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How to Watch The Walking Dead Season 8 outside the US

AMC’s hit TV show, The Walking Dead returns for season 8 this October 2017 and we are all excited to find out what happens Rick and co. Last season was full of surprises, new gangs, and then there is of course Negan – the antagonist no one (or some of us) saw coming.

The show is exclusive to AMC and the first episode of season 8 premiers on October 22, 2017. However, AMC is a US-based broadcaster that is only accessible within the United States. This means is that The Walking Dead fans trying to stream the show on AMC outside the US will see a geo-restrictions message.

Therefore, the best way to unblock AMC and watch The Walking Dead season 8 outside the US is through a VPN. By connecting to a US server, you can bypass geo-restrictions with ease.

Unblock AMC TV Online outside US and Canada

As we have already mentioned above the broadcast of AMC TV online is strictly restricted for viewership to the viewers of US and Canada. If you are willing to give it a try, we would advise you to install a Canada VPN on your laptop or smartphone to access the channel from anywhere in the world.

But let us be very clear about it. You will still need to have a subscription to any of the cable TV provider that supports AMC TV. If you have a VPN and a valid subscription to a cable TV provider, you can bypass the geo-restrictions set on the AMC Television and watch it even if you are not located in the premises of the United States or Canada.

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What is AMC? A Brief Introduction

Formerly known as “American Movie Classics”, AMC disbanded its name and came up with “AMC” due to the changes it made in its transmission back in 2003. AMC TV is owned by the AMC Networks and was launched three decades ago on October 01st, 1984. The broadcast of AMC TV is available in the United States and Canada only.

Headquartered in the New York City, New York, it has completely revamped the way it looks and has completely transformed into a channel that was not even a part of its initial plan. According to the recent stats of February, almost 82% of the paid TV American subscribers have access to it. It has also been announced earlier this year that the channel would be available for broadcasting to the cord cutters as well.

AMC TV App – What Shows from Anywhere

AMC TV is quite aware of its popularity and knows how important it is for the channel to be available to the viewers everywhere at any time. Catering to the needs of both Android and Apple users, the AMC TV app can be found on both Apple iTunes and Google PlayStore for free. The Android version requires 2.2 or a higher version and the AMC TV app for iPhones and iPads need an iOS 7 or above.

With the AMC TV app, you watch all the latest episodes of The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, TURN, Talking Dead and much more. You also get to access the sneak peak, additional videos, cast interviews, videos of the latest AMC series and schedule of the TV shows. However, the AMC TV app won’t be able to work even on the iPhones and Android tabs and smartphones if you are not physically present in the US or virtually connected through any of their IP.

Watch AMC Television outside US

Watch AMC TV Online

Since the AMC TV app is also available now, it has become a lot easier for the viewers to watch AMC series live at their ease, anywhere within the US and Canada. AMC TV live transmission works on the basis of signals it sends and receives in the form of IP addresses, it can put your broadcast of AMC TV online on hold if you are accessing it outside the US or Canada.

The AMC TV live can also be watched exclusively by simply visiting its website and selecting your favorite AMC TV series. You will need to have a subscription to any of the supported cable TV providers with AMC TV listed in the channels list. You can watch all the latest TV series and some of the blockbusters like Breaking Bad as well.


Honestly speaking, we love AMC TV and cannot thank it enough for some of the best TV shows in the history of Television. We may sound a bit biased to you but if it had not been for the efforts of AMC TV, we might not have been able to watch Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

Anyway keeping our fanboy moment aside, we think it needs to relax its content viewership policy a bit. Since the content is unavailable to the viewers outside US, it only leads them to pirate those TV shows. But there is a way with which the AMC Television can keep its policy in place and the viewers can enjoy its live broadcast online without questioning the legality of it. Use a VPN, hide your online ID and enjoy watching the AMC series.