eBay, Complacent as Always, Hack in February Detected in May

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eBay under attack, one more time. Through an official announcement, eBay requested all of its users to change their account credentials such as passwords as they might have been compromised due to the hack. Yes! eBay has been hacked again; however, this time, the motive behind the hack hasn’t been discovered as yet.

Hacker(s) successfully infiltrated the security of the most popular and frequently used auction site; and there’s strong probability that users’ information might have been compromised. eBay’s database contained information like users’ names, encrypted passwords, address, personal numbers, date of birth and email etc.

That’s a huge chunk of information which can be used for divergent unscrupulous purposes. Therefore, those who are registered to eBay especially the ones that actively carry out their transactional activities must change their account credentials.


We always recommend that one should have different login details especially passwords for their accounts; yet, most people tend to have similar login details. The reason to justify such practices is convenience. If you are an active eBay user and have kept similar password for other account(s) as well, you must consider changing it as soon as possible.

Whoever has hacked eBay has all your information provided to them at the time of registration. So, not only the security of your eBay account, but others is compromised as well.

Act promptly, before it is too late! “Huge amount of data held by the site made it a ‘potential gold mine’ and users must follow the advice to change all passwords – said Paul Martini, iboss Network Security. He also said that the damage might have been done already because of the lag. Yes! eBay’s security had been compromised months ago, it was just undiscovered. The proximity of security breach and possible hack was discovered two weeks ago.


eBay has 145 million active users. However, they’re not certain about the users whose information and login detailed have been exposed due to the hack. Further investigation leads to a hypothesis that the security infiltration might have happened in February or March.

So, whoever did this; might have caused substantial damage already. Nevertheless, there has been no evidence found of any financial losses as yet. Hence, you need to check all your accounts that have similar credentials as eBay’s login details. Maybe it’s not too late.


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