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Liga MX February 2024 Match Results

Blog updated with results of February 2024 matches Tijuana draws with Querétaro, 1-1.

Gear up for a thrilling Liga MX 2024 encounter as Club Tijuana squares off against Querétaro this February 9th, 2024. This crucial match at the Estadio Caliente promises to captivate fans with top-tier football action. However, if you’re planning to watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports, you’ll need to navigate the challenge of geo-restrictions.

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Where to Watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France?

Catch the Club Tijuana vs Querétaro game live on Fox Sports. It’s your best bet for all the live action from the Liga MX. If you’re thinking about watching the whole season, you’ll want to look into the Fox Sports Subscription Plan. This plan lays out everything you need to know about getting set up, including the Fox Sports Cost, so you won’t miss a single match.

Viewers in France might hit a roadblock due to regional blocks. But, there’s a straightforward solution: ExpressVPN. With this VPN, you can skirt around those blocks and watch Vancouver vs Tigres UANL in France on FOX Sports. Wondering about commitment? Fox Sports often offers a Fox Sports Free trial, allowing you a peek at their service without any initial payment.

While alternative broadcasters might also feature the game, none match the comprehensive coverage provided by Fox Sports, making it the unrivaled choice for witnessing Club Tijuana vs Querétaro. Should your viewing plans change, or if you’re simply exploring options, understanding how to cancel a Fox Sports subscription could be as crucial as setting it up, ensuring you’re always in control of your sports viewing experience.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports?

Watching Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports is often blocked due to geo-restrictions. These restrictions are in place because of licensing agreements that limit where Fox Sports can show its content.

If you’re not in the USA, you might see a message saying the content isn’t available in your area. A VPN, like ExpressVPN, lets you connect to a server in the United States, hiding your actual location. This tricks the service into thinking you’re in the U.S., allowing you to watch the match without any issues.

ExpressVPN is a powerful tool for bypassing these geo-restrictions. By connecting to a US IP address through ExpressVPN, you ensure that your internet presence is in the United States, even if you’re physically elsewhere. This not only gives you access to Fox Sports but also secures your online activities with encryption, protecting your privacy.

While ExpressVPN is a recommended option for its reliability and speed, you might be looking for a temporary solution or a way to test the waters first. In this case, exploring a free VPN for Fox Sports might seem appealing.

However, remember that free VPNs often have limitations in speed, server options, and security. For a seamless experience, especially for something as time-sensitive as live sports, a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN is worth the investment.

What is Liga MX?

Liga MX is the top professional football division in Mexico, known for being the premier soccer league in the country. It features clubs from across Mexico, competing in exciting matches that draw fans both locally and internationally.

Established in 1943, Liga MX has grown to become one of the most watched sports leagues in the Americas, celebrated for its high level of competition, passionate fan bases, and the development of talented players who often make their mark on the global stage.

The league operates on a system of promotion and relegation with Ascenso MX, the second division, ensuring a dynamic and competitive environment for teams. With two tournaments each season, the Apertura and the Clausura, fans are treated to year-round soccer action, making Liga MX a cornerstone of Mexican sports culture.

What is the Format of Liga MX?

Here is the format of Liga MX 2024:

  • Season Structure: Liga MX’s season is divided into two parts: the Apertura, which starts in the summer, and the Clausura, which begins in the winter. Each features its regular season followed by a playoff phase.
  • Regular Season: During the regular season, each team plays against every other team once, accumulating points based on match outcomes.
  • Playoffs (Liguilla): The top eight teams from the regular season qualify for the Liguilla, or playoffs, which determine the champion of each tournament through knockout rounds.
  • Relegation: The team with the lowest average points per game over three years is relegated to Ascenso MX, while the Ascenso MX champion is promoted to Liga MX.
  • Copa MX: Alongside the league, teams also compete in the Copa MX, a knockout cup competition held during both the Apertura and Clausura seasons.
  • International Competitions: Liga MX teams can qualify for international competitions, including the CONCACAF Champions League, by their performance in the league and domestic cup.

