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Don’t miss out on the highly anticipated UCL semi-final and watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream Semi final leg 2 in Germany on HBO. You can catch all the live action on May 16, by streaming it on HBO Max with ExpressVPN.

This upcoming match-up promises to be an exciting one, with both AC Milan and Inter Milan bringing their A-game. Both of the teams are highly competitive, with a longstanding history of intense and highly competitive matches. Known as the Milan derby, the two teams have faced each other on numerous occasions, with Inter Milan currently holding the bragging rights for the most wins.

The opening leg, between AC Milan vs Inter Milan, took place on May 10, 2023. Inter Milan beat AC Milan 2-0 in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semifinal. On May 16, 2023, Leg 2 of the AC and Inter Mila Match will be held at the same stadium, the San Siro. Using the best VPN for HBO Max, watch Milan vs. Inter in the Champions League Derby della Madonnina live without missing a single second.

As HBO Max is geo-restricted in Germany, a primary VPN provider is needed to unblock the streaming platform. A VPN service will switch your web address and provide you with a fake one to watch HBO Max in Germany. Thus, for the best

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This blog will teach you an easy step to step process on how to watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream semi final in Germany on HBO and discuss semi-final dates of world cup and which is the best VPN for streaming service.

How to Watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream Semi Final Leg 2 in Germany on HBO Max [ Easy Steps]

You will require a reliable VPN for HBO Max to watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream semi final leg 2 in Germany on HBO Max. You can follow these easy steps to watch Milan vs Inter Milan 2023.

  • Purchase a premium VPN service subscription. (Recommended: ExpressVPN)
  • Download the VPN software on the device.
  • Link the device with a dedicated US server. (Recommended: New York)
  • Visit the HBO Max website or install the HBO Max application.
  • You can now enjoy watching Milan vs Inter Milan.

Where Can I Watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final Leg 2 Live Stream in Germany?

The live Inter vs Milan streaming will be broadcasted on HBO Max. The soccer game featuring AC Milan vs Inter Milan will also be shown on various sports channels, including HBO Max, Eursports, and Fox Sports. However, due to its reliability and affordability, we recommend using HBO Max as the preferred method of watching the game.

To access HBO Max from in Germany, a VPN service is necessary, which can substitute the user’s local web address with one provided by the VPN server to access the restricted content.

To watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream semi final leg 2 in Germany on HBO Max, we strongly suggest using ExpressVPN, a reliable VPN service. It is important to have a fast and stable internet connection to ensure that there are no buffering or streaming issues while watching the match. Watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan today at HBO Max on Roku seamlessly.

When AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final Leg 2 will start?

The upcoming semi final of Champions League leg 1 2023 was aired on May 10 between Inter Milan and AC Milan and leg 2 will be aired on May 16. The UCL semi final will be available for live streaming on HBO Max. You can watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream semi final leg 2 in Germany on HBO Max with ExpressVPN’s reliable services.

Where is AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final Leg 2 being held?

The forthcoming Milan vs Inter Milan semi final leg 2 will be played at Stadio San Siro on Tuesday, May 16. The Stadio San Siro football stadium is situated in the San Siro state of Milan. This San Siro stadium can fit around 75,817 people at once. Both Milan and Inter Milan teams will be playing on their home grounds.

You can watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream semi final leg 2 in Germany on HBO Max on Firestick and other devices.

How Can I buy AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Semi Final Leg 2 Tickets?

As the Semi Final date is approaching closer, fans may be looking for an easy way to get AC Milan vs Inter Milan tickets. You can get the best of AC Milan vs Inter Milan tickets price at Nerazzurri or at the Footballticketnet website.

Wondering, can I buy AC Milan tickets at the stadium? Chances are very low that the tickets will be available for sale at the stadium; most of the seatings will be booked early. It is better to book your tickets online.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan Squad for Semi Final Second Leg

AC Milan predicted squad for Second Leg.

Maignan (GK), Hernandez, Calabria, Krunic, Tomori, Kjaer, Tonali, Leao, Diaz, Bennacer, and Giroud

Inter Milan predicted squad for Second Leg.

Onana (GK), Darmian, Dumfries, Barella, Acerbi, Bastoni, Brozovic, Mkhitaryan, Martinez, Dimarco, and Dzeko

What is the Prediction for AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final Leg 2?

After eliminating one Italian team, AC Milan have gone into the match with a slight advantage over their rivals, Inter Milan. However, Inter Milan was not an easy opponent to defeat. Inter Milan already achieved victory against AC Milan in Leg 1 with scores of 2-0, highlighting their strengths.

On the other hand, Inter Milan has won three consecutive games, showcasing their current form. Therefore, we predict a closely contested match and anticipate our AC Milan vs Inter Milan prediction to be a draw between these two Serie A sides in the Second leg.

