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How to Watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France on Hulu? [5 Easy Steps]

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Where Can I Watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France?

If you’re wondering, “Where can I watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France” then Hulu is your go-to platform? However, Hulu’s content, including this engaging series, faces geo-restrictions in France.

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How to Watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France on Hulu Free?

If you don’t want to pay the Hulu price, you can try the Hulu free trial. This trial period allows you to watch Ghost Whisperer season 4 in France free online. And if you’re in France, using a VPN like ExpressVPN can help you access Hulu.

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What is the Release Date for Ghost Whisperer Season 4 on Hulu?

Ghost Whisperer Season 4, released on October 3, 2008, is among the best shows on Hulu that delves into the supernatural. This season’s launch added more intrigue to Hulu’s rich collection, inviting viewers into the captivating world of Melinda Gordon’s ghostly adventures.

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What is the Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Plot?

In the fourth season of Ghost Whisperer, the plot unfolds with Melinda Gordon encountering Eli James, played by Jamie Kennedy, after a fire at Rockland University. Eli, having had his own near-death experience, discovers he can now hear ghosts. This development adds a new layer to the show’s supernatural elements.

Additionally, the season marks a significant moment as Melinda says farewell to her close friend Rick Payne, who departs from Grandview for a research trip, bringing both changes and new challenges to her life.

What is the Cast of Ghost Whisperer Season 4?

The Ghost Whisperer Season 4 cast includes:

Name Role
Jennifer Love Hewitt Melinda Gordon
David Conrad Jim Clancy
Camryn Manheim Delia Banks
Jamie Kennedy Eli James
Christoph Sanders Ned Banks
Rachael Leigh Cook Guest Star
Sarah Buehler Guest Star
Jason London Guest Star
Anna Silk Guest Star
Karen Lew Guest Star
Christian Campbell Guest Star
Daphne Ashbrook Guest Star
John Gray Executive Producer
Ian Sander Executive Producer
Kim Moses Executive Producer
Laurie McCarthy Writer
Peter Werner Director

Is There Any Trailer Available for Ghost Whisperer Season 4?

Currently, there isn’t a specific trailer available for Ghost Whisperer Season 4. However, for fans looking to get a glimpse into the show’s captivating world, you can watch a featured video related to Ghost Whisperer below. This video offers an insight into the series, even though it’s not the official Ghost Whisperer Season 4 trailer.

How Many Episodes of Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Are There?

There are a total of 23 Ghost Whisperer Season 4 full episodes available for you to watch.

Episode Title Air Date Description
S4.E1 Firestarter Oct 3, 2008 Melinda meets another instructor who has her abilities, after a fire at Rockland University.
S4.E2 Big Chills Oct 10, 2008 Melinda faces bad memories from high school when a classmate is found dead.
S4.E3 Ghost in the Machine Oct 17, 2008 Melinda searches for a scheming online predator after a ghost’s avatar climbs out of her computer.
S4.E4 Save Our Souls Oct 24, 2008 Melinda deals with a heartbroken ghost on a cruise liner’s final voyage.
S4.E5 Bloodline Oct 31, 2008 A teenage girl dies suddenly, and her ghost begins acting strangely.
S4.E6 Imaginary Friends and Enemies Nov 7, 2008 Melinda meets a bride’s daughter’s not-so-imaginary friend at a wedding.
S4.E7 Threshold Nov 14, 2008 Jim struggles with his fate, while Melinda helps a teenage ghost.
S4.E8 Heart & Soul Nov 21, 2008 Melinda tries to reach Jim while dealing with a ghost determined to punish her.
S4.E9 Pieces of You Dec 5, 2008 Melinda worries over Sam when a young girl’s ghost appears at his job site.
S4.E10 Ball & Chain Dec 19, 2008 Melinda helps a spirit who can’t remember, endangering her life to prevent another tragedy.
S4.E11 Life on the Line Jan 9, 2009 Delia’s haunted house listing causes trouble, while Sam’s memories resemble Jim’s.
S4.E12 This Joint’s Haunted Jan 16, 2009 Melinda goes on a road trip with Sam, dealing with a ghost from high school.
S4.E13 Body of Water Jan 23, 2009 Melinda and Eli try to reach ghosts whose bodies are found in a lake.
S4.E14 Slow Burn Feb 6, 2009 A spirit interrupts Melinda’s first date with Jim/Sam, testing her secret.
S4.E15 Greek Tragedy Feb 13, 2009 A hazing stunt turns deadly, causing trust issues between Sam and Melinda.
S4.E16 Ghost Busted Feb 27, 2009 Melinda struggles to reveal her secret to Sam amid a ‘ghostbuster’ appearance.
S4.E17 Delusions of Grandview Mar 6, 2009 Sam gets more than expected when he spends time with Melinda, encountering a nursery school ghost.
S4.E18 Leap of Faith Mar 13, 2009 Jim’s memory returns, reuniting him with Melinda.
S4.E19 Thrilled to Death Apr 10, 2009 Melinda and Eli help a woman haunted by an angry ghost.
S4.E20 Stage Fright Apr 24, 2009 A ghost troubles a soap opera shoot in Melinda’s store.
S4.E21 Cursed May 1, 2009 A haunted doll house endangers a family believing in voodoo.
S4.E22 Endless Love May 8, 2009 A teenager enthralled by a ghost tapping into her vampire fantasies.
S4.E23 The Book of Changes May 15, 2009 Melinda deals with a wedding planner and dreams of threatening her child.

