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Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular media streaming devices that enable you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and other stuff appropriately. In addition, Firestick differentiates itself from other video streaming devices such as Chromecast through the help of its Android based operating system.

However, a catch lies in the form of geo-restriction therefore; you are bound to use the Firestick VPN app to evade such hassle.

Carry on reading my exclusive Surfshark FireStick installation guide and watch your favorite geo-blocked content trouble-free. Even you can firestick jailbreak device easily.

How to Install Surfshark on Amazon Fire TV Stick

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The task of installing Surfshark on Fire TV Stick does not need any rocket science. Here is how you can do it in just 2 minutes:
1) Subscribe to Surfshark first then Open your Firestick device
2) Through your Firestick home> Click “Setting”
3) You should tap on “Applications”
4) You may click on “App Store”
5) Explore Surfshark
6) You should press Install then you can click Open
7) This is how you can install Surfshark on Fire TV Stick in no time.

How to use Surfshark on Amazon Fire TV Stick

You can perform Surfshark Amazon Firestick process from anywhere without any fuss. You will need to login to the provider to obtain complete features of the service. Once you have logged on to Surfshark, you are able to select your desired servers.

By doing so, you can access to your preferred video content like movies, TV shows on Firestick without facing region-blocking issues.

Fortunately, you can download and install its dedicated app for Amazon Fire TV Stick from its official site too.


Surfshark on FireStick

Surfshark is one of the newest VPN services in the market. However, this British Virgin Island brand has all the right ingredients that make it indispensable for a famous streaming device like Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Through its 500+ servers in 50+ countries worldwide, you can access to any unblocked site or service straightaway. In case you are unable to watch geo-restricted content on Amazon Fire TV stick, you can use Surfshark to unblock your preferred content in no time.

Check out an exclusive Surfshark review to discover hidden attributes of the service.

Surfshark Firestick Features

Surprisingly, the benefits of availing Surfshark for Firestick are unlimited. Yes, you have read it correctly. Here is the list of different features you can attain after using Surfshark on Firestick:

  • Enhance online security
  • Access to geo-blocked content
  • Attain kill switch

Enhance Online Security

When you use Surfshark before accessing media stuff on Firestick, you can mask your original IP address. Moreover, you can avoid facing hacking as well as ISP monitoring problems. This way, you can watch your favorite TV shows or other stuff securely from anywhere.

Access to Geo-Blocked Content

What makes Surfshark from other VPN services is its efficient geo-restricted unblocking feature. As a result, you can access to region-blocked services like US Netflix, and other services’ content on Firestick accordingly.

Attain Kill Switch

Interestingly, you can use internet kill switch to protect your privacy while using Firestick. A kill switch benefit allows you to secure your digital whereabouts when your VPN connection drops suddenly. Similarly, your internet connection also stops working. Hence, you are able to evade data breach issues to new heights.

Surfshark APK

When it comes to downloading Surfshark APK links online, there are numerous options. However, you should download its APK file from a trustworthy source like APK Pure. You can download Surfshark APK file from APK Pure instantly.

Amazon Users Reviews about Surfshark

Surfshark has mainly received positive feedback from Amazon users. They have enjoyed its multi-login feature to another level. Furthermore, they have appreciated customer service they received during the process of installing Surfshark app on Firestick.



You can download Surfshark to your Fire TV Stick device stress-free. Through your Firestick homepage, you should navigate to apps then select categories. Now, you should choose Utility option. Furthermore, you should explore and select Surfshark app.

You should choose the “Get” button to download the app on your Firestick device. You can select “Open” button to launch the app instantly.

Wrapping Up

I hope you would like my detailed Surfshark Firestick installation guide. Surfshark despite being the newest VPN service in the market has grabbed the attention of potential users. After subscribing to this British Virgin Island service, you can keep geo-restrictions and ISPs monitoring hassles at bay.

In addition, you can catch all the media content on your favorite streaming gadget anonymously.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Anthony Glover says:

    Downloaded to my tablet, created account all works.
    Then downloaded app for fire TV stick from Amazon app store, all downloaded fine….logged in ok….but it does not work. It will not connect to any servers

    • joseph shaw says:

      i have the same problem no matter what server i try my ip address stays the same . It works great on my laptop but not on my 2nd gen fire tv stick

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