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You can watch Suits Season 5 in HD quality by downloading the torrent from Kickass Torrents or best torrent sites. But be sure to not alert the advocates of copyrights protection by downloading the torrents unsafely. Make your torrent downloads safer by using the P2P service of any of the recommended VPN services.

 Download Suits Season 5 Torrents with a VPN

While downloading the torrents may not threaten the users with consequences in some countries, it can wreck havocs where downloading the torrents is banned by the governments under the anti-piracy laws. Therefore, before we recommend you some of the best VPN services in terms of P2P filesharing, we would like to tell you the benefits you will get with VPN for torrenting.

The USA Network has been very proactive in sending legal notices to those who have torrented the episodes of Suits in the past as well, therefore it is recommended to download the torrents with a VPN service running in the background. Any of the below mentioned VPN service will fully hide you from the snooping agencies of your government and the hackers to make sure your Suits torrents downloads are safe.

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Team Harvey or Team Litt – Whose Side Are You On?

Before we write any further, we must warn you about sounding a bit biased about Team Harvey since Harvey Specter is the man we vouch for! With a thrilling finale of Season 4, where Donna left Harvey for good to join Louis Litt, the battle between two of the most notorious lawyers of Pearson Specter Litt has fueled up.

Will Harvey go back to his usual way of not thinking much about what happens? Or will he go back to winning Donna from Louis? We know, he has a soft spot for Donna and have already seen how far he can go to protect her. With story between Harvey and Donna progressing quickly, we can assume that this is going to be one heck of a season!


What to Expect from Suits Season 5?

Now that Mike’s secret is no more a secret, he can finally practice the law without fearing the wrath of Louis and Jessica Pearson. On the other hand we have Rachel who has had it tough too finding the right balance with her love and work life. Mike and Rachel, one of the favorite couples of the show, are about to get married in Season 5 whereas Harvey and Donna have been subjected to awkward conversations due to Harvey’s unwillingness for a relationship.

Having garnered 80/100 on Rotten Tomatoes for Season 4, we are hoping for an even better season this summer. We are willing to put our money on Harvey, who we think, will win Donna eventually from Louis Litt, after teaching them a lesson or two. Mike has also got his life sorted but it is only a matter of time before he messes it up again.

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