China Deploying Additional VPN Ban Policies in the Wake of Trade Shows

China Deploying Additional VPN Ban Policies in the Wake of Trade Shows

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A new wave of China VPN banning strategies are at work ahead of the major trade expo and internet conferences that are being held in the country, claims Reuters.

Prior to this, China has always been against the idea of allowing VPNs to access overseas websites that are banned by the authorities. The Great Firewall of China is an internet censorship system that regulates country’s internet and prevent users from accessing Facebook, Gmail services, Twitter, etc. It seems that this idea has excelled to a full extent in this past week.

Experts believe that deploying of additional blocks at the time of major events happening in China could be the result of a new economic policy. While many other believe that authorities are just testing new technology that block VPNs, and this could just be a wave of experiments.

Sunday Yokubaitis, the Chief Executive of Golden Frog also spoke with Reuters explaining that the Chinese authorities are monitoring their response in real time after they adopted a countermeasure. He also mentioned that Chinese censors were quick on gauging the intensity of the counter measure and blocked their service again.

The continuous changes in blocking techniques is what making it impossible for VPN services to go their app working successfully. Even ExpressVPN users are facing connectivity issues in China for the past 2 days.

Express VPN connectivity issues, today from China

Changes in blocking techniques also indicates that this is a series of VPN block experiments that are being tested for the future, bit no one really knows. The cat-and-mouse game is likely to continue for a while before its settles down.


Websites and Apps Blocked in China:



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