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watch-Urawa-Red-Diamonds-vs-Al-Hilal-on-paramount-plus-in Germany

The Asian Champion League is swinging in full mode, and those of you who are supporting teams from Japan and Saudi Arabia can now watch Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal on Paramount Plus in Germany.

This championship dates to the year 1967 and has various countries like Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Australia, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, India, Oman, Qatar, etc., participate in this league as spread across Asia.

All the football fans, especially the ones residing in Germany can now watch this game on Paramount Plus, which won’t let you any part of the Al Hilal vs Urawa Reds live game on 6th May 2023 at 09:00 UTC at Saitama Stadium 2002.

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Let’s scroll down and look at how to watch the Al Hilal vs Urawa live stream on our personal devices.

How to Watch Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal on Paramount Plus in Germany  – Quick Steps

Normally, this would be a rich-text module if you were to use any other method, but luckily, we now have access to the best VPN service for the Paramount Plus platform! Let’s dive straight into the required steps!

  • Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.
  • Connect to any server in the US to access Paramount (We Recommend: New York).
  • Open the Paramount Plus website or its application.
  • Search for ‘AFC Champions League paramount plus ‘and enjoy the game!

 Where can I watch Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal?

You can watch Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal on Paramount Plus in Germany with the spectacular ExpressVPN but if you have other options available, then you should know that M Plus Live and OneFootball are also going to stream it on their channels.

Check the Ai Hilal and Reds scores live, and learn more about the results, video, highlights, and Gameday and AFC champions league predictions. Subscribe to ExpressVPN to watch the show in Germany.

When is Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal Coming on Paramount Plus?

You are wondering how to watch Al Hilal vs Urawa 2nd Leg? We just gave you the answer. The 1st leg and the Al Hilal vs Urawa live-streaming 2nd Leg will be available exclusively on Paramount Plus on 6th May.

So don’t forget to tune in on the game at exactly 9.00 am UTC.

When Will Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal match Start?

This season, the 2nd match between these teams is set to start rolling at 9.00 am UTC.

Where is  Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal match being held?

It will be held at Saitama Stadium 2002 stadium, Saitama City, Japan. The game will be held at the Urawa Red Diamond’s home stadium, which would definitely prove high morale for the national team.

However, it could be challenging for Al-Hilal to perform amidst a Japanese crowd all cheering for their country’s team.

What is the Prediction for  Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal match?

Ever since their first game in 2007, both teams have scored against each other numerous times. Let’s look at the previous games to predict the AFC champions league.

  • 2007, both teams scored 2-2 and made it a draw leading to the semi-finals. However, Urawa Red Diamonds took the first and only goal in the 1st leg.
  • 2017, a decade later, both teams faced each other again, with Al-Hilal winning the 1st leg in their home country and scoring 2-1 during the second leg in Japan.
  • 2018, another year passes by, and both the teams play with dedication and make it to a draw of 1-1 in Japan during the 1st leg, but soon after the 2nd leg is over, Al Hilal is seen winning the second round with a score of 2-0.
  • In 2020, Al-Hilal won this game as well.

Based on these two teams’ performance records, Al-hilal has been on the upper end of the game when playing against Urawa Red Diamonds. However, after the draw in Riyadh last week, the predicted lineup is discussed as 1-1.

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Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal


Even though AL-Hilal has won 4 championship leagues of the AFC, their biggest victory against the Urawa Red Diamonds was a score of 2-0 in 2018.

The Al-Hilal FC club was founded in 2019, and it was recently uncovered that the team is now owned by Abdullah bin Musa’ad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Being a Saudi team, one can guess that this team must be worth millions, and to be exact on the numbers, it is a whopping $71.76 million! If you look at it closely, just two of the team members must be worth 8 figures at least.

Wrap up!

And that’s all the information you might need to watch Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Al Hilal on Paramount Plus in Germany. We hope that all the soccer fans got found the perfect pathway to enjoy all their favorite games along with tv shows and movies on Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN.

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