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Bristol City, a notable contender in the EFL Championship, gears up to showcase their talent in the FA Cup. Aiming to make an impact against elite teams, challenging top-tier opponents. Their journey is one of skill, resolve, and determination. Refer to this guide and unlock and to watch ITVX in Spain  instantly, and don’t let distance keep you from supporting your team.

 How to Watch Bristol City FA Cup Matches 2024 in Spain on ITVX? [5 Easy Steps]

Let’s get started with the five quick steps to watch Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 in Spain on ITVX using a premium VPN.

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Where to Watch  Bristol City FA Cup Matches 2024 in Spain?

For fans eager to follow FA Cup 4th round fixtures in Spain, ITVX connected through a VPN is the premier choice. This platform not only brings you closer to the heart-thumping football action but also serves as the primary broadcaster for these prestigious matches.

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Move to the next section if you are keen to know about the Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 schedule and more.

 What are the Scores and Schedule of  Bristol City FA Cup Matches 2024?

Find the complete details of the  Bristol City FA Cup fixtures and results in the table for better understanding.

Aug 05, 2023 Preston North End 1 – 1 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Aug 12, 2023 Millwall 0 – 1 EFL Championship The Den
Aug 19, 2023 Birmingham 0 – 2 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Aug 25, 2023 Hull 1 – 1 EFL Championship The MKM Stadium
Sep 02, 2023 Swansea 1 – 2 EFL Championship Swansea.com Stadium
Sep 16, 2023 West Bromwich 0 – 0 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Sep 19, 2023 Plymouth 4 – 1 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Sep 23, 2023 Leicester 1 – 0 EFL Championship King Power Stadium
Sep 30, 2023 Stoke 2 – 3 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Oct 05, 2023 Rotherham United 1 – 2 EFL Championship AESSEAL New York Stadium
Oct 07, 2023 Leeds 2 – 1 EFL Championship Elland Road
Oct 21, 2023 Coventry 1 – 0 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Oct 25, 2023 Ipswich 0 – 1 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Oct 28, 2023 Cardiff City 2 – 0 EFL Championship Cardiff City Stadium
Nov 04, 2023 Sheff Wed 1 – 0 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Nov 11, 2023 QPR 0 – 0 EFL Championship MATRADE Loftus Road
Nov 25, 2023 Middlesbrough 3 – 2 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Nov 30, 2023 Southampton 1 – 0 EFL Championship St. Mary’s Stadium
Dec 03, 2023 Norwich 1 – 2 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Dec 09, 2023 Huddersfield Town 1 – 1 EFL Championship John Smith’s Stadium
Dec 13, 2023 Blackburn 2 – 1 EFL Championship Ewood Park
Dec 16, 2023 Sunderland 1 – 0 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Dec 23, 2023 Hull 3 – 2 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Dec 26, 2023 Watford 1 – 4 EFL Championship Vicarage Road
Dec 30, 2023 Birmingham 0 – 0 EFL Championship St Andrew’s Stadium
Jan 01, 2024 Millwall 0 – 1 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Jan 07, 2024 West Ham 1 – 1 FA Cup London Stadium
Jan 13, 2024 Preston North End 2 – 0 EFL Championship Deepdale
Jan 17, 2024 West Ham 1 – 0 FA Cup Ashton Gate Stadium
Jan 20, 2024 Watford 1 – 1 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Jan 27, 2024 Nottm Forest 0 – 0 FA Cup Ashton Gate Stadium
Jan 31, 2024 Coventry 2 – 2 EFL Championship The Coventry Building Society Arena
Feb 03, 2024 Leeds 0 – 1 EFL Championship Ashton Gate Stadium
Feb 08, 2024 Nottm Forest 1 – 1 (3 – 5) FA Cup The City Ground
Feb 10, 2024 Middlesbrough 1 – 2 EFL Championship Riverside Stadium

How to Watch Bristol City FA Cup Matches 2024 in Spain on ITVX Without Ads?

For those looking to watch Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 in Spain on ITVX without the disruption of ads, opting for ITVX Premium is the ideal solution. This premium tier ensures an uninterrupted, ad-free viewing, allowing you to engage with the football action fully.

ExpressVPN is indispensable for accessing ITVX Premium from an international location. It allows you to connect to a UK server, enabling the subscription to ITVX Premium even when you’re in Spain. This not only circumvents geo-restrictions but also promises an ad-free football-watching experience.

I advise users to consider starting with the ITVX free trial first. This trial period introduces you to what ITVX has to offer, including live sports and other premium content without ads. Also, gives you a chance to evaluate the service. If satisfied, upgrading to a full subscription is simple.

Conversely, if ITVX Premium does not meet your needs, you can cancel ITVX Subscription in Spain  anytime. This strategy ensures a seamless and flexible viewing experience, letting you continue to enjoy the FA Cup fixtures and more without interruptions.

What are the Stats of Bristol City 2024?

