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Watch Theodosia Outside Canada on CBC

Theodosia is an enticing French/Germany-originated series broadcast by CBC in Canada that will air on 17 feb 2023. Unfortunately, it’s unavailable in Spain due to content licensing restrictions by the channel. Are you wondering how to watch Theodosia in Spain on CBC? All you need is a reputable VPN.

Dive in to watch CBC in Spain, learn which VPN to use, and a few spoilers to get you psyched for this masterpiece.

Watch Theodosia in Spain on CBC – [Easy Steps]

Not ready for spoilers and want to binge on the series right away? Here are the straightforward steps to watch Theodosia in Spain on CBC with a VPN.

  1. Pick a VPN and subscribe to a suitable plan (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Download, launch, and sign into the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a preferred Canadian server location.
  4. Sign in to CBC.
  5. Search for “Theodosia” and start streaming.

Where to Watch Theodosia in Spain?

Viewers in Canada can watch Theodosia on CBC’s official website. However, the channel has geo-restriction and is unavailable to viewers not in Spain.

You’ll need to connect to a Canadian VPN server to spoof your location to watch Theodosia on CBC in Spain. Once connected, you can access CBC’s streaming library and watch Theodosia from anywhere.

The series is also available on HBO Max.

Why do we need VPN to Watch Theodosia in Spain?

You need a VPN to watch Theodosia on CBC in Spain, to hide your location. CBC locks its content for users in Spain due to content licensing restrictions. You’ll get a geo-restriction message if you try accessing the website while on vacation or staying in Spain.

A reliable VPN spoofs your real IP address to Canadian IP address and lets you access CBC’s streaming library by purporting to be in Canada. It encrypts your data and guarantees online privacy while you watch geo-restricted content.

What is the Theodosia release date?

The HBO Max Theodosia’s release date was 10th March 2022. It was available on CBBC starting April 25th, 2022 while Globoplay got the streaming rights on 21st June 2022. You can watch it from 17th Feb 2023 on CBC.

The show is an adventure fantasy created by Joe Williams and follows the story of the titular character, Theodosia. Tens of episodes are already available, giving you a lot to catch up on if you’re starting.

What is the Storyline of Theodosia?

The storyline of Theodosia follows archeologists Alistair and Henrietta Throckmorton, who take their kids, Theodosia and Henry, on excavations. Theodosia discovers a cat statue and a shimmering amulet, the Eye of Horus, which she places in her purse.

Cairo’s federal administration refuses to prolong the family’s permit, forcing them to return to London. So, they leave the excavations early.

At the railway station, Theodosia meets Will, a street magician. However, a robber takes the amulet, which starts glowing green. As soon as Theo clutches it, she sees and hears a princess shout her name, and the cat statue also gets a green glow.

Henry and Theo go to the arcade, where she sees Will again and thinks she encounters the man who took the amulet. The thief comes to her residence at night, just as the cat statue transforms into a live cat.

Who’s in the Cast and Crew of Theodosia?

Eloise Little is in the cast and crew of Theodosia as the lead actress that goes by the title’s name. Frankie Minchella is Theo’s brother, Henry. Elisa Doughty and Rik Young play their parents, Henrietta and Alistair Throckmorton.

Here’s a summary table of other actors and actresses in the series appearing in at least five episodes.

Role Actor/Actress Episodes in
Will Nana Agyeman-Bediako 26
Safiya Yasmina El-Abd 26
Lady Throckmorton Estrid Barton 19
Artie Anthony J. Abraham 18
Miss Kreit Momo Yeung 18
Chief Serpent (Yaret) Charlie Cattrall 13
Nigella Olivia Barrowclough 10
Queen Hatshepsut Nahid Leadar 6

Joe Williams, Robin LaFevers, and George Poles have the most writing credits, at least 16 episodes, as of press time. Other writers with two to three episodes include Lucy Claire Miller, Guy, Asher Pirie, and Joanne Lau.

Who is the Director of Theodosia?

The lead director of Theodosia is Matthias Hoene, credited with 13 episodes. His other popular gigs include 2016’s Enter the Warriors Gate, 2012’s Cockney’s vs. Zombies, and 2019’s A Monster Family.

Other directors of Theodosia include Matt Bloom with nine episodes and Alexander James Jacob responsible for four episodes.

How many episodes of Theodosia are there?

There are 26 episodes of Theodosia so far. The one-season show follows the adventures of Theodosia after coming across an amulet and a statue. The English-language series is an adaptation of Robin LaFevers’s children’s book series of the same name.

What is the Genre of the Theodosia movie?

Theodosia is an adventure, fantasy, and family series that follows the story of a 14-year-old girl. She discovers an amulet and a statue and embarks on a thrilling journey to uncover the mysteries of the magical objects.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Theodosia In USA on CBC?

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Read on to see why this is your best bet if you want an excellent time enjoying this series besides others.

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Yes, Theodosia is worth watching. With a talented cast and captivating story, the series is sure to entertain the entire family. However, some scenes may be scary for some kids under eight.

The IMDB rating of the Theodosia series is 5.8/10. It has a somewhat similar rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 60%.

Yes, Theodosia will have a season 2. ZDF greenlit the show for a second season in October 2022.

Wrap Up

Theodosia is a must-see series if you like adventure and fantasy. You can watch Theodosia in Spain on CBC by connecting to a Canadian VPN server. ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch the show, thanks to its reliable performance and intuitive functions. So, choose your desired package and start watching the show.