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It was because of my desire to watch US TV shows online that I was first introduced to the limitless world of VPNs – and now I extend the invitation to you!

With a best VPN service, you will be able to watch US TV shows online because you will have access to a wide variety of websites that will allow you to stream US TV shows online.

Take Hulu for instance. The website has an extremely large and continuously expanding collection of programmes, is unbelievably easy to navigate, is completely free, but is only accessible in the US.

Watch US TV

I often find online streaming fanatics like myself scouring the interent for tips and tricks on how to access Hulu and similar region restricted online streaming websites. My dear fellow netizens, your searching days are over!

Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, abc Live and Pandora are only a few of America’s favorite websites because they allow all of America to watch television shows and movies online. And yes, most of them are free! Programmes are categorized and are extremely easy to find thanks to these websites. Dare I say it, American people don’t have to wait for reruns!

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How VPNs Make Watching US TV Shows Online Possible

Simply put, online streaming websites in the US use Geo-IP detection to identify where you are accessing the website from and block access if you are located anywhere but in the US.

Watch US TV

How does this happen? How does your IP switch? Which IP switches? How does all this tie together to pull one on Geo-IP detection?

Read all about bypassing Geo-IP tracking in this article: Unblocking BBC iPlayer with VPN to Evade Geo-IP Detection. Also check the fix if BBC iPlayer not working through VPN.


VPN Check-List for Watching US TV Shows Online

So you know that VPNs are now being built to be binge-friendly, but there are still a few formalities to take care of before you get on the US TV show binging bandwagon.

When you set out in search of a VPN to help you watch US TV shows online, take your time in evaluating/comparing the VPN providers. Ask for demos, reviews, free-trials, money-back guarantees, the works!

Watch US TV

You don’t want a jack-of-all VPN, but there are a few essential characteristics that your chosen VPN must have in order to allow streaming of US TV shows.

  • Unlimited speed and protocol availability
  • MOST IMPORTANT: A large number of servers should be located in the US region
  • An added Dedicated IP feature will be an additional merit
  • 24/7 customer support is mandatory so facilitate your binge streaming


Save Time & Money – VPN on Smart Device to Watch US TV Shows on TV

Modern smart phones are coming with viewing compatibility that allows channeling the audio-video data stream of your device to secondary peripherals. In this case, your television set will become the secondary peripheral. But connecting your device to your TV set is the easy part!

VPN service providers know that, which is why they now also provide clients you can use on your smart phones. That way, you can stream directly on your smart device, connect your smart device to your television, and enjoy the streaming experience on the big screen!
The hard part is making sure you have access to all the content that the American people are enjoying. Trust me, there is more to connecting your device to your TV then checking your email and watching downloaded content. Nothing can beat the pleasure of streaming content! Thanks to VPN, you can take your pick of the infinite variety of US TV shows and programmes, and stream them whenever you desire.


Binge Stream US TV shows Online with VPN

The concept of binge watching came out with VCRs and has only strengthened over time. But not even DVDs and BluRays could make binge binging popular culture like streaming websites managed to (Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, abc Live, Pandora, and so many more).

Streaming websites host entire seasons of television programmes and heavy movie banks that you can spend a lifetime watching. Most of these websites are free while others charge a minimal fee. In both cases, the concept of ‘on-demand’ has changed forever – at least as far as watching US TV shows online is concerned.

VPNs now come specially equipped to facilitate streaming services. Some offer add-ons in the form of speed boosts while others provide features such as split tunneling to facilitate streaming data traffic.


2014 is the Year of VPNs & US TV Shows

In the 1990s, a race to manufacture and buy large television sets began. In the 2000s, this race began to change direction as people began to realize the utility of the internet over television. In 2010, television is struggling to catch up with the internet by coming out with internet-enabled smart TVs. Regions where smart TVs are still not widely available will have to make do with the internet+TV combination. This means that you will second your television set to work as your device’s monitor (may your system be a laptop, PC, Mac, smartphone, etc), and then watch movies.

Watch US TV

As the start of 2014 bids farewell to shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood and Californication, it is time to welcome many other new and returning programs.

There are over three dozen new television programs expected to air 2014. Channels that will be airing new television content include Lifetime, Bravo, DIY, MTV, CBS, ABC, SyFy, FX, Disney Channel, TLC, Fox, Comedy Central, Starz, Spike tv, Oxygen and HBO. If there are any channels or TV shows here that you cannot access (or worse: have never heard of them) you need to get a VPN immediately.


Looking back at the quality of TV shows in the recent past, 2012 was ok and 2013 was great – but 2014 is going to be awesome! The quality of television content is going to sky-rocket in the US this year and if you don’t have a VPN service provider, you will end up missing out!

A VPN is also your ticket to watching US TV shows online if you want to watch old episodes and movies (because we all know that they just don’t make stuff like they used to in the 90s!).

All of television is viewable on the internet, for free! You don’t have to pay a heavy cable television subscription fee in order to access your desired television programmes and to record them for you when you miss them. All you need is a VPN so you can access the television programmes online – whenever and wherever you please.

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