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The Netball Superleague (NSL) is set to light up the court with an electrifying match between Thunder and Storm. To bypass geo-restrictions and watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports, ExpressVPN emerges as the ultimate solution due to its reliability, speed, and security, ensuring you won’t miss out on the action, making it the best VPN for accessing Sky Sports abroad.

Sky Sports is synonymous with premier sports broadcasting, providing comprehensive coverage of the NSL, among other major sports events. Yet, its accessibility is limited to the UK due to limited licensing agreements. This is where ExpressVPN plays a crucial role, enabling fans to connect to UK servers, bypassing geographical restrictions, and unlocking the Sky Sports in Germany.

The Thunder vs Storm matchup is more than just a game; it’s a showcase of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship in the NSL. To ensure that you’re part of the global audience witnessing every goal and defensive play live on Sky Sports, ExpressVPN provides the key to overcoming geo-blocks.

Get ready to support your team and immerse yourself in the thrilling netball world with ExpressVPN, your gateway to watching the Netball Super League 2024 in Germany on Sky Sports.

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Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports [Quick Steps]

Follow these quick steps to watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports.

  1. Get a reliable VPN subscription (I suggest using ExpressVPN).
  2. Make sure the UK server is connected.
  3. Visit Sky Sports and provide the necessary information.
  4. Search and watch Thunder vs Storm Fixtures on Sky Sports in Germany.

Where to Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany?

For fans eager to watch the exciting Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany, Sky Sports provides live coverage. However, for those facing geo-restrictions, gaining access to Sky Sports can be achieved with ExpressVPN, ensuring they don’t miss any game moment.

To ensure uninterrupted streaming of the match in Germany other than the Germany, utilizing ExpressVPN is crucial. It enables you to connect to a UK server, granting you access to your Sky Sports subscription plan while bypassing geographical restrictions.

So, to get started, link your Sky Sports subscription with ExpressVPN and watch Betfred Super League Week 5 Fixtures in Germany on Sky Sports.

ExpressVPN facilitates watching the Thunder vs Storm NSL from any location in Germany, offering comprehensive coverage of the games. If you’re considering canceling your subscription, the process is straightforward and can be done online.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports?

You need a VPN to watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports because the platform is geo-restricted.

Sky Sports is a UK streaming platform, and its licensing agreement denies its access in to the Germany. Nevertheless, you can get a UK IP address and thus stream Sky Sports as a UK citizen even though you are away from the UK region.

If you use an efficient VPN, ExpressVPN provides good streaming, allowing you to watch Premier League Darts Nottingham in Germany on Sky Sports while protecting your privacy.

Free VPN for Sky Sports advertises their service as safe access but often has data privacy issues.

What is the Netball Super League?

The Netball Super League (NSL) is the leading netball competition in the UK. Its top teams from England, Wales, and Scotland are battling it on the pitch.

Founded in 2005, the league hosts tough matches throughout the season interspersed with riveting playoffs, which ultimately decide the winner.

How Does Netball Super League Format Work?

The NSL consists of 10 clubs participating in 18 rounds with home and away fixtures. Victories yield 3 points, draws – 1, and losses count for none.

In the playoffs, the best of the season teams will face off in the semi-finals, with the winners proceeding to the final clash in a nail-biting Grand Final to crown the NSL winner for the year.

Thunder vs Storm NSL Starting Time in Germany

Don’t miss the epic clash between Thunder and Storm in the NSL on 15th March 2024 at 20:30:00 (UTC+1) Germany local time! Tune on Sky Sports to witness the quick Netball matches.

Where Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4 is Happening?

The battle lines are drawn at Belle Vue Arena this Friday, March 15th, at 7:30 in UK time; Thunder will meet Storm in an entertaining NSL clash. Don’t miss it live on Sky Sports!

