Data Retention Bill Passes in France, Say Goodbye to Privacy

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The French Parliament has passed a controversial bill regarding the Data Retention that will seriously put the users’ privacy in jeopardy. The said law was already under discussions after the tragic incident of Charlie Hebdo, it has now been confirmed that it has got the official nod from the parliamentarians of France.

It is being said that France was the only Western country left that was regulating without a definite framework for collecting the information to facilitate the intelligence agencies. Under the proposed rules of surveillance, the ISPs and other agencies will now be recording each and every activity of yours for investigation.

The cellular companies will also be asked to provide the details and records of your phone calls, text messages, usage of internet and other services. We say the bill was passed in a controversial manner because out of 577 parliamentarians, only 30 voted for the bill.

25 parliamentarians voted in favor of the bill, while a minority of 5 voted against the bill. Absence of 540 parliamentarians indicate that majority of them wanted the bill to pass, but did not want to vote to avoid any drama. This is one of the rarest occasions where the ruling and opposition parties are in favor for the Data Retention Law to fight the threats of terrorism after the Charlie Hebdo incident.

There has been a surge in the searches for VPN for France, indicating that the users have finally decided to stand up for their basic rights of complete internet freedom.

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