Club Tijuana vs Querétaro: Date and Time

The highly anticipated match between Club Tijuana and Querétaro is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 9th February 2024 at 09:00:00 (UTC+1). Fans of both teams and Liga MX enthusiasts can mark their calendars for this exciting encounter.

Club Tijuana vs Querétaro: Venue

The showdown between Club Tijuana and Querétaro is set to unfold at the Estadio Caliente, Club Tijuana’s home turf located in Tijuana, Baja California. Esteemed for its fervent atmosphere and loyal fan base, Estadio Caliente stands as a formidable venue for visiting squads.

For fans in France eager to catch every moment of this Liga MX clash but facing geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN offers a reliable solution.

By using ExpressVPN, international viewers can securely connect to a server in the USA, granting them access to live streams of the match without the hassle of geo-blocks. This ensures that no fan misses out on the action at Estadio Caliente.

Club Tijuana vs Querétaro Predicted LineUps

Here are the complete squad details for Club Tijuana and Querétaro for Liga MX 2024:

Club Tijuana Squad

Position Name Age Height Weight Nationality
G Antonio Rodríguez 31 6′ 1″ 174 lbs Mexico
G Ricardo Díaz 28 5′ 10″ 159 lbs Mexico
G José Corona 43 5′ 10″ 181 lbs Mexico
G José Castro 19 6′ 0″ 159 lbs Mexico
D Arelibetsiel Hernandez 29 5′ 8″ 159 lbs Mexico
D Jonathan Rak 30 6′ 2″ 161 lbs Uruguay
D Rafael Fernández 23 6′ 0″ 168 lbs Mexico
D Nicolás Diaz 24 5′ 9″ 163 lbs Chile
D Rodrigo Parra 20 5′ 10″ 163 lbs Mexico
D Diego Zaragoza 27 5′ 8″ 157 lbs Mexico
D Aaron Mejía 22 Mexico
D Jesús Gómez 22 6′ 0″ 159 lbs Mexico
D Rodrigo Godínez 31 6′ 1″ 150 lbs Mexico
M Joe Corona 33 5′ 8″ 161 lbs USA
M Silvio Martínez 26 5′ 7″ 152 lbs Argentina
M Fernando Madrigal 32 5′ 9″ 150 lbs Mexico
M Kevin Castañeda 24 5′ 7″ 161 lbs Mexico
M Lucas Rodríguez 26 5′ 6″ 139 lbs Argentina
M Christian Rivera 28 6′ 0″ 141 lbs Colombia
M Eduardo Armenta 22 5′ 7″ 139 lbs Mexico
M Francisco Contreras 24 5′ 8″ 159 lbs Mexico
M Fernando Valenzuela 26 5′ 6″ 150 lbs Argentina
M Iván Tona 23 5′ 9″ 137 lbs Mexico
M Efrain Álvarez 21 5′ 8″ 150 lbs Mexico
M Domingo Blanco 28 5′ 6″ 139 lbs Argentina
M Kevin Balanta 19 5′ 10″ 161 lbs Colombia
M Carlos Galicia 19 5′ 7″ 141 lbs Mexico
F Ruben Hernandez 21 5′ 4″ 145 lbs Mexico
F Raúl Zúñiga 29 5′ 11″ 161 lbs Colombia
F Carlos González 31 6′ 0″ 174 lbs Paraguay
F Jaime Alvarez 20 Mexico
F Daniel Vázquez 20 5′ 8″ 150 lbs Mexico

