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Are you facing restrictions to access iTunes Movies, iBooks and other Apple’s services on your Mac from within China? Do you wish to evade the geo-restrictions and get the most out of your Mac OS X? Fortunately, now you can say goodbye to the long run censorship and restriction barriers and unblock almost every blocked sites and service by using a China VPN for Mac.

Since the last two decades, the internet has been a subject of ultimate censorship in China. Around 18,000 websites are banned from accessing from within China including top 100 global sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google and many more. The is because Chinese Government spares no chance to block any website, service, search engine, keyword and even security tool that go against the state’s interest.

So how exactly can you get away with the censorship in China?

To get around with the geo-restrictions, netizens find China VPN to be the most reliable and safest solution out there. However, not all VPN providers work in China. The great firewall uses most advanced and extensive technology to track, detect and block evasion tools. However, individual testing and user reviews suggest the following China VPN for Mac. With enhanced packet forwarding technique, these VPN services have proven to be successful in circumventing the great firewall.

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$2.88 Per Month
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$2.75 Per Month
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$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
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$6.67 Per Month

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Why Do You Need a China VPN for Mac?

The perks of using a China VPN for Mac are limitless. Here’re some of the top advantages of using a best China VPN for Mac:


If you are traveling to the Mainland China, then you should be ready to face unavailability of traditional social networks, new sites, blog spots, on-demand entertainment services and much more. However, a China VPN for Mac masks your real IP address with one that belongs to an overseas server. This allows you to instantly access Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Channel 7, Nine Network, BBC iPlayer and more blocked sites from within China. You can always unblock BBC iPlayer with a VPN and access to its unlimited content in any country including China.

State-of-the-art Online Protection

According to an exclusive report by “Reporters Without Borders” different state surveillance agencies track and monitor each and every online activity of users. This includes intercepting the electronic communication of innocent users as well. While NSA, NCA and FBI spy on users, a VPN for China restores the data privacy of netizens by making them anonymous to almost any person on earth who wishes to eavesdrop on user data privacy.

Torrenting & P2P

Torrenting or P2P (Person to Person) is an excellent medium to share files across the globe. Millions of users use torrent to share blockbuster hits, TV shows, Movies, Games, Music and more files using P2P sharing. However, due to copyright violations and piracy laws, torrenting is banned in the majority of nations including US, UK, China and more.

Fortunately, the above mentioned China VPN for Mac offers top-notch encryption tunneling protocols including L2TP/IPSec, which passes your network traffic through a secure encrypted tunnel. Moreover, your IP address is masked with one where torrenting is legal like the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Mexico. In this way, you enjoy premium online freedom without getting copyright trolls and infringement notices.

Final Words

While different surveillance agencies, cyber goons, hackers, sniffers, and intruders are discovering ways to spy on users, a VPN is an optimal solution out there for reliable protection against all cyber threats. With a China VPN on your Mac, you will not only achieve a reliable protection against the odds of the cyber world, but you will get instant access to blocked sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more from within China.