Here is our AC Milan vs Inter Milan results:

  • Inter Milan won 1-0 against AC Milan
  • Inter Milan won 3-0 against AC Milan
  • AC Milan won 3-2 against Inter Milan
  • Inter Milan won 2-0 against AC Milan

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final leg 2 Live Stream in Germany on HBO Max?

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What is UEFA Champions League Schedule 2023?

The UEFA Champions League is widely regarded as one of the most reputable football competitions globally, showcasing some of the finest club teams from Europe. The tournament commences with the qualifying rounds in late June or early July and concludes with the final match in late May or early June of the following year.

The tournament schedule usually consists of six matchdays for the group stage, followed by knockout rounds that include the Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, and the Final. Each club team strives to progress through each stage, with the knockout rounds being a particularly intense and exciting stage of the tournament. So don’t miss out any of the match. Use ExpressVPN to unblock HBO Max and enjoy your league with crunchy popcorn and a chilled drink.

Semi Final Leg 1

Real Madrid vs Man City – Tuesday, May May 9.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan – Wednesday, May May 10.

Semi Final Leg 2

Real Madrid vs Man City – Tuesday, May May 16.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan – Tuesday, May May 16.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan Head-to-Head Results

When it comes to Inter vs Milan head-to-head all time, Inter Milan has established itself as the dominant force with 80 victories to their name, compared to AC Milan’s 71. However, the fierce rivalry between these two teams has resulted in a total of 67 draws, highlighting how closely contested their matches have been throughout history.

Despite Inter Milan’s current lead in terms of victories, AC Milan has the potential to narrow the gap in the near future, which could lead to a shift in the balance of power between these two historic clubs. Overall, the AC Milan vs Inter Milan results indicate that this pair is a highly anticipated match-up in the football world, featuring intense competition and a rich history of closely contested battles.

What is UEFA Champions League 2023 Standings?

The UEFA Champions League is an annual competition of football for Europe’s elite football clubs organized with the help of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The competition is one of the world’s most prestigious and popular football competitions, attracting millions of fans from all over the world.

Because champions league 2023 team matches are played in the form of groups, the champions league stats and UEFA champions league results are displayed in a group format. The current rankings of champions league teams are listed below based on the matches played according to the champions league 2023 schedule.

Group A:

  1. Bayern Munich – 15 points
  2. Atletico Madrid – 10 points
  3. FC Porto – 7 points
  4. AC Milan – 4 points

Group B:

  1. Paris Saint-Germain – 13 points
  2. Liverpool – 12 points
  3. Borussia Dortmund – 6 points
  4. Shakhtar Donetsk – 2 points

Group C:

  1. Manchester City – 16 points
  2. Ajax – 9 points
  3. RB Leipzig – 6 points
  4. Club Brugge – 1 point

Group D:

  1. Real Madrid – 14 points
  2. Inter Milan – 10 points
  3. Benfica – 7 points
  4. Dynamo Kyiv – 0 points

Who is the highest goal scorer Champions League 2023?

Erring Haaland and Mohamed Salah are the highest goals scorer in Champions league 2023. Which are then followed by Kylan Mbappe and Vincius Junior.

Highlights of AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final First Leg

AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream


Yes, HBO Max is a licensed broadcaster for live streaming of Champions League 2023.

No, because HBO Max is a subscription-based streaming service. You cannot stream AC Milan vs Inter Milan Semi Final Leg 2 for free

The upcoming football season will determine who wins the Ballon d’Or in 2023. Lionel Messi is expected to be the overwhelming favorite to win the Ballon d’Or in 2022.

Lionel Messi has three Champions League titles to his name. Lionel Messi played with Barcelona until 2021, playing his whole professional career there. He set a record by earning 34 trophies during his stay there, including ten La Liga crowns, seven titles for Copa del Rey, and three UEFA Champions Leagues.

Throughout the 21st century, Inter has been the more successful team in terms of trophies won compared to AC Milan. AC Milan has secured two league titles, one cup, and two Champions League trophies, while Inter won five league titles, four cups, and one Champions League trophy in 2010.

The 2023 UEFA Champions League final will be held on Saturday, June 10, 2023, in Istanbul’s Atatürk Olympic Stadium.

Wrapping Up

The highly anticipated Champions League semi-final match between AC Milan vs Inter Milan Leg 2 is now available for streaming on HBO Max, allowing fans to enjoy the heated clash between two of the best teams in the world from the comfort of their own homes. With ExpressVPN, fans can enjoy uninterrupted access to this thrilling match-up without any restrictions.

As, due to HBO Max’s geo-restrictions in Germany, viewers will need to use a reliable VPN service to unblock the streaming platform. To ensure a seamless viewing experience, we recommend ExpressVPN to watch AC Milan vs Inter Milan Live Stream semi-final Leg 2 in Germany on HBO Max.