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Netflix Free Trial in Spain
Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial anymore. Although quite unfortunate, you can still get Netflix for cheap easily. How? By using a VPN service (ExpressVPN is our top recommendation offering 3000+ servers in 105 countries).

Netflix is a reasonably-priced subscription-based VOD streaming service. Even though the company had been offering a full 1-month free trial for a long time now, it has discontinued Netflix Free Trial anymore.

But, if you still don’t own a Netflix subscription and want it at the lowest rates, then we can help you. We will also fill you in with a trick to watch Netflix completely free in Spain.

And while you’re at it, you’ll also be able to enjoy a bucketful of fantastic and binge-worthy content that is unavailable in your country.

This article explains how you can get a Netflix free plan as well as its subscription for cheap with full access to all popular shows and movies on American Netflix in Spain.

Netflix Free Trial in Spain: Does Netflix Have a 30-Day Free Trial ?

Netflix does not offer a 30-day free trial anymore across the world. Neither can you enjoy the first episode of the selected TV series without paying.

However, what you can do is opt for the free Netflix plan available in Kenya on Android devices. Or, you can get the ‘Netflix on Us’ offer by T-Mobile in the United States.

If you live in Spain, then continue reading this guide, because we’d tell you how you can subscribe to Netflix at a cheap price. We will also give you a hack to get the streaming service for free without a Netflix free trial in Spain. You can also connect get Netflix on various devices like Firestick, American Netflix on Apple TV in Spain, and Chromecast.

Can I Get Netflix for Free Trial in Spain?

Well, since Netflix doesn’t offer a free trial on its own anymore, you can get Netflix for free by opting for the Kenyan free plan on Android of the streaming service.

netflix offers a free plan in kenya-in-Spain

All you need to do for that is get the best Netflix VPN in Spain. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN, all thanks to its fantastic unblocking capabilities, super-fast speeds, and effective Kenyan server.

Once you’ve subscribed to the service, follow the steps below for accessing the free plan in Kenya:

  1. Launch ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Connect to its server in Kenya.
  3. Access Netflix and opt for its free plan.
  4. Get its content absolutely free instead of signing up for a Netflix free trial.

Please note that Netflix Kenya offers only a limited number of titles to viewers. Unless you don’t have a problem with that, you can continue enjoying the Kenyan free plan.

However, if you do end up getting bored, then you can get Netflix at a relatively cheap cost.

How to Get Netflix for Cheap in Spain [3 Effective Ways]

Getting Netflix for free isn’t always a great option. The Kenyan Netflix library offers limited content titles to users. And the ‘Netflix on Us’ plan is only for T-Mobile users in the US.

If you’re unwilling to rely on the free plan mentioned above and want a steady Netflix subscription, then know that there are multiple ways to get one for cheap or at a discount.

1. Share a Netflix Account to Save Money

If you’re not the only die-hard Netflix fan among your friends, family, or colleagues, then you can always share a Netflix subscription and split the cost.

Netflix supports account sharing and allows forming 4 accounts. This means that you can get one subscription and divide the cost among four people.

For example, if you live in Canada, then you can get the basic Netflix plan at the cost of 9.99 CAD. When you split the amount among your three other friends, you only need to pay 2.49 CAD, which is quite reasonable.

After the Netflix free trial gets discontinued, this is one super-reliable option for you.

2. Get Discounted Prices With a Netflix Gift Card or Promo Code

The next possible way to get Netflix at a cheap price is using a gift card through MTCGame, Raise.com, and other famous sites.

You can also get a promo code through Coupons.com, RetailMeNot, and Slickdeals for subscribing to Netflix at a discounted price.

Once you have one, head over to the Netflix website, redeem the gift card/promo code, and enjoy streaming Netflix.

3. Get Netflix in Another Country

The prices of Netflix are different in every country. If you reside in a country that has high Netflix prices, like the United States, you can get Netflix in a country that’s cheaper.

We converted the prices of several Netflix regions to USD and it’s quite visible that many countries offer Netflix at a low cost:

Country Netflix Basic Netflix Standard Netflix Premium
United States $9.99 $15.49 $19.99
Argentina $3.60 $6.07  $8.92
Canada $7.87  $12.99 16.54
Turkey $1.99  $3.02 $4.05
UK $8.13 $13.56  $18.99
India  $2.65  $6.66 $8.67

As per the table above, Turkey is one country that offers Netflix really cheap. You can access Netflix Turkey with Turkish IP Address in Spain.

While Windscribe – the best free VPN for Netflix in Spain can help you subscribe to the streaming service, we’d recommend ExpressVPN for a bufferless streaming experience. Our testing confirmed that ExpressVPN and Netflix are great togetherin Spain. If you think ExpressVPN is a little heavy on your pocket then we highly recommend you check out our blog black Friday VPN deals in Spain  where you can find major discounts on ExpressVPN.

using ExpressVPN we never came across any VPN error while watching any US channels like Disney Plus not working with VPN in Spain.

Follow the steps below to get Netflix for cheap:

  1. Visit MTCGame and get a Turkish Netflix Gift Card using Turkish Lira.
  2. Go to ExpressVPN and connect to its Turkish server.
  3. Look for Netflix Turkey on Google.
  4. Open the Netflix website, insert your email ID, and click ‘Get Started.’
  5. Create your password and click ‘Next.’
  6. Select a subscription plan and click ‘Next’ again.
  7. Choose a gift card in the payment options and insert the gift card code (Skip the option that says: set up payment for later).
  8. Sign in to your Netflix account and enjoy its content. One great thing about Netflix is that since you have a Turkish subscription, you’re not limited to watching Netflix Turkey. You can disconnect from the server and enjoy Netflix US easily.

