FIFA 2014 Quarter Finals – Emotions, Reactions and Moments

The Road to FIFA 2014 Semi Finals

What an amazing quarter final that was. The fierce competition between 8 contenders for FIFA 2014 World Cup: Brazil, Netherlands, France, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and Belgium. Thousands attended the event live in Brazil whereas millions cheered for their favorite teams at home.

This has been a very surprising FIFA World Cup so far. Defending champion, Spain was sent home in the initial round of the tournament. In addition, many other favorites such as England and Portugal couldn’t perform as per the expectations.

The under-performing FIFA 2014 superstars and brilliant game play from the most unexpected players made people to believe in unbelievable. As Round of 16 commenced, many believed that this World Cup would be brought home by the underdogs. The giants that have survived the knockout matches so far – wouldn’t make it to the quarter finals.


The Quarter Final Contenders

In the quarter finals, below mentioned matches were scheduled for tournament’s farther proceedings:

  • Brazil vs. Colombia
  • Germany vs. France
  • Netherlands vs. Costa Rica
  • Argentina vs. Belgium


Winners of FIFA 2014 Quarter Finals

FIFA World Cup 2014 surprised us once again. This time, the underdogs were sent home, leaving the competition and farther proceedings for the giants to handle. Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina emerged victorious.

These teams shall now play against each other in the semi finals and the winners shall proceed to the final round of the tournament, the finals. In the semi finals, Brazil shall face Germany whereas Netherlands shall face Argentina. The winners shall proceed to final stage of the tournament ad fight for the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

Have a look at the most epic moments and emotional reactions from FIFA 2014 World Cup quarter finals.


Brazil vs. Colombia

Brazil met Colombia in FIFA 2014 World Cup quarter finals. Both teams fought valiantly to survive the round and proceed to the next phase of the tournament. The competition was fierce and each team gave everything they had but they could be only one winner.

As the final whistle blew off, Brazil emerged victorious with the score of 2 – 1 against Colombia. Here are a few dazzling moments and emotional jiffies from the match.

Hulk – Like a Boss, or Not

Not Sure If David Luiz or Huntelaar

Zuniga Has Some Explaining to Do

David Luiz and James Rodriguez – The Bro Moment

James and His Lucky-Mantis-Charm

The Sportsmanship

Colombian Crowd 😉

After All, This is Brazil…

Germany vs. France

This match was like a rollercoaster, an ultimate nail-biting experience. I support Germany; but, I cheer for France too. So, it was really hard for me to decide. I had to chant Germany eventually but I must say Frenchmen tried their best to seize the moment. In the end, Germany emerged victorious with 1 – 0 victory over France. Here are some key moments captured from the match.

Mats Hummels’ Header

Benzema Misfire!

Germany vs. France Glimpse


Netherlands vs. Costa Rica

Netherlands vs. Costa Rica: one of the most brutal and critical games in FIFA World Cup 2014. The teams incorporated divergent strategic approaches and obviously the mind games to seize the glory.
In the last few moments of the match, it seemed like Costa Rica wanted to take the game to the penalty shootout. However, a quick decision from the Dutch to change their goalkeeper at the 11th hour proved to be a wise decision earning them a significant victory over Costa Rica. Here are a few moments from the match.

Memphis Depay – The LOL Moment

Everyone, Follow My Lead

The Life Saver

The Penalty Specialist


Argentina vs. Belgium

With the lead of only 1 goal, Argentina managed its way to climb to the top and proceed to the next round of the tournament. Argentina has been trying so hard to evade every hurdle they face in the tournament; but, from this point onwards, the competition will be more intense.

There will be no second chances. They will be no room for remorse. No second thoughts. No turning back. Argentina has performed quite well but none of their victories can be labeled extraordinary. So, in order to move forward, they will need to be something more. Here are some of the glimpses from the match: Argentina vs. Belgium.

You Alright Coach?

Pass of the Tournament

That’s Right! Try Again Bro

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