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Attention FireStick Users!!
Streaming free copyright material with FireStick Apps could get you in trouble. Get a VPN for FireStick & attain complete online anonymity while streaming.

 Best VPN for FireStick

Update: Amazon has recently struck millions of users by disabling the encryption feature in Fire OS5. This means Amazon Fire devices are no longer safe in the aspect of data privacy. Users of Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Amazon Fire HD and Amazon Fire TV Stick will now be prone to cyber-attacks. Fire OS phones were once popular for being cost-effective than Android. Read on to get away with the latest encryption-less update, and restore premium protection to your data on Fire OS5 devices by using a VPN.

Fans have expressed their gesture on social-media regarding the update:

Although this update has left harsh feelings among thousands of Amazon Fire users. However, millions of users are happily updating to FireOS5 with a VPN installed on their Fire OS5 devices. As VPN is the only tool that provides Military Grade Encryption to users. This feature of VPN provides premium data protection to Fire OS5 users.

Why Should You Bypass the Amazon Fire TV Geo-restrictions?

It has an Ethernet port as well as WiFi and is designed to provide you entertainment of your choice at all times, as long as you stay connected to a stay connected at all times. So if you plan on taking your Amazon with you anywhere, make sure you take your VPN with you because quite a lot of the content on Amazon Fire TV is geo-restricted.

amazon fire tv.

This means that you can’t access content from Amazon FireTV’s apps if the apps are not licensed for streaming content in your region. Unfortunately, this category includes the channels with the largest streaming libraries.

BUT there are a number of channels that you won’t be able to access due to geo restrictions. These channels  can only be accessed from within the US. Below is a small list of few of the most popular channels.

  • Netflix
  • Flixter
  • tv
  • Plex
  • All Fitness TV
  • Daily Burn
  • Hasbro Studios

If you try to access these channels from within any country other than the US you will get a regional error about your location being unsupported.


How to Bypass Amazon Fire TV Restrictions with VPN

Amazon Fire TV fans and on-demand streaming lovers have discovered that using a VPN helps the users bypass Amazon Fire TV geo-restrictions. See the list of the top VPN Firestick as it includes the proven ones for the purpose.

You can also bypass Amazon Fire TV restrictions using a free VPN for firestick but they usually come with data leaks, security weaknesses and low quality streaming services that are riddled with lag and buffering rings. And if you are interested in Kodi, see how to install Kodi on Firestick.

Free VPNs have also been proven to be a threat to online privacy.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Overall Best VPN
$2.91 Per Month
Fastest VPN Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$3.49 Per Month
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
1 Year Deal


How to Setup VPN on Amazon FireTV

We have recommended the above mentioned VPN providers only after we have used (and stress-tested) them ourselves and have found positive online reviews about their logging polices. But you need to cover the following pre-requisites before you start using a VPN. Similarly, you can setup ExpressVPN for firestick and access tons of unlimited media content.

  • When logging on to, you need to click on ‘Your account’  then ‘Manage Your Content & Devices’ then ‘Country Settings’ and set it to the United States.
  • You need to have a US address in your account. (Fake address may also work)
  • Configure your VPN on your Router to connect your to the internet before you start streaming. Read more about VPN router setup process when you are ready.

An All-in-One Television Entertainment Solution

The Amazon Fire TV has taken the world by storm within a few months.

The ability to use Apps on the Amazon Fire TV allows you to connect to entertainment channels like Pandora, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Watch ESPN, YouTube, Bloomberg and more with seamless video playback feature.

New to Amazon Fire TV? Check out this brief video-tutorial:

The palm-sized Amazon Fire TV set-top box is powered by a quad-core processor this Android device will give you access to over 200,000 movies and TV shows in addition to countless songs and games!


Benefits of Using VPN to  Unblock Channels on Amazon Fire TV

There are several benefits of VPN including the major advantages mentioned below:

  • It encrypts your data and protects you from any malicious activity.
  • Activating VPN cloaks your IP and allows you to bypass local and foreign Geo-IP restrictions within seconds.
  • While using VPN, the ISP can’t redirect/restrict your data to go through their own DNS servers. (DNS hijacking)
  • VPN accounts for Amazon FireTV can be used to protect your online security, freedom and privacy on other internet-enabled devices as well
  • Bypass online surveillance and unblock streaming, gaming and social-media websites.


Are you a Netflix User? Feel free to tell us how you found the Amazon FireTV in comparison with Netflix and how you bypass Netflix geo-restrictions with a VPN.

Are you an Amazon FireTV VPN user? Feel free to comment below if you find this article helpful or want to add something in it. Also,  all our recommended providers have great technical support teams so feel free to ask their tech-support teams for help if you get stuck or confused.