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The People’s Republic of China owns the most complex and aggressive internet censorship laws in the whole world. The internet control in China began in 1998 when the ruling Communist Party commenced a “Golden Shield Project” which blocked all foreign websites containing information against the state’s interest. Fortunately, Chinese users can overcome the barrier of restrictions and access internet with complete online freedom by using a China VPN.

The Wired magazine titled the mass censorship project as “The Great Firewall of China” (GFW) in 1998. Today, nearly 18,000 websites and services are blocked in China including top global sites such as Facebook, Google, Bing, SoundCloud, Instagram and more. This has left users with most frustrating experience as they cannot access their favorite sites from PC and other devices.

Despite rigorous censorship measures a China VPN for PC has fortunately proven to overcome the imposed geo-restrictions successfully. With a range of overseas VPN servers and robust mix of encryption tunneling protocols, following VPN services will help you bypass the geo-restrictions and allow you to access unlimited blocked sites and services hassle free from within China.

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Best China VPN for PC for Accessing Geo-Blocked Sites

The Great Firewall of China aims to regulate and monitor all the network traffic that passes through the China’s public server. To get around with this, a VPN in the first place masks your IP address with an overseas server like one in US.

This allows you to access internet in the same way like a person residing in the United States. Once connected to a China VPN, you can enjoy accessing almost any geo-blocked site including Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Youtube, Channel 7, BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram and more. Still there are workarounds that help you gain access to geo-blocked websites in China and in any other country. A VPN for Netflix would help you watch Netflix shows and movies in China, similarly a BBC iPlayer VPN would allow you to gain access to a UK server and therefore help you watch its content in China and anywhere in the world.

However, choosing a best China VPN for PC can be a tough decision. A VPN service that performs well in one country can give a hard time to access even a site like Google in China. This is due to various network filtering techniques used by the GFW.



A user reported on Twitter about the slow VPN connection. However, this can be overcome through a VPN with servers located near China. Fortunately, the providers mentioned in this guide offer servers in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. They will give you an amazingly fast, stable, reliable and secure connection to watch HD videos, TV shows, movies and other censored content on your PC from China.

Best Free VPN for PC in China

There are plenty of VPN providers who offer free services in China. However, according to security experts, these free VPN services don’t provide strong encryption nor the most secure tunneling protocols to achieve a top-notch level of security.

These services may unblock a site for you, but you can’t expect to stream music or HD videos with such services. If you want to enjoy the best free VPN for PC in China, then you may go for one of the VPN mentioned above services. They offer a free trial and 30-day money back guarantee.

Final Words

The Golden Shield Project has not only blocked websites but also the circumvention tools including VPN. In the starting of 2014, users reported about their VPN services getting blocked. This was a result of Deep Packet Inspection technology used by the Great Firewall. But, no matter how advance the censorship mechanism becomes, the VPN services mentioned in this guide continuously find ways to bypass the imposed restrictions and filters that are set by GFW.

Surprisingly, the Government of China has never outlawed the use of VPN service. Moreover, not a single case has been reported about the prosecution of a VPN user. This means the worst that can happen for using a VPN is that your request to the restricted site may be denied and nothing else.

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