Coming to Terms with Facebook’s Debatable Privacy Settings

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Attention Facebook Users!!

Facebook routinely invades your privacy and data without your consent. Get a Facebook VPN today to attain greater privacy.

Facebook VPN

You never know when Facebook will come out with a new privacy system and people like us don’t have the time to click through web-page after web-page to get to the privacy settings. Interestingly, Facebook knows how to make posting and sharing user-friendly but still hasn’t been able to bring the same level of ease to the privacy settings.

Instead of poring over lengthy articles about Facebook’s privacy settings, here are a few simple pointers that you can adopt to tweak your Facebook privacy.


Tweak Your Settings in Seconds

For one, don’t wait for a long weekend to come by to tweak your Facebook privacy settings. In stead of looking to take out a few hours at the end of the month, take out a few seconds at the end of every posting. Facebook lets you adjust sharing settings for every post you post. You can either share it with only your friends, your friends and acquaintances, only yourself (I still don’t see the point of that feature) or to custom sharing-lists.


Information is Power – And Money

Make peace with the fact that when you share data, you are sending it into cyber-space. In cyber-space you have little to no control over what happens to your information. How can I say that? Because you know that no matter how much you try you always end up with ad-mail in your inbox. Even something as small as your email address (compared to your Credit Card number) gets sold for a price.

These ad-emails come because your information is almost always sold on forward – in one way or another – tomorrow if not today. There is no such thing as a free dinner; not even in cyber-space. If you are not paying with cash, you are paying with information – YOUR information! That is the principle that implements on Facebook as well.


Control Content Creation About You

Facebook asserts that the person posting content is the individual in control of its privacy – may it be any type of post. So when your friend is taking your pictures know that Facebook will only allow you to un-tag yourself from it when they post it on Facebook the next day. The number of people who will be able to see it depends on the privacy settings that your friend configures for that photo.

FB Privacy

Discuss Facebook’s privacy issues with your friends and let them know how it can affect them if not approached with caution. Tell them to think before uploading content on to Facebook and think twice when configuring the privacy settings for each post.


Where To Go From Here

Think about it! Even IT giants like Google and Microsoft tell you that you have a storage limit when you use their free email services (Gmail and Hotmail). Why isn’t Facebook ever telling you that you have a storage limit? Or that there is a limit to the number of posts/shares you can make in day or until you have been confirmed as a mature member (like Quora or Reddit does)? The truth is that Facebook is NOT free! Every time you share or post something you are creating new data and it is data that allows marketers make big bucks.

Once you have given your information to somebody on the internet, it will eventually be converted into money. Now ask yourself how much information you have given Facebook in the last few years?

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