EU Undermines NSA with Targeted Data Collection Proposal

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For the First time in the EU

Claude Moraes is leading the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), and has recently made headlines by asserting that there is a need to stabilize the toll that internet security is taking on online privacy. Claude Moraes has iterated that the bulk collection of user information is a pointless exercise that is causing more harm than progress in preventing cybercrime and terrorism.

Either the EU is getting ready to switch camps in what might turn out to the most controversial move in the history of the internet, or this will turn out to be another charade of the online privacy and internet freedom that is the right of all internet users.

In all honesty, if the EU has allowed this statement to surface, it might mark the dawn of a new era in which the EU will be standing up against the US and the UK to limit the surveillance operations of the NSA and the GCHQ.


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Image: Claude Moraes – chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs


The Dawn of Targeted Information Collection

Claude Moraes is a member of the British Labour Party and has been a member of the Parliament since 1999. In a statement on the government’s collection of information, Moraes insisted on “targeted information” to reduce the public’s negative sentiment about unwarranted surveillance.

It seems as if the privacy agenda has finally found the attention it deserved, and the fact that the European Union is giving it the consideration it merits seems to be a promising start.

With the NSA failing respect the global community’s privacy and the GHCQ showing no hesitation in facilitating the NSA with its unwarranted surveillance practices, this is the only ray of hope in sight. The EFF is growing desperate and the


Too Good to be True?

However, it is imperative to note that this may be a cover-up for a much more elaborate scheme. If the LIBE report manages to bring about any change, it will become present in the form of a structured information collection process.

Human rights have always been in jeopardy, but perhaps no frontier is drawing attention for violation of basic freedom more than the internet. The internet has taken on the form of a parallel universe that exists in cohesion with our natural lives as we spend more of our time populating cyberspace every day.

Targeted information collection will undoubtedly replace bulk information collection in the future, but the degree to which the information collection is warranted still remains an unaddressed issue.

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