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Epix is an American premium cable and satellite TV network that also offers an online on-demand streaming service. Furthermore, the online service allows you to watch premium movies and original programming channels on your preferred devices. The TV network follows the region-blocking notion of other famous online entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu. Epix is a joint venture among Viacom Inc, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and Metro Goldwyn Mayor Studios (MGM).

Through our guide, we will let you know how to unblock and watch Epix TV from anywhere anonymously.

How to Watch Epix TV Outside the US

Unfortunately, if you are living outside the US then you cannot access to Epix TV live streaming. This is because you will have to face the issue in the form of region blocking. However, you should not lose all your hope because you can still access to your favorite comedies, documentaries and movies outside the US.

Yes, you guessed it correctly. Through a VPN, you can overcome your streaming worries straightaway. Hence, you should consider connecting to your preferred VPN service from the list given below. The list of five best VPN providers includes:

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How to Watch Epix TV in Australia

The Epix TV fans those who are living in countries other than the US like Australia will have to rely on a VPN. The online on-demand streaming service strictly follows the concept of geo-restriction. Thus, you are unable to enjoy your favorite comedies, movies and so on. Fortunately, you have a VPN at your disposal that allows you to circumvent the problem of region blocking.


Hence, nobody can deprive you from streaming your preferred content from anywhere. After connecting to the US server, you are able to mask your IP addresses from the eyes of your ISP, government and other online surveillance authorities. This is how you can start accessing to the streaming service Epix in Australia instantly.

There is a new streaming option for Australians known as Stan. We have covered a blog on how to access Stan outside Australia which will let you unblock the site with ease. 

How to Watch Epix TV in Canada

Canada is another country where the Epix TV fans live in huge number. However, not all the things are rosy with the Epix TV in Canada because it is geo-restricted in the country. To unblock it, you can use the best Canada VPN to get instant access to the channel!


How to Watch Epix TV in the UK

The Epix TV fanatics those who are living in the UK can still access to their favorite streaming service. After subscribing to a premium VPN service, you just need to connect to the US server. After connecting to the US server, you are just a one click away to watch hours of unlimited online entertainment. As a result, you are able to secure yourself from your ISP by making yourself anonymous. Hence, you can begin watching all your favorite video content like movies on Epix TV instantly.

Is it Legal and Safe to Use Epix TV

Interestingly, the streaming service Epix TV fetches original content from different sources like MGM, Paramount Studios and others. Therefore, you cannot find yourself in the hot waters of legal trouble in the form of DMCA notices and copyright trolls. This is because; you can watch your favorite video content all by legal means.


What is the Subscription Cost of Epix TV

Epix is a premium online streaming service that allows you to watch movies, documentaries and comedies on your preferred devices instantly. The subscribers of Epix TV will have to pay $10.00 per month to avail the premium package. Moreover, you can attain different benefits once you subscribe to the services. The benefits you can avail are:

  1. The users can access to thousands of hit Hollywood movies
  2. The subscribers can enjoy streaming of Epix Original series and concerts straightaway
  3. The users can also watch various kinds of documentaries and comedies that cover different genres

Compatibility of Epix TV with Other Devices

Epix TV is the first premium service that offers multi-platform access on its website and video gaming consoles. Here is the list of compatible platforms and devices that includes:

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Amazon Fire TV
  6. Gaming Consoles
  7. Chromecast
  8. Honda
  9. PlayStation 4
  10. Roku
  11. Android TVs
  12. Xbox One
  13. TiVo (Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6)


Epix TV Apps for Different Platforms and Devices

Those Epix TV fans who want to enjoy Epix TV apps should download the respective apps on their desired devices. Moreover, you can enjoy the dedicated Epix TV apps on your devices like:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Kindle Fire


Which Type of Content Epix TV Offers

Epix TV is a distinct online streaming service that provides a list of compelling features that make its content extremely innovative. It means you can access to the original content of various channels. In addition, you can access the original Epix TV series like Berlin Station, Graves, or Get Shortly too.


Epix TV Unique Selling Proposition

Interestingly, the famous online streaming service offers a dedicated feature that attracts the attention of users globally. Those subscribers who want to enjoy movies streaming benefit with their loved ones or friends can take huge advantage of the offer. The service provides a private room that acts like a chat room. You can share the private room link with your friends to watch your favorite movies along with their company.

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Pros of Epix TV

  1. The service provides original and unique content to the subscribers
  2. The users can access to a vast movie library feature anytime
  3. Offers compatibility with all the major platforms and devices
  4. Provides 30 days free trial benefit to the users

Cons of Epix TV

  1. Does not offer streaming of TV shows to the users

Wrapping Up

The Epix TV has become an interesting choice for those movies lovers who want to watch movies specifically. This is because the appealing online streaming service offers you a dedicated and huge movie library. Through the movie library, you can watch thousands of movies on your different devices straightaway.

We expect you would have liked our detailed guide on how to watch Epix TV from anywhere. By doing so, you can successfully negotiate the issue of region blocking hassle-free. Moreover, you will be able to watch your preferred video content be it movies, documentaries and much more. However, you need to connect to a VPN service to enjoy streaming through Epix TV instantly.

If you find issues while using Epix TV, you can share your feedback with us in the comments section below.