As you’re no longer wondering about how many seasons of Ghost Whisperer there are, let’s move on to the creators of the show.

Who are the Creators of Ghost Whisperer Season 4?

Ghost Whisperer Season 4 was brought to life by a talented team of creators and executive producers. The creative minds behind this captivating season include:

Role Name
Creator John Gray
Creator Laurie McCarthy
Executive Producer Ian Sander
Executive Producer Kim Moses
Executive Producer P.K. Simonds

How Many Seasons of Ghost Whisperer Are There?

Ghost Whisperer has a total of 5 seasons, all of which are available for streaming on Hulu. The fifth and final season takes an intriguing leap five years into the future, featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character dealing with new challenges.

In this season, her son Aiden, played by Connor Gibbs, is already communicating with ghosts, and her husband Jim, portrayed by David Conrad, has transitioned into a career as a doctor. This final season brings a compelling closure to the series’ supernatural narrative.

Why did They Cancel Ghost Whisperer?

The cancellation of Ghost Whisperer occurred on May 18, 2010, and the reasons were twofold. CBS decided not to renew the show for another season due to rising production costs and a noticeable decline in viewership. This decision came after the series had completed five seasons.

Despite its popularity, the financial aspects and the drop in audience numbers led to the question many fans asked: “Why did they cancel Ghost Whisperer?” Following the cancellation by CBS, there was interest from ABC in picking up the show for the Fall 2010 lineup, but this did not materialize, marking the end of the series’ run.

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Ghost Whisperer Season 4

What’s New to Watch on Hulu Besides Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France?

Besides Ghost Whisperer Season 4, Hulu offers a diverse selection of new movies, reality shows, and sports for viewers in France. Here’s what to watch on Hulu:

The Handmaid’s Tale The Bachelor NFL Football
Palm Springs Keeping Up with the Kardashians NBA Basketball
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Remember to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to access all this content in France.


Jim is shot and killed in season 4, but his spirit refuses to cross over. He takes over the newly deceased body of Sam Lucas, but he has no memory of being Jim.

Ghost Whisperer ended on May 21, 2010, after five seasons.

The reason why there is only one less shadow is because Jim dies in the next season. His shadow is removed to foreshadow his death.

Wrapping Up

To watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France, ExpressVPN is a reliable tool to bypass geo-restrictions on Hulu. With its superior features, you can easily access and enjoy this gripping supernatural series.

Just follow these 5 simple steps to get started: subscribe to ExpressVPN, install it, log in, connect to a US server, and visit Hulu to watch Ghost Whisperer Season 4 in France.

Whether you’re a returning fan or new to the series, these steps, and ExpressVPN will ensure you don’t miss out on any of the supernatural adventures.