London Thunder vs Storm Lightning NSL Round 4 Squads

Following are the Stars vs Thunder Players:

Stars NSL 2024 Squad Thunder NSL 2024 Squad
Rebekah Airey Kerry Almond
Sigi Burger Josie Huckle
Jasmine Brown Ella Bowen
Betsy Creak Shadine van der Merwe
Niamh Cooper Taylor McKevitt
Ashleigh Dekker Imogen Allison
Suzie Liverseidge Amy Carter
Gabby Marshall Natalie Metcalf
Ella Powell-Davies Lois Pearson
Lefébre Rademan Paige Reed
Jess Shaw Anya Williams
Jo Trip Elmere van der Bery

Can I Stream Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4 Live?

Yes, you can watch Thunder vs Storm Fixtures live on Sky Sports in the UK.

People not in those regions can also use ExpressVPN to unblock these platforms that allow them to obtain the content.

Can I Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4 for Free?

No, it is not possible to have free trials for a Sports Month Membership as it involves no free watching of Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4. Nevertheless, another possibility should not be excluded.

You can opt for a Sports Day Membership offered at £11.99. This gets activated as soon as you start to view and immediately terminates after 24 hours.

Thunder vs Storm NSL Head-to-Head Stats

Following are the Thunder vs Storm stats:

Date Loser Score Winner Score League
19.05.23 Severn Stars 51 Manchester 74 SL
19.03.23 Manchester 63 Severn Stars 56 SL
09.04.22 Severn Stars 53 Manchester 78 SL
06.02.22 Severn Stars 70 Manchester 45 SL
29.05.21 Severn Stars 43 Manchester 55 SL

What is the Ticket Price of Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4?

Thunder vs Storm ticket prices are published online. The standard cost for children, concessions, and students is £6.50, which increases to £13.00 for the rest of the tickets (including the booking fee).

How to Buy a Ticket for Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4?

You can buy Thunder vs Storm tickets from the Belle Vue website.

They may have a ticketing area or links to authorized vendors. Even though it is not, the site of NSL might have a “Partners” page that lists all the authorized vendors.

What are the Predictions for London Thunder vs Storm Lightning?

The Thunder vs Storm prediction is more inclined toward Thunder winning the match due to their past track record.

Nevertheless, each game has its specifics, and the result may change depending on the team’s performance and dynamics in play.

Netball Super League 2024 Schedule

Following is the Netball Super League 2024 schedule for March:

Round Date Home/Away Team Venue Time Result
Round One 17 FEB Severn Stars vs Leeds Rhinos Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham 57-41
17 FEB Loughborough Lightning vs Surrey Storm Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham 63-50
17 FEB Strathclyde Sirens vs Team Bath Netball Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham 49-53
17 FEB London Pulse vs Manchester Thunder Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham 40-56
17 FEB Cardiff Dragons vs Saracens Mavericks Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham 48-48
Round Two 23 FEB Cardiff Dragons vs Manchester Thunder House of Sport, Cardiff 52-63
24 FEB Saracens Mavericks vs Leeds Rhinos Hertfordshire Sports Village 53-44
24 FEB Surrey Storm vs London Pulse Surrey Sports Park 46-62
24 FEB Severn Stars vs Strathclyde Sirens University of Worcester Arena 67-38
24 FEB Loughborough Lightning vs Team Bath Netball Sir David Wallace Arena 83-46
Round Three 1 MAR Team Bath Netball vs Severn Stars Team Bath Arena 19:30 72-44
2 MAR Leeds Rhinos vs Cardiff Dragons Canon Medical Arena, Sheffield 15:00 54-55
2 MAR Manchester Thunder vs Strathclyde Sirens Belle Vue Arena 17:00 81-41
2 MAR Surrey Storm vs Saracens Mavericks Surrey Sports Park 18:00 59-48
2 MAR London Pulse vs Loughborough Lightning Copper Box Arena 19:00 53-52
Round Four 8 MAR Severn Stars vs Manchester Thunder University of Worcester Arena 19:30 50-56
8 MAR Team Bath Netball vs London Pulse Team Bath Arena 19:30 43-76
9 MAR Leeds Rhinos vs Strathclyde Sirens University of Huddersfield 15:00 73-34
9 MAR Surrey Storm vs Cardiff Dragons Surrey Sports Park 18:00 63-56
10 MAR Saracens Mavericks vs Loughborough Lightning Hertfordshire Sports Village 16:00 46-66
Round Five 15 MAR Strathclyde Sirens vs Cardiff Dragons Sports Halls, Emirates 19:30 49-58
15 MAR Team Bath Netball vs Saracens Mavericks Team Bath Arena 19:30 48-60
15 MAR Manchester Thunder vs Surrey Storm Belle Vue Arena 19:30 75-44
16 MAR Loughborough Lightning vs Leeds Rhinos Sir David Wallace Arena 18:00 71-55
16 MAR London Pulse vs Severn Stars Copper Box Arena 19:00 47-54
Round Six 22 MAR Leeds Rhinos vs London Pulse Allam Sports Centre, Hull 19:30
23 MAR Strathclyde Sirens vs Saracens Mavericks Sports Halls, Emirates 14:00
23 MAR Cardiff Dragons vs Severn Stars House of Sport, Cardiff 17:00
23 MAR Manchester Thunder vs Loughborough Lightning Belle Vue Arena 17:00
23 MAR Surrey Storm vs Team Bath Netball Surrey Sports Park 18:00
Round Seven 29 MAR Saracens Mavericks vs Severn Stars Hertfordshire Sports Village 16:00
29 MAR Strathclyde Sirens vs Loughborough Lightning Sports Halls, Emirates 19:30
29 MAR Leeds Rhinos vs Surrey Storm Sheffield EIS 19:30
30 MAR Cardiff Dragons vs London Pulse House of Sport, Cardiff 17:00
30 MAR Manchester Thunder vs Team Bath Netball Belle Vue Arena 17:00

