How to Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain

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You can watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain using ExpressVPN, which I recommend for accessing Peacock seamlessly. The contest will be held in Sweden, from May 7 to May 11, 2024.

To bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest, a VPN is essential. This event, hosted in Sweden, brings vibrant musical performances right to your device. Watch Peacock TV in Spain and experience the grandeur of the Eurovision contest. Let’s take a look at the quick steps below:

How to Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain? [5 Simplest Steps to Follow]

To watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain, simply follow these 5 quick steps:

  1. Sign Up for ExpressVPN – Secure the best service to overcome geo-restrictions.
  2. Download the App – Install it on your iPhone.
  3. Connect to a US Server – Choose the New York server for optimal performance.
  4. Log in to the Peacock TV website – Use your credentials or sign up.
  5. Enjoy – Eurovision 2024 Live!

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Where Can I Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain?

Peacock exclusively offers live coverage of all three days of Eurovision 2024, with replays available following each event. Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain with the help of a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Also catch the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. This year’s competition will be hosted by the beloved Petra Mede, returning for her third stint, alongside Swedish-American actress Malin Åkerman.

What is the Starting Date of Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain?

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest starting date is Tuesday, May 7, 2024. If you’re looking to watch it on your iPhone in Spain, ensure you have access to Peacock via a VPN to bypass any geo-restrictions.

How to Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain for Free?

To watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone free, start with a Peacock free trial. I recommend using ExpressVPN to access Peacock seamlessly on your iPhone, ensuring you can enjoy the event without any interruptions.

For fans in Spain, accessing the Eurovision Song Contest on an iPhone can often be challenging. A VPN provides a reliable solution to overcome these barriers, ensuring that you won’t miss out on the excitement of the event.

2024 Eurovision Song Contest: Schedule of Events

Explore the full schedule for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest below to ensure you catch every performance:

Date Event
May 7 Semi-final #1 live broadcast, and Family Show
May 8–9 Semi-final #2 Jury Show, and Family Show
May 10 Grand Final Jury Show
May 11 Grand Final live

Eurovision Song Contest: Overview

The Eurovision Song Contest is fundamentally an international pop music competition where acts from countries across Europe and beyond compete in a live televised event to be crowned the Eurovision champion.

It represents much more than just a contest—it’s a celebration of diversity, national pride, and the exuberant spirit of pop music, complete with an abundance of glitter.

Originally launched in 1956 to promote unity after World War II, Eurovision has evolved into a campy, feel-good spectacle of pop culture with a global audience in the hundreds of millions. The participant list has expanded from seven countries to almost 40, including nations outside Europe such as Australia.

Eurovision is celebrated for its wide range of music from anthemic to the delightfully absurd, often accompanied by elaborate costumes and spectacular staging.

Who are the Participants in 2024 Eurovision Song Contest?

Here’s a list of the participants for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest, detailing the artists representing each country:

Country Participant
Armenia LADANIVA, Jako
Australia Electric Fields, One Milkali (One Blood)
Austria Kaleen, We Will Rave
Azerbaijan FAHREE feat. Ilkin Dovlatov, Özünlə Apar
Belgium Mustii, Before the Party’s Over
Croatia Baby Lasagna, Rim Tim Tagi Dim
Cyprus Silia Kapsis, Liar
Czechia Aiko, Pedestal
Denmark SABA, SAND
Estonia 5MIINUST x Puuluup, (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi
Finland Windows95man, No Rules!
France Slimane, Mon amour
Georgia Nutsa Buzaladze, Firefighter
Germany ISAAK, Always On The Run
Greece Marina Satti, ZARI
Iceland Hera Björk, Scared of Heights
Ireland Bambie Thug, Doomsday Blue
Italy Angelina Mango, La noia
Latvia Dons, Hollow
Lithuania Silvester Belt, Luktelk
Luxembourg TALI, Fighter
Malta Sarah Bonnici, Loop
Moldova Natalia Barbu, In The Middle
Netherlands Joost Klein, Europapa
Norway Gåte, Ulveham
Poland LUNA, The Tower
Portugal iolanda, Grito
San Marino MEGARA, 11:11

This table represents a comprehensive overview of the artists set to perform, showcasing a wide variety of musical talent across Europe and beyond.

Eurovision Song Contest: Rehearsals Get Spicy!

Singers are getting ready to battle it out with elaborate costumes, energetic dance routines, and catchy tunes.

We get the inside scoop on everything from Malta’s dance break to Switzerland’s, well, interesting, flamingo outfit. Some people aren’t loving the flamingo, but hey, it’s sure to be a memorable performance!