Querétaro Squad

Position Name Age Height Weight Nationality
G Guillermo Allison 33 6′ 2″ 185 lbs Mexico
G Alejandro Arana 26 5′ 10″ 159 lbs Mexico
G Fernando Tapia 22 6′ 1″ 172 lbs Mexico
D Jesus Vega 23 5′ 5″ 150 lbs Mexico
D Francisco Venegas 25 5′ 10″ 141 lbs Mexico
D Omar Mendoza 35 5′ 8″ 159 lbs Mexico
D Oscar Manzanares 28 5′ 11″ 152 lbs Mexico
D Emanuel Gularte 26 6′ 2″ 185 lbs Uruguay
D Kevin Escamilla 29 5′ 10″ 146 lbs Mexico
D Miguel Barbieri 30 5′ 11″ 172 lbs Argentina
D Raúl Sandoval 24 5′ 5″ 130 lbs Mexico
D Brayton Vazquez 25 5′ 11″ 172 lbs Mexico
D Pablo Nicolás Ortíz 21 5′ 9″ 172 lbs Mexico
M Samuel Sosa 24 5′ 10″ 148 lbs Venezuela
M Jaime Valencia 30 5′ 9″ 150 lbs Mexico
M Federico Lértora 33 5′ 9″ 161 lbs Argentina
M Josué Domínguez 24 5′ 3″ 128 lbs Mexico
M Marco García 24 5′ 10″ 159 lbs Mexico
M Jordan Sierra 26 5′ 7″ 132 lbs Ecuador
M Martin Rio 22 Argentina
M Aldahir Perez 19 Mexico
F Rubio Rubín 27 5′ 10″ 181 lbs Guatemala
F Pablo Barrera 36 5′ 8″ 141 lbs Mexico
F Facundo Batista 25 5′ 11″ 168 lbs Uruguay
F Joaquín Montecinos 28 6′ 2″ 174 lbs Chile
F Paulo Yrizar 26 6′ 0″ 157 lbs Mexico
F Camilo Sanvezzo 35 5′ 7″ 157 lbs Brazil
F Jonathan Perlaza 22 5′ 6″ 150 lbs Colombia
F Ettson Ayón 22 5′ 6″ 117 lbs Mexico
F Nicolás Cordero 24 6′ 0″ 172 lbs Argentina
F Alberto García 30 5′ 7″ 130 lbs Mexico

Club Tijuana vs Querétaro Head-to-Head Stats

Here’s the head-to-head statistics between Club Tijuana and Querétaro FC:

Description Total Matches Club Tijuana Wins Queretaro FC Wins Draws Total Score (Tijuana – Queretaro)
Overall 28 9 13 6 33 – 38
At Estadio Caliente 14 5 5 4
At Estadio Corregidora 14 4 8 2
Liga MX 25 8 11 6
Leagues Cup 1 0 1 0
Copa MX 2 1 1 0
Biggest Aggregate 2-4 (Club Tijuana vs Queretaro FC)
Biggest Club Tijuana Score 3-1 (Club Tijuana vs Queretaro FC)
Biggest Queretaro FC Score 2-4 (Club Tijuana vs Queretaro FC)
Recent Record (Last 6 Matches) 6 0 (Wins for Tijuana) 4 (Wins for Queretaro) 2

Where to Watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro Live Streaming?

Fans looking to catch the Club Tijuana vs Querétaro match live have several options for streaming. The primary broadcaster for this highly anticipated Liga MX game is Fox Sports, which offers comprehensive coverage of the event. Subscribers can stream the match live on the Fox Sports website or through the Fox Sports app, available on various devices including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

For those in France, accessing Fox Sports might require a VPN due to geographical restrictions. Services like ExpressVPN can help bypass these limitations by connecting to a US server, ensuring fans worldwide won’t miss out on the live action.

Can I Watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro for Free?

Watching Club Tijuana vs Querétaro for free is a possibility, though it often requires a bit of creativity and timing, especially for fans tuning in from in France.

Some streaming services and cable providers may offer free trials that include channels like Fox Sports, where the game is being broadcast. These trials can range from a few days to a couple of weeks, providing a temporary window to watch premium sports events without a subscription fee.

To take advantage of these offers, you’ll need to sign up for the service offering the free trial, ensuring that Fox Sports is part of the trial package. It’s crucial to remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends if you decide not to continue with the service to avoid any charges.

For viewers in France looking to access these trials, a VPN like ExpressVPN could be necessary to overcome geographical restrictions, allowing you to sign up and stream the game as if you were in the United States.

What is the Ticket Price of Club Tijuana vs Querétaro?

Here are the ticket prices for Club Tijuana vs Querétaro match:

  • Economy/General Admission: Starting from €18
  • Mid-tier Seats: Approximately €50 – €80
  • Premium Seats/Sections: From €82 to €110+

What are the Predictions of Club Tijuana vs Querétaro?

