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There are many perils surrounding a torrent user in today’s world. From DMCA notices to lawsuits breathing down their neck, the list of risks associated with torrenting is countless. This is where a VPN saves the day. Many torrent enthusiasts use VPNs as the ultimate defense against copyright infringement notices. However, it is difficult to find the fastest VPN for torrenting and use different top torrent sites.

With hundreds and thousands of VPN services available in the industry, it is hard to pick out a service that supports P2P and delivers fast speeds. Many providers guarantee amazing performance and anonymity but they don’t live up to the promise.

To sort this issue out, we put various VPN services to the test. After examining their performance, we compiled the list of fastest VPN services.

How Were the Tests Conducted to Find the Fastest VPN for Torrenting?

In order to determine which VPN services is the fastest for torrenting, we conducted an experiment. The factors on which we judged the speeds and overall performance of the provider were download speeds, upload speeds, and ping times.

Here’ how we conducted the experiment:

  • First, we conducted a speed test without a VPN connection on our intentionally throttled 30Mbps internet network
  • Then we connected to a VPN service (using a P2P optimized server & suggested protocol)
  • Next, we added torrent files to our uTorrent client to determine the speeds
  • We recorded the download and upload speeds as shown in the torrent client

The experiment was repeated multiple times using two different torrent files for each VPN provider. This was to rule out any ambiguity or biases in our investigation.

5 Best VPN for Fast Torrenting

Based on the results from our testing, here are the 5 best VPN services that offer excellent torrenting speeds and will safeguard your privacy at all times:

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Ivacy VPN
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PureVPN – The Fastest VPN for Torrenting

PureVPN is the best VPN for torrenting! It offers fast torrent upload and download speeds without comprising your network’s performance. Currently, PureVPN offers over 500 servers in 140 different countries around the world. With ample servers located in torrent friendly regions, you can enjoy uninterrupted torrenting at blazing speeds.

PureVPN also allows unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry data transfer limited while using torrents. Likewise, 99.99% server uptime with unlimited server switches, you can change between VPN servers at will.

To test PureVPN’s torrent speeds, we first recorded the speeds without a VPN connection.


We then connected to PureVPN server located in Netherlands with OpenVPN protocol. The results showed that there was hardly any drop in download speeds. On the other hand, the upload speeds improved.  Similarly, our IP was never leaked during the process and we received consistent results.


NordVPN – Quick & Reliable Torrent Speeds

Coming in second place is NordVPN. It allows the use of P2P file sharing and has designated servers for downloading or uploading torrents. Even in our testing, it offered reliable torrent speeds. At the moment, NordVPN offers 650+ servers spread across 50 different countries. You can choose from over 300 P2P optimized servers to enjoy blistering torrent experience.

The best part about NordVPN is that you can check the server loads from its website. The primary locations offer by NordVPN for torrent optimized servers are Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and United States.

Before testing NordVPN with torrents, we tested our speed again without a VPN connection.


Next, we connected to NordVPN’s server located in Sweden with L2TP/IPSec protocol. The server located in Sweden offered the lowest load of all the P2P optimized servers. From the speeds recorded, there was a slight drop in download and upload speeds.


Ivacy – Steady Speeds for Torrenting

Ivacy VPN is another provider that supports P2P and offers designated servers for its use. These servers are situated in regions where there are no restrictions on the use of torrents. You can choose from its 200 servers spread across 100+ locations. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and server switches, allowing you to transfer data over as many servers as you want.

Here are the results for download and upload speed without a VPN.


We then tested our torrent download and upload speeds with Ivacy VPN connected. The server we used for our testing was Canada with PPTP protocol. The results showed consistent speeds and steady pace for downloading the torrent. We didn’t face any interruptions during our investigation.



ExpressVPN – Fast & Secure Torrenting

ExpressVPN is amongst the top-tier VPN providers and offers unprecedented benefits. Its 136 VPN server network will allow you to hide your identity and use torrents safely from anywhere. ExpressVPN also offers leading edge protocols with military grade encryption, guaranteeing privacy and security.

When we recorded the speeds without a VPN connection, we observed the following results.


Next, we connected ExpressVPN using Hong Kong server and OpenVPN protocol. The results revealed that were was no drop in download speeds while upload speeds improved slightly. This shows that ExpressVPN offer amazing internet speeds without causing any slowdowns.



IPVanish – Good Speeds & Consistent Performance

Last in our list of top 5 VPNs that offer fast torrent speeds is IPVanish. This VPN provider offers steadfast speeds for torrenting. However, one area where IPVanish lacks is the number of servers that are available for P2P. We inquired about which servers should be used, out of its 600+ servers for torrenting, but didn’t received a convincing replay.

That said, IPVanish VPN does not keep any logs and offers state of the art protocols and encryptions. When you combine then, you get ironclad security and privacy with speedy torrent experience.

Here are the results from our experiment without a VPN.


Here are the results with IPVanish VPN connected to a server in Germany and PPTP protocol enabled:


How to Boost Your VPN Speeds when Torrenting?

It is known that a VPN slows down your internet speeds because it encrypts the entire web traffic and tunnels it through protocols. However, that is not always the case as you can see from our testing. But, if you do run into the problem of slow VPN speeds while using torrents, then here are some tip and tricks to enhance your VPN for torrenting experience.

Port Forwarding

One of the reasons why your internet speeds drop once you connect a VPN is because of NAT firewall. The firewall adds an extra layer of security, blocking all unauthorized traffic from reaching your device. But, with port forwarding configured, you can allow P2P traffic enters the NAT firewall via specific port, without compromising your torrent download and upload speeds.

Select P2P Optimized Servers

Various VPN providers that support P2P file sharing also offer designated servers for torrenting. However, if you chose any random server for torrenting, you can run into the problem of slow internet speeds. This problem is usually observed on VPN servers located in USA and UK. To avoid this issue, we would suggest that you select servers that are prescribed by your VPN provider for the use of torrents.

Split Tunneling

This is a feature offered by various VPN providers and can come as an addon. Using split tunneling, you can direct traffic from certain applications and software to pass through a VPN tunnel, while other traffic goes through without a VPN cover. This way you can boost your VPN experience and enjoy fast torrenting as only internet traffic from your torrent client is encrypted by a VPN.

Final Words

To wrap things up, the cat and mouse game between copyright holders and torrent users still goes on as we speak. Over the years, a VPN has provided cover for many torrent users, making their identity anonymous. However, the hard part in picking a VPN is to find the quickest service that doesn’t compromise your internet speeds.

This is where our guide comes in. We have tried and tested numerous providers to find you the fastest VPNs for torrenting. Each of these services was put to rigorous tests multiple times and the speeds tests from uTorrent client were recorded. You can choose from any one of the above-mentioned VPN services to enjoy lightening fast torrents with complete anonymity.

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