Chelsea vs Man Utd October 20 Clash – Watch it Live

Chelsea vs Man Utd October 20 Clash – Watch it Live

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EPL arch rivals Chelsea and Man Utd are scheduled to face off against each other on October 20. The match is definitely going to be a nail-biting one for the fans and crucial for the teams as this season’s title is potentially open to a number of top-performing clubs i.e. Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea.

Chelsea vs Man Utd head to head clashes are followed with keen interest, anticipation, and excitement not only in England, but all over the world. However, viewers outside the country have limited streaming options to watch such high intensity matches live. This is where a VPN comes in to save the day and unblock geo-restricted channels for football fans on match day.

Before I present the instruction for watching the upcoming match anywhere in the world, let’s have a word on the teams and what we can expect from the match.

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Team Performance

Manchester United is going through one of the worst patches in recent history. The club has lost 3 games already out of 8, losing to West Ham, Tottenham, and Brighton. After going 4 games without a win, speculations abounded that club boss, Mourinho, would be sacked by the weekend. However, the Man Utd board gave an end to the rumors, assuring their complete support for Mourinho.

The game against Newcastle played this Saturday started off with the same nightmarish theme that the Red Devils seem to have been trapped in of late, conceding two goals in the first 10 ten minutes. However, the team admirably showed a glimpse of its true form in the 2nd half, coming back with a vengeance to seal a victory from losing 0-2 to 3-2.


Could this be the turning point for the Red Devils, putting a conclusive end to lack of victories in the past few weeks? Considering the talent in the team and the performance against Newcastle United, this could very well be case. For a definitive answer to this question, however, we have the match against Chelsea to look forward to.

Chelsea, in stark contrast to Man Utd, has yet to be defeated this season. The team is riding on the hot form of Eden Hazard who is the top scorer with 7 goals in 8 games. Chelsea is tied at 20 points with Man City and Liverpool. Chelsea’s chances EPL title chances depend on Hazard’s performances to a great extent.


Chelsea will be facing off Man Utd on the back of a resounding 0-3 victory against Southampton. As such, the team is under no dearth of confidence and morale, which is a definite edge over Man Utd, who have been shaky in the season so far.

Chelsea vs Man Utd Final Score Prediction

Chelsea has the upper hand going into the match on the back of a string of excellent performances. With a player as dangerous as Eden Hazard in top form, Man Utd’s defense will probably receive the toughest test this season so far.

Moreover, the match will be played in Stamford Bridge. The advantage thus also rests with Chelsea. All things considered, Chelsea has much better chances of securing a victory and continue their outstanding from in the league.

Score Prediction: Chelsea 3 – 1 Man Utd

How to Watch Chelsea vs Man Utd Live?

You can watch the match live on cable or through live streams. Both, however, are only available within certain regions where the broadcaster has the license to provide services in. Even if you try to visit the streaming page of the official broadcaster, you will only be granted access if you are located within the correct region.

To get around geographical restrictions, you can use a VPN service that can change your IP address as it is visible to your ISP and web servers. This allows you to pretend to be located virtually anywhere in the world and thus access content without restrictions.

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Simply take note of the steps below to watch live stream of Chelsea vs Man Utd match:

  1. Buy a VPN subscription from your preferred provider
  2. Install the VPN client on your device
  3. Open the VPN service
  4. Choose a server location where match broadcasters has official rights such as the UK
  5. Open the streaming page of the channel to watch live online

Wrapping Up

Manchester United has an opportunity to exorcize their demons and bounce back into the season by defeating Chelsea next week. The task, however, will take every bit of skill and talent to pull of successfully. Make sure you tune into the match and witness live action as it happens. You might find a VPN of great use while you’re at it!

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