Exclusive Interview with Eli Ghidiu, Marketing Manager at ibVPN

Exclusive Interview with Eli Ghidiu, Marketing Manager at ibVPN

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ibVPN is one of the best service providers in the VPN industry. With its smartly designed package plans and pricing strategy, ibVPN has earned quite a reputation around the globe. Today we will uncover the secrets, the reasons that led ibVPN to start a VPN service. We will explore the causes that triggered this decision along with the factors that stimulated it.

We will also inquire our interviewee about the services they offer and how these services are different from other competitors. We would also reveal what ibVPN is doing to improve users’ experience from their service and their future initiatives to maintain their current market position.

We would ask their opinion about different factors such as log policy, torrents and file sharing etc along with some critical concerns such as Snowden and the NSA. Here are the questions asked in the interview from Eli Ghidiu, Marketing Manager at ibVPN and the answers provided.


Q1: Why did you decide to start a VPN service?

Our first privacy and anonymity project started in 2003 by offering proxy services. After several years of continuous research and development we began offering VPN services. ibVPN was created to increase online anonymity not only when browsing, but also when using different types of web applications or services. It can be used on a large variety of operating systems, including Windows, MacOs, iOS and Android.


Q2: What features/characteristics differentiate you from your competitors?

Firstly, our service provides the complete solution for surfing the web invisibly and for unlocking geo restricted websites:

  • a VPN service to protect identity and unblock restricted websites
  • a DNS tool to optimize your video streaming experience on restricted media networks like Hulu or Netflix

proxies to use in networks where VPN can be restricted Secondly, it’s worth mentioning that we have probably the best live support on the market.


Q3: What features does your VPN service offer and how do you think they improve the users’ experience?

We have developed VPN clients for major Operations Systems (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) in order to provide users an easy-to-use experience.


Q4: What packages do you offer and how do you believe they are better than those offered by your competitors?

Our packages were created to satisfy and accommodate different needs. We have Ultimate VPN package which is the best of the best: –    Access to all servers

  • VPN, DNS & Proxies included
  • P2P servers included
  • PPTP,L2TP, Open VPN & SSTP
  • 2 simultaneous connections

The price for one month is $10.95. Our users can also take packages with $4.95 per month: Torrent VPN, EU VPN, US+CA VPN, UK+IE VPN and ibDNS.


Q5: What new service features can your customers expect from you in the future?

We are going to add as many features, based on our clients’ requests. We have a feedback forum where our users submit their requests. These requests are voted by the community and are implemented based on their priority. So our customers can expect for us to implement exactly the features they want.


Q6: Do you take feedback about your service from your users? If yes, how do you process it?

We conduct periodical surveys, via e-mail or via website but we also collect feedback through our feedback forum. All the feedback received is analyzed and processed based on its priority and popularity.


Q7: What is your stance on keeping customers’ activity logs and do you keep logs of your customers’ activities? If yes, what do you log and for how long do you keep the logs?

We do not spy on our users and we don’t monitor their Internet usage. We do not keep logs with our users’ activity. We will however record and keep the following data for 7 days:

  • Time, date and location VPN connection was made.
  • Duration of the VPN connection.
  • Bandwidth used during the connection.


Q8: What are your thoughts on torrent and File-sharing? Do you accommodate torrent and File-sharing users?

Our users may use ibVPN with peer-to-peer applications and torrent applications through specific servers located in Netherlands, Luxembourg and Canada. We have a Torrent VPN package created in this regard for users who only intend to use the VPN servers for torrent downloading.  We ask our users to make sure they are not performing illegal activities and are not distributing copyright-protected material.


Q9: Which markets do you choose to focus on and why?

In regard to our service we will provide a special attention to our DNS solution. We want to make it one of the best and with the highest number of channels unblocked. Regarding our users, we will try to make our presence better known in countries where censorship is applied. More, we are now working on implementing multi-language versions of our website. This month we released the French version of ibVPN.com


Q10: What do you think of Edward Snowden and his mission?

We are concern on our users’ privacy but we would rather not comment on this privacy related issues.


Q11: What do you think of the NSA and GCHQ’s alleged surveillance activities?

Like I said above, it’s not about what we think; it is about what our users think, how they feel and what they want. We do our best to secure our entire infrastructure (site, client area, servers) and make sure our users are safe. This is our mission. This is our concern.


Q12: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, I would like to let our readers know that we are a small team with high expectations. Any suggestions you have regarding our service, share it with us because your “feedback is gold”.


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