China Blocks Gmail and its Services at IP Level

According to Internet Analysis Firm, Dyn Research, the Great Firewall of China is now wrecking havocs on Gmail and its services. It is reported that China has had difficulties with Gmail and this banishment is the ultimate outcome of the duel between the two.

As soon as the service went down, people took to the social media and started complaining about not being able to access Gmail in China. According to, an advocate of freedom of speech in China, the service became unavailable on Friday and had the same status until Monday.

According to Mashable, Earl Zmijewski, the Vice President of Dyn Research, was quoted as saying: “There are various ways to block and filer the content in China. And I believe that blocking the IP address is one of the cruelest things to do. They have blocked the IP, therefore all the content available there has become irrelevant for us for now”.

Google’s own Transparency Report further confirmed the blockage of Gmail when it reported a huge traffic drop in China soon after Christmas. However an interesting point was made by a Google-official, who claimed that nothing was wrong at their end.

The conflict between China and Google is nothing new. Both of them have been spewing harsh remarks towards each other since June 2014. Even though many other services of Google were banned, Gmail was still accessible to the users till last week. They had been using different protocols to access it.

Many of the users and critics argue that China has done so to promote its domestic traders and businesses. Gmail is mainly used by foreign investors and blocking it in the region means, cutting off the communication with the foreign investors.

Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for Chinese Foreign Ministry, denied such allegations and claimed that she had no idea about the ban on Gmail in China. She, however, ensured a good business environment for all the foreign business investors.

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