One thing everyone seems to agree on is that Armenia is a frontrunner. Their performance is full of energy and charisma, and it’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Will Denmark’s minimalist staging be enough to qualify? Will Greece’s one-shot performance leave you wanting more? These are just some of the questions we’ll have to wait until the competition to answer!

2024 Eurovision Song Contest: Host

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be presented by Hollywood celebrity Malin Åkerman and renowned Eurovision veteran Petra Mede. They will co-host the event across three live broadcasts from Malmö on May 7, 9, and 11 2024.

2024 Eurovision Song Contest: Complete Format

The structure for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest consists of the following components:


Countries award a set of points from 12 to 1 to their top ten favorite songs. The first semi-final occurs on May 7, the second on May 9, with the grand final rounding out the competition on May 11.


Viewers from non-participating countries can vote for their favorite entries 24 hours before each semi-final and the grand final. During the grand final, voting begins just before the first performance and remains open during the show, concluding about 40 minutes after the last performance.

Voting System:

Each participating country distributes twelve points to the song receiving the most domestic votes, ten points to the second place, and so forth, down to one point for the song in tenth place.


Entries must be original songs not exceeding three minutes in duration. Lead vocalists must perform live, and no more than six performers are allowed on stage during any performance.

The integrity of the contest results is monitored by independent observers from E&Y and the EBU’s Executive Supervisor, ensuring all results comply with the established rules.

Quick Facts About 2024 Eurovision Song Contest

  • Participants: 37 countries will compete in Eurovision 2024, with 26 making it to the Grand Final.
  • Qualification for the Grand Final: Automatic qualifiers include the Big-5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) and last year’s winner, Sweden. Additionally, the 10 best performances from both Semi-final 1 and Semi-final 2 will advance.
  • Voting: Voting includes televoting from participating countries and online voting for the “Rest of the World,” both using a points system of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12. National juries in each country also award points using the same system.

2024 Eurovision Song Contest All Songs Promo

Get ready to experience the musical extravaganza of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest with this all-encompassing promo video. Dive into a preview of all the competing songs, setting the stage for an unforgettable event. Tune in, and don’t miss the chance to see which entry will capture Europe’s heart this year.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain in Spain on Peacock

ExpressVPN stands out as the premier choice to watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain. With top-tier download and upload speeds, it offers a buffer-free experience and is highly effective at bypassing geographical restrictions.

With download speeds peaking at 98.46 Mbps and upload speeds up to 89.44 Mbps, ExpressVPN is recognized as the best Peacock VPN in Spain ideal for uninterrupted streaming.

The extensive network of ExpressVPN, featuring thousands of servers across 105 countries and more than 20 in the US alone, allows it to easily overcome geo-blocks, providing dependable access to a variety of content in Spain.

Watch-Eurovision-Song-Contest-on-iPhone -with-ExpressVPN

Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain with ExpressVPN

Recommended Server: New York Server

ExpressVPN enhances the streaming quality on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max using its advanced Split Tunneling and TrustedServer Technology, which guarantees a secure and improved viewing experience in Spain.

For devices that don’t typically support VPNs, the MediaStreamer feature of ExpressVPN is recommended. It optimizes streaming performance, enhancing compatibility across different devices in Spain.

ExpressVPN enables high-speed streaming on up to 8 devices simultaneously, making it possible for one account to support multiple streams efficiently.

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Eurovision Song Contest

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You can watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain through the Peacock app, available with a VPN service like ExpressVPN to bypass regional restrictions.

While it’s still early to predict, countries like Sweden, Italy, and the Netherlands have historically been strong contenders at Eurovision.

No, Eurovision 2024 will not be available on YouTube for viewers in Spain. Instead, use ExpressVPN to access it on Peacock.

The United Kingdom has hosted the Eurovision Song Contest the most times, stepping in to organize it 9 times when other countries couldn’t.

While several countries haven’t won, Norway is the least successful nation. They’ve finished last a whopping 11 times!

Wrapping Up!

Watch Eurovision Song Contest on iPhone in Spain on Peacock, BBC iPlayer and BBC One. To ensure uninterrupted access and overcome geographical restrictions, ExpressVPN remains the best tool, to enhance your experience.

Facing geo-blocks can limit your streaming options, but with a premium VPN, I recommend gearing up for Eurovision 2024 from May 7 to May 11. It allows you to bypass these restrictions efficiently, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the music and performances in Spain.

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