FinchVPN Review 2017 – Does Finch Have Your Back?


  • Provides 53+ servers in 19+ countries
  • Offers OpenVPN and PPTP encryption tunneling protocols
  • Supports P2P downloads
  • Available across Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OSX and Ubuntu
  • Free version offered
  • Customer Support through Email, Ticketing and Live Chat
  • Accepts Anonymous Payments through bitcoin


  • Fewer locations
  • Logs some data

What is FinchVPN?

The Malaysian based provider Finch Innovation Enterprise believes in serving netizens with sophisticated data protection and unrestricted accessibility. To liberate users from state-imposed censorship, geo-restrictions and online surveillance, FinchVPN provides servers in all prime regions of the world. Over and above, a dedicated server status page updates users about network congestion. In FinchVPN review, we will unearth everything about provider including areas of improvements.

In addition to this, we will dissect each service aspect of provider including servers, protocols, privacy policy, clients, refund, and package plans. After reading our editorial review on FinchVPN, you will discover if it is the right privacy solution for you.

Is FinchVPN Safe? Logs & Privacy Policy

FinchVPN is a privacy-centric VPN provider that cares for netizens’ online protection and data secrecy. Interestingly, provider is based in Malaysia, which is not subjected to stern data retention laws like the US. However, Finch do hold some of your meta data information for service delivery purposes. The collected information consists of date of subscription, username, password and timestamps.

Over and above, provider has clearly stated in its privacy policy that under any circumstances it does not share your personal information with anyone. Therefore, we consider FinchVPN as one of the trustworthy providers in industry.

How to use FinchVPN in Simple Steps

To begin using FinchVPN you need to follow a simple five-step process that will not take more than five minutes. We have listed below a step-by-step procedure that will allows you to download, install and use Finch on your device.

Here is how to use FinchVPN on your phone and computer:

  • Go to official site of FinchVPN
  • Make an account over there
  • Subscribe to a desired package plan and make payment
  • Download and install VPN on your device
  • Run VPN, go to servers list, select a desired VPN server and hit connect

Upon successful connection, enjoy accessing thousands of geo-blocked websites with a single click. Finch will protect your online activities against the preying eyes of ISP, State-surveillance, hackers and other cyber threats.

FinchVPN Download for Mobile and Windows

Now when you are aware of all the privacy benefits and exceptional features of FinchVPN, you just need FinchVPN download links to start using their service. For your ease, we have included official download links of Finch that will allow you to download their service safely. Not to mention, following links include official VPN app for Android, Windows, and OpenVPN for other platforms.

Here are the FinchVPN download links for mobile, Windows and other platforms:

Access More Sites with Vast Servers Spread of FinchVPN

Server locations play a vital role when choosing a suitable VPN service. If we talk about Finch, provider does not offer hundreds of servers, but it covers all prime regions of the world with 38+ servers. At top of all, a greater part of its servers are located across the US and Netherlands.

In addition to this, Finch takes care of netizens’ torrent downloads and P2P file sharing with its P2P-friendly servers located in the Netherlands. To evaluate provider on fair basis, we have conducted speed tests of Finch using different servers. After passing VPN through various tests, we have attained following results:

Before connecting to VPN:

After connecting to FinchVPN Canadian Server:

Note: All tests were performed on an intentionally throttled connection of 10 MBPS. In addition, we tried streaming, browsing, accessing Hulu and more blocked sites with Finch.

FinchVPN Pricing Plans

While examining pricing structure of provider in FinchVPN review, we have discovered that Finch keeps its pricing plans simple as possible. Counting on high note, we have Finch free plan that comes with data cap of 3GB/month, along with limited features and benefits. Not to mention that free plan solely aims to deliver taste of Finch service.

But, when highlighting the paid plans, Finch VPN offers two premium versions namely Pro and Premier. While Pro plan is favorable for light surfers and imposes data cap of 25GB/month, the Premier plan offers full-fledge benefits including unlimited bandwidth, port forwarding and PPTP support. The Premium plan is recommended for users who are willing to pay more for availing added features.

