How To Watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus?

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Excited to watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus, but blocked by location restrictions? Fret not. You can easily watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

The tale of Natalia Grace Barnett, initially thought to be a young Ukrainian orphan but later alleged by her adoptive parent to be an adult posing as a child, has sparked controversy. But what has Natalia said about Season 2, and how does her perspective add depth, promising intriguing twists in the story?

However, Discovery+ is a geo-restricted streaming platform. That’s why you need a VPN that helps you access Discovery Plus in France to watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace without interruption.

Let’s uncover Natalia’s enigmatic story: a misunderstood child or an adult in disguise? Discover Natalia Speaks streaming tips for accessing it beyond the US and unravels its intriguing secrets.

How To Watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus – [5 Easy Steps]

You need to use a VPN to watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus. Follow these steps:

  1. Select a VPN; I recommend ExpressVPN for its exceptional speed.
  2. Download and install ExpressVPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a server located in the USA. (Recommended Server: New York)
  4. Visit the Discovery Plus website and log in or sign up.
  5. Enjoy and watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace on Discovery Plus.

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Where To Watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in 2023?

If you want to watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus, it’s available on the Investigation Discovery Channel via Discovery Plus. To access it in France, you’ll need a VPN.

Good news for those new to Discovery+: You can watch the documentary for free by signing up for their free trial, which includes the new season of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, along with other best Discovery Plus movies in France.

If you are new to the service, you can enjoy the curious case of Natalia grace online free during the DiscoveryPlus free trial week without cost, and you can easily cancel the Discovery Plus subscription afterward. Now, are you interested in the release date of the show and the follow-up? Scroll down for details!

When is The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Coming on Discovery+?

The Natalia Grace Barnett documentary release date was May 29, 2023. You can easily watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus with the help of a secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

From Monday onwards, it graced ID-Investigation Discovery for three consecutive nights, airing between 9 to 11 p.m. ET/PT. Spanning three nights, this documentary series enthralls viewers with a narrative blurring the boundaries between truth and lies.

Will there be a second season of Natalia Grace?

Curious to know about “When does Natalia Speaks air?” So, Mark your calendars for The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Season 2 streaming, which will air on Monday, January 1, on Investigation Discovery (ID) channel owned by Discovery Plus.

In this season of Natalia Grace, Fans are eagerly anticipated for its gripping narrative. The documentary’s 2nd season promises to delve even deeper into the intriguing story, bringing fresh insights into Natalia Grace 2023 and how her life has evolved since the events of the first season.

Moreover, for those interested, The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks streaming will also be available on Discovery Plus. This follow-up offers an expanded view into the saga, allowing viewers to connect more deeply with the story from Natalia’s perspective.

What is the Storyline of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace?

This gripping documentary unravels the perplexing story of who is Natalia Grace. a Ukrainian girl with a rare bone growth disorder. Adopted by Kristine and Michael Barnett in 2010, the narrative turns dark when the couple accuses her of being an adult posing as a child, sparking mysteries about Natalia Grace’s age.

In 2012, the Barnetts petitioned to change Natalia’s birth year from 2003 to 1989, legally making Natalia Grace age 20 years. The next year, the family relocated to Canada, leaving Natalia alone in a Lafayette apartment, evoking the question, “When was Natalia Grace actually born?”.

Further, the discovery of Natalia living alone in 2013 prompted an investigation, resulting in the imprisonment of Michael and Kristine, sparking further inquiries. Natalia Barnett’s real age remains a debated issue, leaving uncertainty about her current age. The documentary delves into the complexities of this unique case, leaving viewers questioning how old is Natalie Grace Barnett.

What Natalia Grace Said About Season 2?

Natalia Grace stated, “I’m going to share my side of the story because I never had the opportunity to do so.” That means the upcoming show will portray the other picture of the story as the first part scripted by the adopters Kristine and Michael.

Who is the Cast of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Documentary?

The documentary features a mix of real-life individuals and actors who bring this bizarre story to life. Key figures include the Barnett family and various experts who weigh in on Natalia’s case, providing a multifaceted view of the events.

Here is a list of all the shining stars of the show that brought this phenomenon to life:

Character Actor
Natalia Grace Isabelle Fuhrman
Michael Barnett Peter Sarsgaard
Kristine Barnett Vera Farmiga
Dr. Anna Loomis Lena Headey
Cynthia Mans Sarah Paulson

How Many Episodes of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace Have?

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is a multi-part series of 16 episodes, each delving deeper into the unfolding drama. Here’s a breakdown of all the latest episode releases and schedule:

Episode # Episode Name Date Synopsis
1 Orphan or Imposter May 29, 2023, Chronicles the Barnetts’ adoption of Natalia, with suspicions arising about her true age and intentions.
2 Meet the Barnetts May 30, 2023 Tensions rise as doubts grow about Natalia’s age, leading to a terrifying revelation for the family.
3 Victim or Villain May 30, 2023 Explores the continuation of the Barnett family’s adoption, suspecting Natalia may be an adult posing as a child.
4 Nightmare Neighbor May 31, 2023 Natalia, now living alone, wreaks havoc by propositioning and stalking residents. Examines fallout from Barnett’s adoption.
5 Barnett vs. Barnett May 31, 2023 Delves into the trials of Michael and Kristine Barnett, with surprising twists during Michael’s hearing.
6 Punch or Be Punched June 2, 2023 Portrays Michael Barnett facing legal consequences, with Kristine’s trial intensifying. Promises closure to Natalia Grace’s controversial story.

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The Curious Case of Natalia Grace


Michael and Kristine Barnett adopted Natalia, an orphan from Ukraine, in April 2010. A 6-year-old child, it was revealed to the couple, was the subject of an urgent adoption procedure.

Anna Gava is the real mother of Natalia Grace. Her mother appeared in the show when Detective Brandon Davenport went to Ukraine in 2019 to speak with Natalia’s mother.

Natalia Grace was proven to be born on September 4, 2003, according to the conclusion drawn from available evidence.

Yes, the story of Natalia Grace is based on a true incident in 2012. An Indiana couple sued Natalia in court at that time.

Natalia Grace age 2023, was proven to be 20 years old.

It has been revealed that Natalia resides in one of the states of Indiana. Based on this recent information, the mystery of where is natalia grace today was finally resolved; in her interview, she made it clear that she had no intention of causing harm to the adoptive parents.

Final Verdict

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace is a must-watch for documentary enthusiasts, especially those interested in complex human stories. With ExpressVPN, viewers can easily watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace in France on Discovery Plus, ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Explore Natalia Grace’s current situation in this amazing series released on May 29, 2023, while waiting for the Curious Case of Natalia Grace Natalia Speaks streaming. Feel free to drop queries or any comments in the box below.

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