  • Winner Prediction: Club Tijuana is favored to win with a probability of 54.56%.
  • Draw Probability: There’s a 27.4% chance of a draw.
  • Querétaro Win Probability: Querétaro has a 24.39% chance of winning.
  • Total Goals Prediction: The odds suggest a close match with a slight inclination towards over 2.5 goals.
  • Both Teams to Score: Yes is slightly favored, indicating that both teams might find the back of the net.

What is the Schedule of Liga MX 2024?

Here’s the combined Liga MX schedule for the specified dates, streamlined without the TV column:

Date Match Time Results
Fri, Feb 2 Querétaro vs Cruz Azul 6:00 AM Cruz Azul triumphs over Querétaro, 3-1
Puebla vs Mazatlán FC 8:00 AM Puebla wins against Mazatlán FC, 3-2
Sat, Feb 3 Toluca vs León 4:00 AM Toluca defeats León, 4-1
FC Juarez vs Necaxa 4:06 AM Necaxa ties with FC Juarez, 2-2
Pachuca vs Tijuana 6:00 AM Pachuca wins against Tijuana, 3-2
Tigres UANL vs Pumas UNAM 6:05 AM Tigres ties with Pumas, 2-2
América vs Monterrey 8:10 AM América draws with Monterrey, 1-1
Sun, Feb 4 Atlas vs Santos 5:00 AM Atlas defeats Santos, 3-0
Atlético de San Luis vs Guadalajara 6:00 AM Guadalajara wins against Atletico de San Luis, 2-0
Mon, Feb 5 No games scheduled
Tue, Feb 6 No games scheduled
Wed, Feb 7 Pachuca vs Club Leon 8:00 AM Pachuca wins against León, 3-2
Fri, Feb 9 Mazatlán FC vs Atlas 6:00 AM Atlas defeats Mazatlán FC, 2-0
Club Tijuana vs Querétaro 8:00 AM Tijuana draws with Querétaro, 1-1
Sat, Feb 10 Necaxa vs Toluca 4:00 AM Necaxa ties with Toluca, 3-3
Guadalajara vs FC Juarez 4:05 AM Guadalajara defeats FC Juarez, 2-1
Cruz Azul vs Atlético de San Luis 6:00 AM Cruz Azul beats Atletico de San Luis, 3-0
Leon vs Club America 6:00 AM América wins against León, 1-0
Sun, Feb 11 Pumas UNAM vs Puebla 11:00 PM Pumas defeats Puebla, 3-0
Wed, Feb 14 Atlas vs Pumas UNAM 8:00 AM Atlas draws with Pumas, 0-0
Fri, Feb 16 Querétaro vs Necaxa 6:00 AM Necaxa draws with Querétaro, 1-1
Mazatlán FC vs Guadalajara 8:00 AM Guadalajara defeats Mazatlán FC, 2-1
Sat, Feb 17 Atlético de San Luis vs Tijuana 4:00 AM Atletico de San Luis draws with Tijuana, 3-3
FC Juarez vs Puebla 4:06 AM Postponed
Pachuca vs América 6:00 AM Pachuca wins against América, 2-1
Cruz Azul vs Tigres 8:00 AM Cruz Azul beats Tigres, 1-0
Sun, Feb 18 Atlas vs León 5:00 PM León defeats Atlas, 1-0
Pumas UNAM vs. Santos Laguna 7:00 PM Pumas wins against Santos, 3-0
Monterrey vs. Toluca 9:00 PM Monterrey draws with Toluca, 0-0
Tue, Feb 20 Puebla vs. Pachuca 8:00 PM Pachuca defeats Puebla, 4-1
Necaxa vs Guadalajara 10:00 PM Necaxa clinches victory against Guadalajara, 3-0
Wed, Feb 21 Toluca vs Santos Laguna 8:00 PM Toluca beats Santos Laguna 1-0
Club America vs Mazatlan 10:00 PM Club America draws 2-2 with Mazatlan
León vs. Cruz Azul 10:00 PM Cruz Azul triumphs 3-2 over León
Wed, Feb 28 Tigres vs FC Juarez 8:00 PM
Club Tijuana vs Monterrey 6:00 PM
Fri, Mar 1 Atletico de San Luis vs Puebla 6:00 AM
Querétaro vs Santos Laguna 6:00 AM
Mazatlan FC vs Necaxa 8:00 PM