Payment Methods

The vast range of payment modes makes Finch even better. At this time, provider accepts payments from more than eighty international payment modes including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Bank transfer, domestic transfers and many more. Over and above, Finch accepts anonymous payments from bitcoin, ensuring premium anonymity to subscribers. While covering FinchVPN review, we discovered that provider accepts payments from following payment modes currently.

Customer Support Channels of FinchVPN

Customer support channels play key role in an event of VPN error. To avoid any unpleasant experience, provider offers a wide range of support channels counting email support, ticket based query, discussion forum and Facebook. However, to discover responsiveness and reliability of their support system, we have tested each support channel in our FinchVPN review.

Below are the details of support options that are being offered by provider right now:

Email Support

FinchVPN email support is purportedly available through 24/7/365 days per year and all requests are served on a first-come first-serve basis. To test their mailing system, we shot a mail on their official mailing address, but sadly, did not receive any prompt response. Below is a screenshot of our mail to Finch’s team:

Ticket Based Support

Premium users have an edge over others as they can lodge ticket at any time. On top, ticket based system offers detailed solution to most complex queries. But, being solely available to premium users, we were able to test their ticket support system. Thus, in FinchVPN review, we consider it a drawback as provider can make service pleasant by making ticket support available to all users.

Discussion Forum

The discussion group of FinchVPN comprises of thousands of questions posted by Finch users regularly. The discussion forum is best place to get unbiased and fair views of users about VPN service. In FinchVPN review, we skimmed through their discussion forum and discovered various questions about support, guides, VPN errors, and compatibility. Below is screen shot of their discussion forum:

Facebook Chat

Out of all, a pleasing aspect of FinchVPN is their dedicated Facebook page that offers a platform to subscribers for discussing most basic as well as important aspects of VPN. To test their Facebook support, we dropped off a query on their chat; however, we did not receive any response from Finch.

Knowledge Based Section & Setup Tutorials

The knowledge based section focuses to deliver in-depth guides and tutorials for FinchVPN installation. As FinchVPN client is unavailable on various platforms, it offers VPN service on such platforms through OpenVPN configuration. That said, you can find OpenVPN configuration in guides and tutorials section of FinchVPN.

FinchVPN Cross Platform Compatibility

FinchVPN has its apps available across leading-edge platforms including Windows and Android. But, a shocking element we discovered in FinchVPN review is unavailability of their official app on iOS, Mac OSX and Ubuntu. Not to mention, subscribers belonging to un-served platforms can download OpenVPN and follow manual configuration to use FinchVPN on their devices.

Protocols and Encryption

Encryption tunneling protocols are one of the crucial elements to consider when choosing a reliable VPN service. FinchVPN currently offers PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, which deliver fast streaming and instant unblocking experience to subscribers. In addition, FinchVPN supports P2P file sharing on few of its servers located in the Netherlands.

Free Trial

Free trial version provides subscribers with a glimpse of FinchVPN’s privacy offerings. Subscribers can choose from OpenVPN and a limited PPTP protocol to unblock tons of favorite websites and services. However, FinchVPN imposes a data cap of 3GB/month that restricts netizens from downloading and streaming activities. In FinchVPN review, we consider their free plan as a suitable solution to take a test drive of their service.


FinchVPN with no doubt is a reasonable privacy provider for beginners. A well-distributed network of servers, generous free trial, handy features, and strong encryption protocols make FinchVPN a worthy provider. However, while counting all the offerings of their service in FinchVPN review, we cannot overlook shortcomings such as no official app for iPhone, Mac OSX and Ubuntu.

On top of all, we rank FinchVPN a medium 2.5/5 star in our editorial FinchVPN review. Not to mention, our rating may change in future as per evaluation of VPN service.


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