Netflix Price Plans in Spain

If you are wondering how much does Netflix cost after the free trial ends in Spain? Well, Netflix offers 3 subscription plans as follows:


  1. Netflix Basic Plan: With the Basic plan, you can stream on one device at a time in a 480p resolution. It is currently available for $9.99 a month.
  2. Netflix Standard Plan: With the Standard plan, you can watch movies and shows in 1080p resolution on two screens at a time. It is currently available for $15.49 a month.
  3. Netflix Premium Plan: The premium plan allows you to stream on four screens at once in Ultra HD video quality. It is currently available for $19.99 a month.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Spain?

To cancel your Netflix subscription in Spain, visit netflix.com/cancelplan. Now sign in with credentials you used for your Netflix account. After signing in, you get two options. You may downgrade the plan and save money every month or cancel the account but keep using it through the next billing date.

Since Netflix no more offers a free trial, if you’ve already bought a subscription for cheap but want to end it, then just follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to Netflix.
  2. On the top-right corner, click the arrow against your account name.
  3. Click on Account.
  4. You will find the cancel membership button under Membership and billing. Click on it.
  5. Select Finish cancellation to confirm.

Note that you can cancel your subscription following the steps above and still continue to use Netflix until the month ends.

Netflix Alternatives with Free Trial Offers in Spain

The Netflix free trial isn’t offered anymore, but many streaming services still offer one. Here are some alternatives to Netflix that are worth checking out:

1. Hulu Free Trial in Spain


Hulu is one of the most popular American streaming services. Hulu may be similar to Netflix, but the platform offers plenty of award-winning originals like The Handmaid’s Tale, Dimension 404, Shut Eye, and more. Hulu offers a basic package along with Hulu + Live TV subscription as well.

With Hulu Basic ‘ad-supported’ and ‘no-ads plan’, you get a one-month free trial. The Hulu + Live TV bundle offers a 7-day free trial to users.

However, keep in mind that Hulu is geo-restricted to the US, so to unblock Hulu abroad, you need a VPN. You can see our best Hulu VPN guide in Spain for more information.

2. Amazon Prime Video Free Trial in Spain

Prime Video Logo-in-Spain

Amazon Prime Video also offers a 30-day free trial for new users. Amazon is similar to Netflix, but it offers a large content library with over 50,000 movies and shows. With Amazon Prime Video, you can also add other services like HBO Max in Spain, Sling TV in Spain, Showtime, and other premium channels.

However, like most popular streaming services, Amazon Prime Video is not available in all regions. So, if it is not available in your country, you can unblock Amazon Prime Video with a VPN in Spain and stream your favorite shows and movies free for 30 days.

Netflix has a lot of TV shows from various genres, including free content and original series. You can even download content to watch offline. Netflix’s catalog includes the following hit shows and movies:

  • The House (2022)
  • Archive 81
  • Summer Heat
  • Ozark: Season 4 Part 1
  • Too Hot to Handle (Season 3)
  • Cobra Kai
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Stranger Things
  • House of Cards
  • Black Mirror
  • The Crown
  • Narcos
  • Squid Game
  • Money Heist
  • Maid
  • Lucifer
  • Elite
  • Sex Education

Just like TV shows, Netflix offers a vast collection of movies as well. Here is the list below:

  • Sudani from Nigeria
  • Tea Time
  • Falling for Figaro
  • My Father’s Violin (2022)
  • Tall Girl
  • Boss Baby
  • The Irishman
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • It Follows
  • Creep
  • 21 Jump Street

Netflix Free Trial in Spain – FAQs

Yes, in October 2021, Netflix discontinued its free trial in the United States and all over the world. As per the spokesperson of Netflix: “we’re looking at different marketing promotions in Spain. to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.”

Netflix’s basic monthly subscription plan costs $9.99. Its standard plan is available for $15.49 per month, and the premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

No, Netflix does not offer a free trial in Canada anymore, just like the rest of the countries around the world.

You can get Canadian Netflix by simply subscribing to a reliable VPN service, connecting to its Canadian server, and accessing Netflix’s website in your own country.

You can watch Netflix free on Roku in Spain by opting for T-Mobile’s ‘Netflix on Us’ plan. You can also get a virtual private network and access Netflix Kenya’s free plan.

Yes, you can enjoy Netflix for free on FireStick in Spain by subscribing to ExpressVPN, connecting to its Kenya server, and opting for Netflix Kenya’s free plan. Or, you can enjoy it through the ‘Netflix on Us’ plan of T-Mobile.

Wrapping Up!

There is no doubt as to the quality of Netflix content and the variety of shows it has to offer even without a free trial in Spain.

So, instead of being gloomy about the discontinuation of Netflix free trial, just go through our blog and learn how you can get Netflix for cheap quite easily. You can also opt for the Kenya free plan of Netflix on Android by simply opting for a reliable VPN service.

If you’re interested in checking out more best VPNs that offer free trials or 30-day refund policies, go and check out our list of major VPNs with free trials in Spain.