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There is no denying that both the VPN and the internet go hand in hand. When you use the internet without a VPN, you can easily become a target of hackers and other cybercriminals. Hence, you should use a VPN before surfing the web always. But, the question arises if you can get free internet from the VPN or not; let’s find out in this post.

Can we get free internet from the VPN?

Frankly speaking, you cannot get free internet using a VPN. In reality, you need to have a proper internet connection to use a VPN service of your choice. A VPN helps you stay secure and anonymous over the web by securing your internet connection. Furthermore, it encrypts your web traffic and allows you to browse the internet from anywhere anonymously.

This is a clear misconception that suggests there is a correlation between VPN services and free internet usage. People use VPNs for different reasons, such as bypassing geographical restrictions that do not allow you to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, and other services abroad.

Streaming aside, you use a VPN to bypass ISP throttling issues. By doing so, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies without facing any buffering or freezing hassles. But again, you cannot use a VPN to access the internet for free. 

Does free internet access with a VPN means internet freedom?

If you think you can use the internet from anywhere freely with a VPN, you are right to a certain degree. A VPN plays a crucial role in providing internet freedom to its users. As a result, they can access the internet from anywhere as per their preferences. 

It means a VPN’s role becomes evident when you want to enjoy open and free internet. However, it will not help you use the internet at no cost whatsoever.  

Wrapping Up

We hope you would like our post that provides a detailed answer to your query, “can we get free internet from VPN on our desired devices”. In short, VPNs do not give you free internet access at all.

In fact, you will have to obtain the subscription plan of internet connection first to start protecting your desired devices with a VPN.

This way, you can protect your web browsing activities from ISPs, third party advertisers, and other surveillance actors.

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