Encrypt.Me Review 2017, Formerly Known as Cloak VPN

Encrypt.me Review Quick Summary

Encrypyt.me is a US based VPN service formerly called as Cloak VPN. The slogan of the service is to encrypt everything including your families and teams. Likewise, the provider aims to deliver the highest extent of anonymity to users those who use Public Wi-Fi anywhere. The service calls itself a super simple VPN for the subscribers.

In our Encrypt.me review, we made sure to cover every aspect of the service accordingly.

Pros of Encrypt.me

  • Simple and attractive website
  • Offers free trial feature
  • Provides money back guarantee

Cons of Encrypt.me

  • The users may face streaming issues
  • Offers limited number of servers worldwide
  • Does not provide live chat feature
  • Offers extremely expensive pricing plans

Encrypt.me Pricing Review

The service has divided its pricing model into three sub-categories. These subcategories are Passes, Subscriptions, and Team & Families. The pricing structure we have found in our analysis is entirely different as compared to pricing plans of other VPN services. We found the pricing strategy quite appealing. Since, the users have so many options to choose from even if the pricing is expensive.

Our Encrypt.me review reveals that the service is offering two different pricing plans for the users. The provider is currently catering the needs of its subscribers through unlimited and annual plans. The unlimited plan allows you to use the service on monthly basis by paying $9.99. Furthermore, the annual plan is an expensive one that charges $99.99 per year.

Considering the prices of both plans, Encrypt.me does not fit into the category of affordable VPN.


Encrypt.me Week Pass Review

If you do not want to avail both pricing plans, you can still select the week pass for short time period. You can get the plan by paying $3.99 but you can use the package for only seven days. Furthermore, there are privacy providers those offer the same pricing for the whole month.

Hence, the Week Pass plan does not impress the users a lot. Our Encrypt.me review suggests that the package will not fulfill the expectations of the subscribers.  Likewise, the month pass is also available at the cost of $9.99 that makes the week pass unimpressive.


Encrypt.me Teams and Families Review

Our Encrypt.me review unveils that the service is offering another pricing plan by the name of Teams & Families. The plan seems expensive, as you have to pay $12.99 per month. By paying the said amount, a family up to five (5) members can avail the above plan.

You can also use a team plan if you want; you just have to pay $7.99 each month. Not all the packages offer enticing benefits to the users. Hence, the provider must overhaul the prevailing pricing structure to attract more potential users.


Encrypt.me Accepted Payment Methods Review

The findings of our Encrypt.me review reveal that the provider offers different payment methods. However, the service does not deal in PayPal and Bitcoin as their online payment options. Still, the brand is catering the needs of their subscriber through payment options those include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners
  • JCB cards

If you want to avail the one time passes, you can make the payment through In-App purchase. The option is available within the encrypt.me app hence; you do not need to use a credit card.


Encrypt.me Apps Compatibility Review

According to our Encrypt.me review, the service is compatible with numerous platforms. These platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can take benefit of setup guides available on the website to use dedicated apps on your preferred devices. Though, the service offers a Beta version app for Windows platform at present.

Interestingly, the download and installation process for all these apps is user-friendly. If you wish to know more about Windows VPN or iOS VPN, you can explore our detailed guide.

Encrypt.me Protocols and Encryption Review

We have explored in our Encrypt.me review that the service provides only two protocols. Fortunately, you can use OpenVPN and IPSec protocol. The OpenVPN protocol offers utmost anonymity to the users through 256-bit level military grade encryption. It also applies 1536-bit and 2048-bit DH group ciphers.

The other protocols Encrypt.me does not offer are PPTP and L2TP. The PPTP protocol does not provide a required security as it provides 128-bit encryption level. However, L2TP uses IPSec in combination to offer 256-bit level of encryption. Our analysis suggests that the service has to offer L2TP protocol to become an efficient L2TP VPN in near future.

Encrypt.me Servers Review

Our Encrypt.me review indicates that the service does not offer a huge list of servers worldwide. The provider is offering its services through 19 servers in 19 countries worldwide. Hence, the service needs to add more server locations in its armory to meet the requirements of the subscribers.

Encrypt.me Servers

Encrypt.me Customer Support Review

According to our Encrypt.me review, the provider does not offer various options to their subscribers. The customer support section lacks main features like live chat, support ticket and knowledgebase. However, you can contact the service through an email and get the solution of your issues.

Still, the service provides a detailed oriented FAQ page that has information about different queries. By exploring the FAQ page, you can get answers of your questions related to troubleshooting, account activation, and billing concerns.


The other crucial aspect we explore in our analysis that the service enables you to send encrypted messages. Hence, you can communicate with the service in a secure way.


Encrypt.me Torrenting/P2P Review

Our Encrypt.me review suggests that the service does not encourage the P2P activities at all. Therefore, the users should avoid connecting to any server to download and share any torrent with others. Still, if they perform P2P activity online, they may find themselves in the hot waters of legal trouble. You   should know more about the repercussions of torrents by viewing our guide on best VPN for torrenting.


 Encrypt.me Free Trial Review

According to our encrypt.me review, the service offers free trail feature that you can avail up to 14 days. Considering the expensive pricing plans, the feature is surely a blessing in disguise. Although, you will not avail maximum advantage from the package as the service implements certain data usage limits. Otherwise, the remaining part of the plan is same as other paid plans. You can explore our guide that provides awareness about other priceless VPN in detail.


Note: You can also check the list of 5 Best Free VPN providers 2017

Encrypt.me Refund Policy/Money Back Guarantee Review

Our Encrypt.me review discloses that the service also offers an exclusive refund policy to the users. Thus, you can avail the refund if you do not find service as much efficient as you want. You will have to send an email at support@encrypt.me to the service to get your refund. However, if you purchase the service through In-App purchase then you cannot use the refund policy.


Encrypt.me Logging Policy Review

We have analyzed the data sharing policy of the service in detail throughout our Encrypt.me review. According to its official website, the provider retains your personal information. The information includes email address, name, billing and credit card information. When you use the service to attain anonymity, the service stores the number of bytes sent and received.

Moreover, the IP addresses of the users along with the amount of time been connected are also recorded.  The provider stores this personal session information for sixteen (16) days and then the service removes the information from its servers. After analyzing the logging policy, we assume that Encrypt.me provides clear and concise policy for the subscribers. You can search our detailed guide to know more about a VPN that does not keep logs.

Encrypt.me Privacy Policy Review

Our Encrypt.me review unveils that the service has headquarter based at Dallas, TX, USA. Therefore, the provider has to follow US data retention laws in true letter and spirit. It is better for the users not to select the service if they want to perform P2P activities. It is up to the users’ discretion now either they select the service or not.

Encrypt.me Review on Reddit

According to our Encrypt.me review, the provider does not have strong presence on Reddit. Furthermore, the Redditors are reluctant to use the service. Hence, they prefer to select Reddit VPN as their desired online privacy option than Encrypt.me. The below-mentioned response of one Redditors discloses the real story of the service.

 Final Verdict

After conducting Encrypt.me review in detail, the service looks appropriate for new VPN users. The pricing factor of the provider does not attract the potential users since the service is extremely expensive. Hence, the subscribers can avail the free trial feature to a great effect.

The service does not provide a huge list of tunneling protocols. The server locations are also limited hence; you may face connection issues while connecting to your preferred server. However, the website is amazingly helpful in solving your different queries. Still, the users should not opt for the service because the provider keeps logs and follow DMCA guidelines.

You can explore our other Best VPN reviews to know about other services working in the industry. Do let us know about the service through your feedback in the comment sections below.

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