In 2024, Bristol City participated in a total of 10 fixtures. Over the past 30 days, comprising 8 matches, the team secured victory in 2 games, reflecting a win rate of 25%.

According to the Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 results, this recent performance stands 42% lower than Bristol City’s overall win rate, which sits at 43%.

Presently, the team is on a win streak, having won their last match. User engagement has been notable, with 51 votes cast on Bristol City matches, of which 18, or 35.29%, accurately predicted the outcomes.

For the final outcomes, stay tuned, and don’t forget to watch Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 in Spain on ITVX.

 What is the 2023/2024 Championship Record of Bristol City?

In the 2023/2024 Championship season, Bristol City had a mixed performance, winning 11 matches, drawing 8, and losing 12 out of 31 games played. They averaged 1.32 points per game, scoring and conceding 35 goals each.

With an average attendance of around 20,963 spectators per match, Bristol City showed resilience throughout the FA Cup 2024 season. Let’s review the statistical details below:

Category Matches Wins Draws Losses ø pts Goals ø spectators
Home record 15 6 3 6 1.40 18:17 20.946
Away record 16 5 5 6 1.25 17:18 20.978
Overall balance 31 11 8 12 1.32 35:35 20.963

 What is the Overall Premiership Standing of Bristol City?

In the overall Premiership standing for the 2023/2024 season, Bristol City secured the 13th position out of the participating clubs. They competed in 31 matches, accumulating 41 points with an even goal difference.

Despite facing challenges, Bristol City demonstrated their competitive spirit and held their ground in the league. Following are the complete details of overall standings:

# Club Matches +/- Pts
10 Preston North End 31 -9 45
11 Watford FC 31 5 41
12 Middlesbrough FC 30 0 41
13 Bristol City 31 0 41
14 Cardiff City 30 -5 40
15 Plymouth Argyle 30 -1 36
16 Swansea City 31 -8 36

Who is in the Squad of  Bristol City?

The lineup for Bristol City showcases a diverse blend of talent across various positions. With forwards like Adedire Mebude and experienced campaigners like Nahki Wells, the attacking front is promising, providing a solid foundation for the squad.

Go through the details related to the Bristol City 2024 lineups for the FA Cup matches:

Players Position Age
Adedire Mebude Forward 19
Nahki Wells Forward 33
Tommy Conway Forward 21
Harry Cornick Forward 28
Scott Twine Midfielder 24
Jason Knight Midfielder 23
Anis Mehmeti Midfielder 23
Andy King Midfielder 35
Mark Sykes Midfielder 26
Sam Bell Midfielder 21
Ross McCrorie Midfielder 25
Joe Williams Midfielder 27
Adam Murphy Midfielder 18
Matty James Midfielder 32
Robert Dickie Defender 27
Taylor Gardner-Hickman Defender 22
Kal Naismith Defender 31
Haydon Roberts Defender 21
Robert Atkinson Defender 25
Cameron Pring Defender 26
George Tanner Defender 24
Zak Vyner Defender 26
Duncan Idehen Defender 21
Stefan Bajić Goalkeeper 22
Max O’Leary Goalkeeper 27
Harvey Wiles-Richards Goalkeeper 21
Lewis Thomas Goalkeeper 26

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Bristol City FA Cup Matches 2024

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To watch Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 in Spain, subscribe to ExpressVPN, connect to a UK server, and access ITVX. This setup helps bypass ITV’s geo-restrictions, allowing you to stream the matches seamlessly. ExpressVPN offers fast, secure connections, ensuring you don’t miss a single play due to buffering or security concerns.

Liam Manning is at the helm as the coach for Bristol City in the FA Cup matches for 2024. Manning recognized for his strategic acumen and football insight, leads the team with a commitment to excellence and competitiveness in one of England’s most prestigious football tournaments.

Yes, Bristol City has a history of success in domestic competitions. The club won the Associate Members’ Cup, now known as the Football League Trophy, in 1986. This victory is a testament to the club’s competitive spirit and ability to achieve success on the pitch.

Despite the challenges of promotions and relegations through the divisions, this trophy win highlights a notable achievement in the club’s history.

Bristol City’s last match was against Middlesbrough on February 10, 2024, in the Championship. The next scheduled match is against Southampton, taking place on February 13, 2024, at 21:00, also in the Championship.

These matches are part of Bristol City’s campaign in the 2024 season, reflecting their ongoing competition in the Championship league.

Yes, with ExpressVPN, you can stream Bristol City FA Cup matches in 2024 on ITVX from in Spain. By connecting to a UK server through ExpressVPN, you’ll bypass geo-blocks and enjoy live coverage, ensuring you don’t miss any action.

Wrapping Up

The Bristol City FA Cup matches in 2024 promise to be a spectacle of football talent and competitive spirit. With ExpressVPN, fans can unlock exclusive coverage and watch Bristol City FA Cup matches 2024 in Spain on ITVX to follow their team’s journey through the tournament.

Ensure you’re equipped with the suggested VPN to enjoy every match without interruption and never miss a single match.

Happy Sports Streaming!