Cyber Monday v/s Black Friday – The Epic Battle

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November is the dream month for anyone who loves shopping! People go out and camp before the doors of Black Friday sales are opened before them. Similarly, tech-geeks those who dread the idea of going out also rest their fingers before they finally make’em work hard on their laptops and computers on the Cyber Monday.

We have often wondered which is better than the other – Black Friday or the Cyber Monday? This is a debate that will, forever, remain controversial because people who like to go out will favor Black Friday while those who don’t, will back the Cyber Monday. Therefore, we decided to review the pros and cons of both.


Pros of Black Friday

Once you realize the week of Black Friday has already started.

Only the idea of Black Friday will give you adrenaline rush.

If you are a fan of camping, this is one thing you are guaranteed to enjoy.

You will mock your fellow shoppers by showing off like a total douche after laying your hands on your favorite product.


Cons of Black Friday

When some random girl or guy lays his hand on your favorite product before you.

Even worse, when he or she gets two while you get none.

Soon you will be fighting for your survival.

But eventually you will realize…

Pros of Cyber Monday

Only Monday morning where you won’t need a cuppa coffee to bring you to your feet!

Opening your laptop would feel like…

When you are presented with thousands of products to choose from.

Your face when you have successfully purchased your favorite product online!

Cons of Cyber Monday

When you realize the shopping feast has come to an end, for now, with Cyber Monday.

Even worse, you have to go to work.

You try your best to cope up with the rest of the workdays, but fail miserably.

You eventually succumb to the pressure.

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