Club Tijuana vs Querétaro Journey So Far

Based on the detailed head-to-head (H2H) history from FC Tables between Club Tijuana and Querétaro FC:

  • Total Matches Played: Club Tijuana and Querétaro FC have played against each other in a total of 28 matches across various competitions.
  • Wins for Club Tijuana: Out of these encounters, Club Tijuana has emerged victorious in 9 matches.
  • Wins for Querétaro FC: Querétaro FC has secured wins in 13 of the matches, indicating a slight edge over Club Tijuana in their H2H record.
  • Draws: The teams have ended in a draw in 6 matches, highlighting closely contested battles on several occasions.
  • Goals Scored: Across these matches, the teams have scored a combined total of 71 goals (Club Tijuana 33 goals, Querétaro FC 38 goals), showcasing their offensive efforts in these encounters.
  • Recent Encounters: In their recent matchups, both teams have shown competitive spirit, with outcomes varying from wins, losses, and draws for both sides, reflecting the dynamic nature of their rivalry.

Who is the Best Team Among Club Tijuana vs Querétaro?

Both teams have their unique achievements and moments of glory within Mexican football. Club Tijuana captured the Liga MX Apertura title in 2012 and made a significant impact in international competitions, while Querétaro has reached Liga MX finals and won the Copa MX.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports?

ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN for Fox Sports to watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports due to its fast, reliable connections and extensive network of US servers. This ensures seamless streaming of live sports events without buffering or lag. Moreover, ExpressVPN’s strong encryption and privacy protections offer peace of mind, making it the top choice for securely accessing geo-restricted content like Liga MX matches.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports

ExpressVPN is acclaimed for its exceptional service, offering users seamless access to watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports. Its robust server network is a cornerstone of its reliability, featuring 3000+ servers in 105 countries, ensuring users can connect virtually anywhere in the world.


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Recommended Server: New York

Speed is paramount for live sports streaming, and ExpressVPN does not disappoint. Users frequently report impressive speeds, with download speeds capable of exceeding 100 Mbps and upload speeds around 50 Mbps on US servers. This performance ensures high-definition streaming of live events without buffering or delays, providing an immersive viewing experience.

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For devices not typically compatible with VPNs, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature offers a workaround. This DNS service allows users to stream on devices like Apple TVs or gaming consoles, which do not support VPN apps directly.

MediaStreamer combines the benefits of a VPN with the convenience of device compatibility, making it easier than ever to watch Comunicaciones vs Monterrey in France on Fox Sports.

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Club Tijuana vs Querétaro

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Yes, you can watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro live in France on Fox Sports by using a VPN service like ExpressVPN. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in the United States, making it appear as though you are accessing the internet from within the country.

Querétaro Fútbol Club, also known as Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, is currently owned by Grupo Caliente. This ownership change is part of the club’s recent history, which has seen various ownership transitions over the years.

Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, commonly referred to as Tijuana or Xolos, is managed by Miguel Herrera. Herrera is a well-known figure in Mexican football, having had multiple stints with the club and a notable tenure as the head coach of the Mexico national team.

Using ExpressVPN to watch Liga MX matches on Fox Sports from in France is a reliable method to bypass geo-restrictions, and it’s not considered illegal for viewers to use VPNs for privacy and accessing geo-blocked content.

Wrapping Up

The highly anticipated match between Club Tijuana and Querétaro in the Liga MX is set to take place on Saturday, February 9th, 2024. This thrilling encounter promises to capture the attention of football fans worldwide, especially those looking to watch Club Tijuana vs Querétaro in France on Fox Sports.

ExpressVPN allows viewers to bypass geographical restrictions by connecting to servers in the United States, enabling them to stream the game seamlessly as if they were in the country.