FIFA World Cup 2014 – Most Dazzling Round of 16 Moments

Round of 16 reflected fierce competition from the contenders. Chile, Uruguay, Nigeria, Algeria, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland and the United States have been knocked out. Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Argentina and Belgium shall proceed to the next round and battle in the quarter finals.

Relive the eye-catching moments from Round of 16. We proudly present to you the most dazzling Round of 16 moments.


Dodging the Defense Moment

Many criticize Neymar’s style to shoot a penalty. They even mock him for his bizarre style. But, I must say, no matter how strange his style is. He definitely knows how to mess with goalkeeper’s head.

Neymar’s unique style to shoot for penalty especially his foot movement has scored many crucial goals for Brazil. Thus, Round of 16 dodging the defense moment goes to Neymar’s penalty shoot against Chile.


Round of 16 – Best Goal

Many tried to score for their team in the Round of 16. With no chances left to be availed, Round of 16 was the critical phase of the tournament requiring maximum chances to be cashed. Many succeeded, many failed but this goal is the best scored in the Round of 16 so far.


Best Booty Shake

Everyone has a style of celebration but nothing beats this Colombian booty shake – celebrating the first goal against Uruguay in the Round of 16.


The Most Ludicrous Social Media Moment

In the Round of 16, France defeated Nigeria and progressed to the quarter finals. To seize the moment, France scored 2 outstanding goals against Nigeria. I was wondering what could have been the moment worth mentioning here.

The goals were pretty good but there wasn’t anything special about them. I was bragging about the team I supported like any other soccer fans and a Twitter junkie and then I saw this:

I’m not sure if all of you understood what the meant to emphasize here. Referring team’s abbreviation as an N-Word – now that’s something comical to find on social media these days.


The Most Absurd Free Kick

The smart way to cash in the free kick is to confuse opponent’s defense especially the goal keeper with some pseudo moves. You might have seen one or two players attempting to go for a free kick before the real man comes in to avail the chance. But what Germany did in Round of 16, it was the most absurd free kick I have ever seen.

Many would say that he was faking it. But, as far as I can tell, I see a man stumble in the midst of a free kick attempt. By all means, this is the most absurd free kick of FIFA Round of 16.


Dive of the Day

Netherlands’ Robben wins Dive of the Day award of FIFA Round of 16. I’m talking about a controversial penalty awarded to Netherlands which turned out to be the game changing moment.

After the match was set, Robben admitted that he overreacted and dived against the tackle of Mexican defense.

Robben added that he might have overreacted but Netherlands deserved penalty as it was an obvious foul. The decision still remains controversial though as many criticize Robben’s reaction.


The Most Emotional Reaction

The most emotional moment and reaction in FIFA Round of 16 matches was Huntelaar’s penalty against Mexico and aftermath. After missing many chances for a goal, Huntelaar had almost lost all hope in him. But, the captain did not.

After receiving a penalty, the chance was given to Huntelaar to shoot for the goal. Huntelaar successfully cashed the chance and scored a goal for Netherlands.

His goal celebration refers to the most emotional reaction of FIFA Round of 16.


Moment of the Most Complacent Defense

Moment of the most complacent defense goes to Greece. It was an epic battle between Costa Rica and Greece in the Round of 16. The match’s conclusion was to be decided via penalty shootout. Greece eventually lost the match to Costa Rica with 3 – 5 goals. However, this could have been avoided if Greece had put a slight effort to prevent the goal scored by Costa Rica.


Greece’s defense along with goal keeper’s reaction to the shoot was unbelievable. It seemed if they were shot by a stun gun or something. It was moment of the most complacent defense in the Round of 16.


Mark-The-Messi Moment

Messi is the living legend and everyone knows it. Either he plays for Barca or his national team; he is the most dangerous forward to defend against. Switzerland knew it; thus, they came prepared. Entire defense of the team had marked Messi. As long as Messi had the ball, at least 4 players circled around him preventing every possible chance he might avail to score a goal.



The Most Tactical Free Kick

The most tactical free kick in the Round of 16 was executed by the United States. Though they lost the match against Belgium but the United States showed some great talent and skills in the arena. Here’s a glimpse to the sheer talent and tactical maneuvers executed by the United States to make the most of a free kick.

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2 Responses to FIFA World Cup 2014 – Most Dazzling Round of 16 Moments

  1. TLLRS says:

    Hey Arsalan, good piece but: Robben admitted no such thing as diving for the penalty. Why don’t people check the facts? Why spread more misinformation?

    He told the Dutch television that is was a genuine penalty. And admitted that he had dived for a freekick outside the penalty in the first half.

    So change the text. Because really there is nothing more annoying than people adjusting facts so it fits a certain narrative.
    1) Robben said it was a genuine penalty. He did not admit to diving.
    2) Robben admitted to diving for a freekick he didn’t get outside the penalty area in the first half.
    3) The penalty in extra time was a correct decision by the referee.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps, you have misunderstood the information illustrated here. Here’s a sentence I would like to quote from this article here:
      “Robben added that he might have overreacted but Netherlands deserved penalty
      as it was an obvious foul. The decision still remains controversial
      though as many criticize Robben’s reaction”.
      Robben wasn’t referring to the penalty here but his diving against Mexican defense. And the decision of the penalty is still controversial because Mexican supporters say that it wasn’t a foul along with others. You can Google it – you will find many controversial arguments referring to this incident as it was the game changer.
      Thank you for your feedback though. We highly appreciate it.

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