Deluge vs. uTorrent: Which is the Best Torrent Client?

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War for the best bittorrent client has been raging on for years. With numerous options at your disposal, it can be hard to pick the best. Today, we will be taking a close look at Deluge vs. uTorrent. Deluge is a customizable torrenting client whereas uTorrent is a lightweight BitTorrent software. If you compare Deluge vs. uTorrent in detail, you will find various differences between the two clients.

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Major Differences between Deluge vs. uTorrent

Deluge is an open source software that has been developed through a client server architecture. Furthermore, Deluge client can be used as a service in the background. By doing so, you are able to run Deluge on a remote system just like a headless server. In addition, you can control it through Deluge on your desktop as well. However, Deluge will act just like a usual desktop application by default.

Deluge vs. uTorrent

On the other hand, if you observe the mechanism of uTorrent in detail, uTorrent has advantages over the other BitTorrent clients. It starts downloading even when the number of seeders and connections are less. In addition, uTorrent is cross platform, free to use, and offers interesting features. The worst part about uTorrent is that it is cramped with advertisements. This makes Deluge more lightweight and fast torrenting client. If you check downloading speeds of Deluge vs. uTorrent, you are likely to find different results.

Deluge vs. uTorrent 2017

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What Reddit says about Deluge vs. uTorrent?

Reddit is one of the most popular social platforms where millions of users discuss different aspects and issues with others. According to different redittor’s viewpoint, both Deluge and uTorrent have pros and cons over each other. Here is a response of one redditor about uTorrent:


On the contrary, some redditor prefers Deluge over other torrenting clients:



Therefore, it depends on users how they use torrenting clients like Deluge and uTorrent in their own favor. Since both torrenting clients offer advantages of their own, you can select the one that best suits your needs. For instance, Deluge is simple and quite faster than uTorrent.

What Twitter says about Deluge vs. uTorrent?

Twitter is another social media platform where problems and opinions are continuously discussed among various users from all around the world. You can see comments and suggestions from users those who are using Deluge and uTorrent.



While uTorrent has enough followers on Twitter too, look at the response of one user about uTorrent below:


Here is another response of one user about deluge on Twitter:




Can I Use Deluge on Mac?

What makes this torrenting client different from the others is its small size and low system usage. Through its clean user interface and much improved functionality, Deluge has made a successful mark in the torrenting industry. Furthermore, it also supports different plugins that are crucial in taking its functionality to the next level. All these features makes Deluge a great choice and can be easily termed as the best BitTorrent client for your Mac devices.

Should you Use uTorrent on Mac?

uTorrent was one of the finest torrenting clients since it offers great features. However, the developers of uTorrent have included different installation files in its latest version. Furthermore, your homepage and search engines are changed to Yahoo as well. You will also find different extensions that include:

  • Spigot Toolbar
  • SearchMe in Safari
  • Amazon, Domain Error Assistant, eBay Shopping Assistant

After the arrival of some innovative and exciting torrenting clients, uTorrent has lost its reputation. Since, all these unwanted files and extensions can become troublesome for your Mac.

Should you Use uTorrent on Mac

Final Thoughts

If you compare both Deluge vs. uTorrent, you may find various differences in terms of speeds, functionality and added features. However, users prefer to use both torrenting clients for different reasons. The comparison between Deluge and uTorrent suggests uTorrent is getting tough competition from Deluge.

It also provides more features and peace of mind to users as compared to uTorrent. We would recommend Deluge on your Mac device as uTorrent is embedded with numerous unnecessary extensions that can harm the performance of your Mac device to certain degree.

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