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The Amazon FireStick is a small USB-sized device that functions as a powerful media streamer. It is similar to other streaming sticks like Chromecast but offers unique features thanks to its Android-based UI and OS. However, the problem that pesters thousands of viewers across the world is that of geo-restrictions which limit the functionality of the streaming device, making certain services unavailable for access.

A VPN for FireStick is what you need in these situations to get the streaming channels you want on your screen.

ExpressVPN for Amazon FireStick/Fire TV

ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Islands, far from the jurisdiction of nosey governments, the so-called 14 Eyes. The VPN provider has a solid network consisting of 2,000 servers in 90+ countries. It is known for its strong stance on protecting user privacy through its no log policy.


Read full ExpressVPN review to learn more about the provider.

The region-blocked streaming services on FireStick require a steady and fast connection. Most providers offer unstable connections that fluctuate frequently. ExpressVPN suffers no such issues as it provides secure and stable connection having the power to bypass restrictions on all kinds of streaming services and websites

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ExpressVPN Benefits for FireStick

  • Unblock Netflix: ExpressVPN is one of the few providers that can easily bypass geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix US. Although this streaming service is offered by FireStick, you can only access it if you are located within the US. Users outside the country can access the largest library of shows and movies through Netflix US on their FireSticks by circumventing the regional restriction. ExpressVPN is the most effective service for achieving this task.
  • Ensure User Privacy: The privacy of netizens has never been as insecure as it is today. Government agencies, ISPs, hackers are constant threats on the web. You should take all possible measures to protect your online activities on FireStick against these threats. ExpressVPN uses military grade encryption and guarantees zero-logging of user data to guard the privacy and security of consumers.

How to Setup ExpressVPN on Amazon FireStick/Fire TV

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The Amazon App Store contains a dedicated ExpressVPN client for the FireStick. Even you can explore more firestick apps. To download and install it on your device in just 2 minutes, take note of the following steps:
Step 1: Select Search (the magnifying glass) from the FireStick Homepage
Step 3: Select “Download” to start ExpressVPN download
Step 4: Launch ExpressVPN by Clicking “Open” once it has been successfully installed

You will now have to setup your account on ExpressVPN to be able to connect to its massive server network and enjoy unrestricted services. Even you can install Express VPN on Kodi to secure your streaming experience and unblocking addons.

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How to Use ExpressVPN on FireStick

Logging in to ExpressVPN

After setting up the VPN on your device, you can enter your login credentials to access premium features offered by the service.


Connecting to VPN server

Once you have entered your credentials associated with your paid subscribed account, you can gain access to the vast list of VPN servers offered by ExpressVPN. All you have to do is click “Choose location”, select one that fits the service you are trying to access, and then press the main “on/off” switch.


After connecting to an ExpressVPN server, move back to the home screen on your FireStick and launch the streaming of your choice. Make sure you use a server location where the streaming service is normally available for access. For example, use UK servers for BBC iPlayer and US servers for Hulu.

However, don’t ever connect an ExpressVPN server while you are already using a streaming service on the FireStick. The order of steps should always be: (i) Connect to VPN sever first, and then (ii) open the streaming service you want to watch.

If you change don’t pay attention to this, then an IP conflict can occur. This might lead to a ban on your account if the service notices your sudden IP changes.

ExpressVPN FireStick Issues

Issue – Unable to Access Blocked Sites

Possible Resolution: If you can’t access a region-blocked service such as Netflix US on FireStick using the default configuration, you should try changing the protocol to L2TP/IPSec or PPTP. These protocols are faster and use ports that are more effective in bypassing restricted services.

Issue – Slow VPN Speed

Possible Resolution: If you are experiencing slow FireStick streams, try changing the server location. Some servers can get overloaded by a large number of users accessing connected to it at the same time. Usually, you can find less crowded servers that offer much better speeds for streaming.

ExpressVPN User Feedback on Amazon

ExpressVPN has a large base of satisfied customers. A brief glance at the user review section on Amazon can demonstrate this.


The user below expresses satisfaction with customer support and overall quality of the service:


The usability and fast performance is also one of the best attributes of ExpressVPN as confirmed by the following user:


Wrapping Up

The Amazon FireStick/Fire TV is a fabulous media streaming device that can elevate the quality of entertainment on your TV. With a VPN like ExpressVPN, the FireStick becomes even more fun as you get to enjoy all streaming services irrespective of their availability status in your region.

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