Cheapest Way To Watch UFC 209 PPV Online – Get 60% Off

Published 2017-03-02 By: Ali Yousuf

2 days to go and fans are already counting… The greatest Mix Martial Arts event of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is about to rumble into T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada on March 4th, 2017. With a stacked pay-per-view, UFC 209 will feature breathtaking matches, where the reigning welterweight champion Tyron Woodley will face number one contender Stephen Thompson. Thompson had previously fought till a five-round draw at UFC 105 last year and fans are eagerly waiting to watch thrilling encounter between The Chosen One and Wonderboy at UFC 209.

While thousands of UFC enthusiasts will rush to T-Mobile stadium, millions of viewers will stream UFC 209 PPV live online. Sadly, viewers located outside of the US will be unable to watch UFC 209, as viewership of UFC is geo-restricted outside of the US. That said, in this guide we will show how you can bypass geo-restrictions and watch the fight between Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson at UFC 209 online from anywhere.

Also, we will show you how to change your digital location and save up to 60% on UFC 209 PPV. After reading this guide you will be able to watch UFC 209 Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson at cheapest PPV from anywhere in the world.


How To Watch UFC Tyron Woodley Vs Stephen Thompson at Cheap Rates

The prices for UFC 209 PPV varies from region to region. This means a person located in Philippines can get UFC 209 PPV at fairly lower price than a person in the US. Sounds interesting, right?  Interestingly, you can achieve Philippines IP address by using a VPN and subscribe to UFC 209 PPV at lowest rate from anywhere.

In addition, We checked UFC 209 PPV prices of different regions by connecting to a VPN and discovered that Philippines offers the cheapest UFC PPV ever. While US residents need to pay $59.99, Philippines’ users can get same PPV at only $18.38 (after converting 920 Pesos into USD). Thus, a VPN is the most economical and fastest method to get UFC 209 PPV at discounted rate from any destination.

Following are the surprising rates of UFC 209 PPV in different regions which we uncovered using a VPN:

 Country UFC 209 PPV Cost in USD Avail it With
United States59.99


$4.90 per month

New Zealand30.99

Step-by-Step Process to Watch UFC 209 Online with Cheapest PPV

To ease the cheap UFC 209 PPV subscription process, we have created a simple seven step process through which you can avail UFC 209 PPV at lowest possible rates. Here’s how to watch UFC 209 Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson at lower rates:

  • Choose from one of the best VPN services mentioned above
  • Make an account on VPN provider website
  • Choose a payment method and proceed by making payment
  • Download, install and launch VPN app on your device
  • Enter your username and password to login
  • After login, go to servers list and connect to Philippines server
  • Upon successful VPN connection, go to official site of UFC 209 PPV and check the new discounted PPV, as shown below:

Before Connecting to VPN:

 Cheapest way to watch ufc

After Connecting to Philippines Server of PureVPN:

 Cheapest way to watch ufc

  • Finally subscribe to new discounted UFC 209 PPV and enjoy watching exciting MMA matches from anywhere


Watch UFC 209 on Kodi / XBMC

Kodi or XBMC fanatics can enjoy watching MMA fights on their Kodi boxes, laptops, mobile phones and smart TVs. The leading-edge entertainment platform comes with various addons that give an instant access to UFC fights. We have listed the best Kodi addons below, that will allow you to watch UFC 209 PPV. However, you will need a Kodi VPN to access channels offered by these addons, as most of them are geo-restricted outside of the US.

Following are the top Kodi addons to watch UFC 209 PPV:

  • UFC Finest
  • Castaway
  • VidTime
  • UK Turk
  • Sports Devil

Note: You can download all the above specified addons from our guide best Kodi addons. Also, there’re more finest Kodi addons listed in our guide, which will add even more to your entertainment.

Bypass Blackouts on UFC Pay-Per-View

Blackouts are the worst barriers a fans face while trying to watch UFC online in regions where fight is being broadcasted on local broadcasters. If this is the case for you, then you can overcome the blackouts by using a VPN. That said, with VPN you can kill two birds with one stone, avail cheapest UFC 209 PPV and evade blackouts on UFC matches from any corner of the world. Therefore, a VPN is a preferred solution to watch UFC 209 matches without facing any restrictions.

Final Words

We hereby wrap up this guide about cheapest way to watch UFC 209 PPV online. While thousands of fans will spend money on overpriced pay-per-view, the smart ones will get a VPN, spoof their location and avail UFC 209 PPV at extremely low price. If you face any issue with specified method for availing cheap UFC PPV, then feel free to comment in box below.

With this, we leave you with an exclusive promo for UFC 209 main event fight Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson below:

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