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Onion over VPN provides more robust online privacy to its users than a standard VPN service. Compared to VPN providers that route your internet traffic through secure VPN servers, it routes your encrypted VPN traffic via an onion network.

This post will let you know how you can use this advanced technology alongside VPN to make you anonymous and untraceable over the web.

Onion over VPN – What is an Onion, or TOR network?

The onion routing works quite similarly to a best VPN service as it encrypts every piece of information you post in various layers. When you use a VPN, you have to pay for the services. However, this is not the case with a TOR network. It is a free service operated by numerous volunteer servers dedicated to the system.

Sadly, the onion network is prone to hacking, as hackers can access this network and decrypt it. Therefore, you should not share your personal information over the network without connecting to a VPN.


Why do you need an onion over VPN?

Onion over VPN stands out from typical VPN services through its next level anonymity feature that allows you to secure your TOR traffic from ISPs and other surveillance actors. Apart from hiding your actual IP address from the entry nodes, it also routes your DNS requests through the TOR network.

You do not have to download separate browsers to use this technology, particularly. By connecting to an onion over the VPN server, you can route your entire network traffic via the TOR network.

You need an onion over VPN technology to keep notorious elements at bay like ISPs, snoopers, hackers, and other cyber goons. Likewise, it lets you improve your data security with a double encryption feature.

How does Onion over VPN work?

When you connect to a special onion over the VPN server, your internet traffic is routed through the VPN server then it again passes through the onion network. This way, this double encryption process makes it impossible for intruders to keep an eye on what you do over the internet.

Is Onion over VPN Safe?

In terms of online privacy, onion over a VPN should be your go-to option if you want to encrypt your data with another layer of protection. Furthermore, you do not have to bother yourself about IP leaks and other security hassles since you are using both onion over the VPN feature and VPN at the same time.

In case the TOR network compromises your privacy, VPN will still ensure your digital anonymity . Besides, you have the luxury of using various privacy and security features such as kill switch, split tunneling, dedicated IP, no-logging policy, simultaneous connections, and so on.

Who should use Onion over VPN ?

If you want to safeguard your sensitive data from the prying eyes, then you should rely on an onion over a VPN . Similarly, residents of oppressive countries should make full use of this innovative privacy solution because it helps you regain your online freedom while surfing the web .

People who belong to professions like journalism, politics, human rights, social media, and philanthropy should avail of onion over VPN features to maximize their online protection .

Aside from these professions, if you are a frequent traveler, then you should be using this amazing privacy solution to bypass severe online censorship rules applied in various autocratic countries.

When should you not use Onion over VPN ?

Despite providing multiple advantages to users, onion over VPN is not meant for people who surf the internet for casual browsing. In this situation, a standard VPN service is more than enough to guarantee your online safety .

If you are an avid streaming fan like me that enjoys the buffering-free streaming experience , you should refrain from using an onion over the VPN feature. It means you might not be able to watch your favorite TV shows or movies at better connection speeds since the double routing process reduces streaming speeds considerably.

When using a double VPN feature , it does not justify the use of onion over VPN benefits because your internet traffic travels through VPN servers that encrypt your data twice.


Onion over VPN is a smart way of securing your online identities from unwanted personnel over the internet. Although, a VPN service does not expose your crucial information, be it an IP address, DNS, and WebRTC data.

But, there is nothing wrong with taking additional security measures to improve your privacy in the shape of connecting to onion over the VPN feature.