DotVPN Review – The Perils, Threats and Alternatives

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Comparison: DotVPN vs Best VPN Providers

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DotVPN is a proxy plug-in service that encrypts your data like any other VPN service and gives you access to the blocked websites and streaming services. It claims on its website that it is the “only” proxy plug-in to provide encryption to its users.


Downloading and Installing DotVPN

You can very easily download and install DotVPN in your browsers. It is currently compatible with Google Chrome and Opera and the software can be downloaded from the website. It is a one-click process and once the software is downloaded, you can click on the tab that appears on the upper right side of your browser to open it.

Upon opening it, you will be asked to login with your DotVPN ID, if you haven’t signed up as yet, you will be needed to sign up to make use of its services.


DotVPN Knows What You’re Doing

While most of the people opt for services that keep no logs, this proxy plug-in makes sure it is fully aware of all your online activities. At one point, it claims that it encrypts your data and keeps it safe and at the other it claims that it “keeps a check” on your online activities.

Even though it claims that it does not pass on your information to third parties, it is mind-boggling indeed that it monitors all your activities. Not only the monitoring, but it also sends your browser’s cookies to its servers.

DotVPN claims that it does all that to improve services and to distinguish what language you speak. However, we think of it as it is trying to sneak in to your devices to extract more information out of them.

DotVPN Review – Pros and Cons:

If you are in a mood to skip through the whole post, just check out the pros and cons of the DotVPN that are highlighted below to give you an idea and a brief summary of this DotVPN review.

1. DotVPN can be used as an unblocking tool.1. DotVPN does not, however, provide a guaranteed access to Hulu and other streaming services that are quick in blocking the IP addresses of proxy services.
2. DotVPN provides encryption for your browsing activities.2. The encryption, however, will not cover all your browsing activities. The data you enter will still be logged and monitored. Even the traffic inflow from other applications will remain unsafe.
3. DotVPN is free.3. The free services are downgraded with the time with reduced speeds, limited server reach and most of all weaker encryption to leave you at the helm of hackers and online surveillance agencies.
4. Very limited server network with no guarantee of accessing the blocked and banned contents in many parts of the world.


Is DotVPN Safe?

Our research and the users’ feedbacks on communities and forums suggest DotVPN is not safe at all if you are looking for a secure way of tunneling your browsing traffic. Some of the users have made complaints about getting slow speeds and poor encryption indicating that they have been warned by their ISPs for trying to access a blocked or banned website.

Obviously the server performance does come into account, but before you consider it you must acknowledge the fact that DotVPN is, indeed, a proxy service after all. Proxy services are known for their vulnerabilities against latest malware and hacking tactics. So the answer to your question is DotVPN safe is “no, it is not safe at all”.


Alternatives to DotVPN

If you are looking for true security and anonymity on the internet, we would definitely recommend you to go for the Best VPN service providers of 2016 . Your connections are secure and more protected and all your data is tunneled through different protocols to hide it from the snoopers and hackers.

With the strong encryption support and unlimited bandwidth along with thousands of IPs to choose from, VPN services are the only answer to the increasing problems of hack attacks.

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Feedback about the Services of DotVPN

We are not throwing allegations at DotVPN, instead we are providing our readers with the evidences that their services are not reliable. We have taken some screenshots from the official Opera add-on page and Google Chrome’s webstore, sharing them with you to give you a better idea of what they serve you with.

Feedback about the Services of DotVPN

We have embedded some tweets for you as well regarding the complaints that people had with DotVPN and its services. Check them out.

Where the Headquarters of DotVPN are based?

Now comes our favorite part, the headquarters of DotVPN. Though it claims to be a proxy plug-in service based in Hong Kong, our research results suggest otherwise. Do you remember reading the part where we told you how DotVPN can “comply” with the orders of Hong Kong’s courts?

Well, what if we tell you that it is not even based in Hong Kong? That’s right, as per our research their service is actually based in Germany. And one of their DNS servers is based in a country where the online activities of the users are heavily monitored.

Can I go Completely Anonymous with DotVPN?

No you cannot. DotVPN claims that it encrypts your “browsing” data only; hence, you are still virtually visible to hackers and malware. So if you are using it for the sole purpose of getting acquainted with anonymity, please think twice before you make any decision.

Will it Always Remain Free for the Users?

Yes it will be. But it is very clearly stated on its website that the service will be downgraded after some time in order to push the user to go for its premium services. In some cases, the users have reported the services going down just within a week. What’s the point of using a proxy-VPN service that works on low speeds with minimal or no encryption at all?

What does DotVPN Say about Putting Your Data Online?

We really wanted to give DotVPN a margin of error, but when it comes to online security you can’t just compromise on one of the security tools. Can you? It’s like you know there are burglars in your neighbor’s house and you leave the door open for them.

Even though DotVPN for Chrome and DotVPN for Opera claim to provide maximum security to their users, they also make use of ambiguous phrases in their FAQs. We have taken an excerpt from the FAQs that define their encryption policy and tell how the hackers can make use of latest technologies to smash it.

What does DotVPN Say

Would you want to use a proxy plug-in that is unsure of its services? Would you risk your online privacy just for the sake of “accessing” a blocked website? If yes, then you may try their services, but if you also fear what we fear the most – cybercriminals, we advise you to stay away from it.


To be fair to DotVPN, they are only a proxy server. And a proxy server gives you access to the blocked websites and content only, it doesn’t encrypt your data. Even though it claims to do so, we highly doubt it. Because the information shared on its website does not tell the whole story.

On the other hand, the VPN services make sure your data is safe while they provide you the access to your desired websites and servers.

We have done what we could do to help you, now the rest is up to you.

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