can bypass geo-blocks and access region-specific services and content that may not be available elsewhere.

What are the Security Risks of Using a Colombia IP Address In France Online?

Following could be a few security risks for using Colombia IP Address Online:

  • Targeted Cyber Attacks: A Colombia IP may make you susceptible to targeted cyber attacks due to lax security measures in the region.
  • Increased Exposure to Malware: Users with Colombian IPs might encounter higher rates of malware and phishing attempts tailored to local internet behavior.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: Colombia’s less stringent data protection laws could expose your personal information to unauthorized access and exploitation.
  • Potential for Identity Theft: Utilizing a Colombian IP may increase identity theft risk as cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in local networks.
  • Access to Restricted Content: By routing through a Colombian IP, users may inadvertently access malicious or restricted content, exposing themselves to legal repercussions or harmful material.
  • Surveillance and Monitoring: Government surveillance or internet traffic monitoring is a concern when using a Colombian IP, potentially compromising user privacy and freedom online leading to block Colombia IP Address

VPN Features That Help Get a Stable IP from Colombia In France

Let’s have a look at the features that help you get a stable Colombian IP:

  • Server Network: Choose a VPN provider with a diverse network of servers in Colombia to ensure stable and reliable connections.
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: Opt for a VPN service offering dedicated IP addresses from Colombia, minimizing the risk of IP address conflicts and improving stability.
  • Load Balancing: VPNs with load balancing capabilities can distribute traffic evenly across servers, preventing congestion and ensuring a stable connection.
  • Protocol Selection: Select VPN protocols optimized for stability and performance, such as OpenVPN or IKEv2, to maintain a steady connection to Colombian servers.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Choose a VPN provider with responsive customer support to troubleshoot any connectivity issues and ensure a stable Colombian IP address.

Using a Colombian IP In France to Watch Local Content – What To Know?

When using a Colombian IP to access local content, it’s important to be aware of potential geo-restrictions and licensing agreements. Additionally, ensure your chosen method of accessing content complies with copyright laws and respects the intellectual property rights of content creators. For optimal performance, I suggest using ExpressVPN, as it provides robust security features and speeds.

How Businesses Use Colombian IP Addresses for Market Research?

Businesses leverage Colombian IP addresses to gather valuable insights into local consumer preferences, behaviors, and market trends. By analyzing data collected from users with Colombian IPs, companies can tailor their products, services, and marketing strategies to better resonate with the Colombian market.

Additionally, accessing localized websites, social media platforms, and online forums through Colombian IPs enables businesses to engage directly with Colombian consumers, conduct competitor analysis, and identify emerging opportunities in the market.

What Other Methods Can We Use to Obtain a Colombia IP Address In France?

In order to obtain a Colombia IP address, a few methods are available, such as Tor and Proxy. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks, which I will explore below.


Tor is a free and open-source software that helps users browse the internet anonymously by routing country codes in IP addresses. The benefits of using Tor to obtain a Colombia IP address include:
It’s free: Tor is completely free to use, which makes it an attractive option for those who are on a budget.

  • Anonymity – Since Tor routes your traffic through multiple servers, it’s difficult to trace the origin of the traffic, which can help you remain anonymous.
  • Privacy – Tor also encrypts your internet traffic, which helps to protect your privacy online.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using Tor:

  • Speed – Since Tor routes your traffic through multiple servers, it can slow down your internet connection.
    Not all websites are accessible: Some websites may block Tor traffic, so you may not be able to access all the content you want.


A proxy server is an intermediary server that sits between your computer and the internet. The benefits of using a proxy server to obtain a Colombia IP address include:

  • Speed – Proxy servers can be faster than Tor since they don’t route your traffic through multiple servers.
    Access to more content: Since proxy servers are less likely to be blocked than Tor, you may be able to access more content.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using a proxy server:

  • Cost – Some proxy servers require payment, which may not be an option for everyone.
    Less anonymity: Proxy servers don’t offer the same level of anonymity as Tor, since your traffic is still visible to the proxy server.

Can I use a free VPN to Obtain a Colombia IP Address In France?

Yes, using a free VPN to obtain a Colombia IP address is possible. However, it is important to note that free VPNs may not be as reliable or secure as paid VPNs and may also have limitations in terms of speed and server options.

In some cases, free VPNs may also log user data and sell it to third parties for advertising purposes, which could compromise your privacy. Free VPNs may be more likely to suffer from data leaks and other security vulnerabilities, which could put your online activities at risk, making you lose Colombia IP Address

Suppose you do choose to use a free VPN to get Colombia IP address. In that case, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable provider with a strong track record regarding security and user privacy. You should also be aware of any limitations in terms of speed and server options and be prepared to switch to a paid VPN if you encounter any issues or concerns.

While free Colombia VPN can be a convenient and cost-effective way to access content from other countries, it is important to weigh the potential risks and drawbacks before deciding.

FAQs – Get a Colombia IP Address In France

Yes, it is legal to use a Colombian IP address. There are no laws that specifically prohibit the use of a foreign IP address, and many individuals and businesses use VPNs and other tools to access content from other countries.

It is always important to note that some activities that are conducted using a foreign IP address may be illegal, such as accessing copyrighted content without permission or engaging in illegal online activities.

Using a VPN with strong encryption and privacy features is safe and recommended for obtaining a Colombia IP. Premium VPNs ensure your online activities are secure and private.

Yes, you can watch Netflix with a Colombian IP address. However, the content available on Netflix will depend on the region you are accessing the service from. This means that while you may be able to access content that is only available in Colombia, you may not be able to access content that is only available in other regions.

A VPN redirects your internet traffic through a server in a country of your choice, such as Colombia, making apps and websites believe you are in Colombia. To provide a fast, secure, and reliable connection, ExpressVPN utilizes virtual servers for Colombia.

To obtain a Colombian IP address, use a VPN. ExpressVPN offers virtual servers for Colombia to ensure fast, secure, and reliable connections. While the IP address appears to be from Colombia, the servers are actually located in Brazil.

While free VPNs exist, they often lack Colombian servers, strong security features, and sufficient speeds. It’s recommended to use a premium VPN with Colombian servers for the best experience, backed by a money-back guarantee.


The journey to get Colombia IP address in France is essential for those looking to access geo-restricted content or conduct online activities within the country. There are several ways to acquire a Colombian VPN IP address, such as using a proxy server or a VPN. However, the most reliable and secure option is to use a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN offers a variety of servers located in Colombia, allowing users to get Colombia IP address and access restricted content. ExpressVPN uses top-notch encryption protocols to ensure user privacy and security. With a user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and efficient VPN service to obtain a Colombia IP address.

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