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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Fortunately, we are living in a golden era of Television. In addition, the development of different streaming gadgets like Amazon Fire TV stick has transformed the shapes of traditional TVs to another level. This innovation has brought a digital revolution in an online media-streaming industry.

Surprisingly, different streaming services those are available on Fire TV stick are inaccessible due to region blocking principle. Therefore, you are bound to use some of the best Firestick VPNs to achieve your streaming objective.

Allow me to take you through my exclusive CyberGhost FireStick installation guide to secure your privacy on your favoirte streaming device.

Why Should I Use a VPN on FireStick

Interestingly, the reasons of using a VPN on FireStick are countless. You must use a VPN to mask your original IP addresses. By doing so, you can and bypass ISPs throttling hassles a great deal. This way, you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies on Firestick at better connection speeds. Likewise, you can combat geo-limitation problems to certain degree without any fuss.

If you want to protect your digital identity while using FireStick, nothing works better than CyberGhost. Still, you should read a detailed CyberGhost review to know the hidden gems of the service in detail.

How to install CyberGhost on FireStick / FireTV

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Interestingly, you can perform CyberGhost Firestick installation process without facing any issue. This is because this task does not need any rocket science. You can achieve your mission by downloading its dedicated app from Amazon App Store. Here is how you can do it in just 2 minutes:
1) Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN service
2) Through FireStick Home>go to Settings and click on it
3) You should tap on Applications>App Store
4) Explore “CyberGhost”
5) You should press “Install”
6) Click Open to start watching your favorite content securely

How to Setup CyberGhost on Fire TV Stick through apps2fire

Luckily, you can opt different methods to setup CyberGhost on Fire TV Stick. Yes, you have read that correctly. You can use apps2fire to install CyberGhost on Firestick stress-free.

Here is how you can do:

  • You should create CyberGhost VPN account first
  • Once you have created the account, you should download CyberGhost Android app
  • You should install apps2fire now from its official developer Koni
  • You can install apps2fire through this link
  • From your Fire TV, go to settings>About-Network
  • An IP address will appear on your screen, open apps2fire on your Android phone
  • You should slide the menu towards left and tap Setup eventually
  • Write the IP address of your FireTV in the box
  • Tap “Search Fire TVs”, a connection will be established after some time
  • Through apps2fire>local apps tab> scroll down to see CyberGhost
  • You should tap the icon>Install as soon as window opens
  • Once you have performed the transfer process, you can exit apps2fire
  • From your Fire TV Stick, go to “Your Apps and Games” section
  • You can see CyberGhost at the bottom
  • Launch the app and watch your favorite content securely

How Can I Use CyberGhost on Fire TV Stick

The task of using CyberGhost on Firestick does not need any rocket science. Once you have installed CyberGhost on the famous streaming device, you can access to your favorite TV shows and other media stuff in no time. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • You should launch CyberGhost app on Fire TV Stick
  • You should use the Fire’s remote right and down buttons
  • Scroll right down the end, click Start
  • You can see CyberGhost main screen after witnessing few confirmation screens
  • Go to menu option and open it to select login from the list
  • Provide your CyberGhost login credentials to use your account
  • Confirm changes to go back to the main screen
  • You can access your preferred server by clicking the Connect button

When you access Fire TV Stick, CyberGhost will be available to protect your identity online.


Customer Reviews CyberGhost VPN

Different subscribers of CyberGhost VPN have appreciated its impressive multi-login feature. You can secure your seven multiple devices at a time. If you want to avail this Romania based service for your family’ privacy needs, you have made the right decision.


On the other hand, few users did not like the service due to connectivity hassles.


CyberGhost APK for FireStick

If you are unable to find CyberGhost app on Google Play Store for any reason, you can still download CyberGhost on your Fire TV Stick device. After downloading CyberGhost APK, you can hide your media streaming tasks appropriately.

Wrapping Up

I hope you would like my CyberGhost Firestick installation guide. CyberGhost is one of the most famous VPNs in the market that allow you to accomplish your media streaming cravings through Fire TV Stick hassle-free.

It does not matter where you reside. As long as you have CyberGhost at your disposal, you can gain online anonymity and enjoy watching region-blocked content from anywhere without any fuss.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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