What is the Prize Money for Round 4 Match Winner?

The NSL does not disclose specific prize totals for individual round winners, including Round 4.

Trophies are for overall achievements such as the standing and finals. For more information on prize money please get in touch with the NSL communications department or reach out to the league.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 3 in Germany on Sky Sports?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Sky Sports to watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports because of its unique and robust network speed that is not only beneficial for streaming content but also supports high-bandwidth activities across a network. In addition, it gives privacy and security to top-level and advanced.

Continue reading to learn more about ExpressVPN’s attributes:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports

ExpressVPN employs more than 3000 servers in 105 countries, with a strong presence in the UK. This will ensure hassle-free access to Sky Sports, enabling you to enjoy the Netball Super League 2024 without any interruptions.


Watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports with ExpressVPN!

For me, privacy is essential, and Express VPN takes it to another level by implementing features like split-tunneling, OpenVPN, TrustedServer technology, and Lightway protocols. The strict no-logs policy guarantees that my online data remains anonymous.

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer’s private DNS function is something I love because it enables VPN on devices that do not have VPN compatibility by default due to some restrictions. I connected my device to its London server for secure streaming to watch Fulham vs Tottenham Hotspur in Germany on Sky Sports.

Additionally, ExpressVPN only provides access to my Sky Sports channel and other platforms such as Disney Plus, YouTube TV, ESPN Plus, TNT Sports, Paramount Plus, Discovery Plus, beIN Sports, and Peacock, all on over 8 devices.

ExpressVPN is EUR 6.2/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. Not only that, but it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 chat help.

Thunder vs Storm NSL

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Loughborough Lightning is the current winner of the Netball Super League.

The way the NSL works makes Stars and Thunder opponents to all teams, but the contenders like Manchester Thunder or Loughborough Lightning could be considered the strongest rivals.

Predicting a single “most capable” team is difficult, but the Loughborough Lightning and the Manchester Thunder have traditionally been seen as favorites in the NSL.

Thunder vs Storm will be shown on Sky Sports tonight.

Yes, you can watch Thunder vs Storm NSL Round 4 in Germany using ExpressVPN.

Wrapping Up

In my opinion, ExpressVPN is the best VPN choice to watch Thunder vs Storm NSL in Germany on Sky Sports.

Its reliable connections and fast speeds provide a smooth live streaming experience, thus making it my number one choice to watch all the netball happenings without any buffering.

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