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Unless you have been living under a rock, you might have a heard of a nifty streaming application called Pluto TV. Unlike cable TV, this application is free and offers a wide range of mainstream media channels like NBC, Warner Bros and even CBS.

This is why over the years it has managed to rack in more than 6 million active users. However as appealing as it seems, it is plagued with geo restrictions.

Since Pluto TV is headquartered in U.S, pretty much most of its content library is restricted to U.S only. With a quick glance at your IP, Pluto TV can easily determine from where you are trying to access their service.

Now as frustrating as it is, unless you have an American IP you are pretty much out of luck. That said, there is a way to access Pluto TV outside U.S, without physically being there.

A VPN service can provide easy access to Pluto TV, regardless of your location. However, choosing one that works with it is quite cumbersome.

Therefore, after painstakingly testing multiple VPN services, I have chosen five VPN that worked flawlessly for me.

What is Pluto TV?

unblocking-Pluto TV-outside-US-with-VPN

Pluto TV is an online media streaming service similar to Netflix and Hulu. However, what make it standout is that it is completely free.

That’s right! it is absolutely free.

Now unlike Popcorn time, Pluto TV only provides licensed content straight from the content providers themselves. Pluto TV is also slightly different from your average cable TV and online streaming services in a sense that it provides pretty much any free content it can find online.

Think of it like a hybrid between cable TV and YouTube.

It is impressive to see, what started out as a minor streaming service back in 2014 has now signed legal distribution rights with major media corporations. Now Pluto TV offers various content categories like movies, sports, news…. Heck, it even airs trending TV shows like Late Night TV, Jimmy Fallon, and Oprah Winfrey among many others.

Compatibility is also not a big issue either for Pluto TV since it is available on all major operating systems and steaming devices.

From where can I watch Pluto TV?

where-to-watch-Pluto TV-outside-US

Remember I said most of the content offered by Pluto TV is limited to U.S only, well let me elaborate that further.

You see… there are two version of Pluto TV application, one is for global use and other is limited for U.S jurisdictions. Similar to Netflix, majority of its trending content is available in the U.S library.

Understandably, these restrictions only exist because of licensing issue however; it really takes away the charm from this application.

With that said, you can watch Pluto TV regardless of your location. However, in order to access their U.S library you will require a premium VPN service.

What Devices support Pluto TV?

Pluto TV-outside-US-supported-devices

As I said earlier, compatibility is not an issue with Pluto TV. The developers have done a remarkable job at providing support for a multitude of popular devices. So much so, it is hard to find a device that will not run Pluto TV.

  • Android
  • Roku TV
  • Windows PC
  • OSX Mac
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Apple TV 4
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV

If you prefer a bare bone experience, then you can simply run it on your web browser without even downloading the application.

What is available to stream on Pluto TV?

Streaming-content-on-Pluto TV-outside-US

Ideally, if you have access to Pluto TV’s U.S library then you can watch tons of movies, TV shows, sitcoms, and even documentaries. As I said, earlier Pluto TV works a bit different from cable TV, which is why you may find dedicated channels filled with gaming, health and beauty videos. There is even an option to listen online radio if you are in to that kind of stuff.

All and all, you can expect any content that is free to be available on Pluto TV.

How to unblock All Pluto TV Content?

how-to-unblock-Pluto TV-content-outside-US

As I said earlier, pretty much, all the juicy content is limited to the U.S library and in order to access it you need a VPN service. Before unblocking Pluto TV’s library, I think it is important that you first understand what a VPN is.

A VPN or Virtual private network is a special anonymity tool designed to make your ordinary internet connection secure and private. It goes to a great length to mask your default IP that is crucial for accessing all sorts of geo locked contents.

While it might sound jarring, it is in fact quite easy to operate, so much so that all the encryption and privacy mechanism take place behind the scenes with a click of button.

However, considering you are new to VPNs, I am going to give a rundown of how this strategy works.

  • First things first, when you launch up your VPN application it will automatically connect you to the closest server. However, since we want to access U.S library we must connect to a U.S based server.
  • Now that your IP is masked or should I say spoofed, you can launch up the Pluto TV application.
  • That is it; you are now ready to stream all your favorite Pluto TV content.

While we are on the subject of VPNs, I think it is best that you only go for paid VPNs since streaming contents require plenty of bandwidth and speed to function properly.

Best VPN services to Unblock Pluto TV

Finally, let’s get to the part we have been waiting for. After careful analysis of multiple VPNs, I have shortlisted five VPN services that I think work best with Pluto TV. Above all these VPNs are relatively cheaper than other VPNs in the industry.

So without further ado let’s get cracking…


PureVPN-is great-at-unblocking-Pluto TV-outside-US

PureVPN is another quick and easy VPN service for unblocking Pluto TV outside U.S; it is both cheap and highly efficient when it comes to streaming contents online. PureVPN is already known for unblocking Netflix U.S and its capability to access Pluto TV makes it even more desirable.

Streaming wise, everything worked just fine for me, there were no lags no stutters of any kind. With that said, the connection times were considerably slower than other VPNs in this list, which was a bit annoying to deal with.

However, since it is the cheapest in our list and offers good streaming performance I think it is definitely worth giving a try.

Visit PureVPN


nordVPN-is-awesome-at-unblocking-Pluto TV-outside-US

First, up we have NordVPN. Although already a giant in the VPN industry, I think it deserver its proper introduction. This VPN is has the largest collection of servers I have personally come across. It has more than 5000 servers in 62+ countries, which is beyond amazing if I should say so.

Why am I blown away by this you ask? Well that is because, the more servers a VPN provider offers the smoother your stream is going to be. Speaking of streaming speeds, I tested it with Pluto TV and it seemed to works flawlessly.

However, the only problem I discovered with Nord is their latency issue, which only occurred while switching servers. Having said that, latency had no effect on streaming experience, which is excellent in my opinion.

Visit NordVPN


ExpressVPN-is-awesome-at-unblocking-Pluto TV-outside-US

ExpressVPN is one provider you will see on literally every tech site you can imagine, why is that you ask? Well for one, unlike other VPN services that rely on servers for speeds ExpressVPN focuses on server optimization. This way instead of adding severs to their repertoire they can simply offer just as good streaming speeds.

Speaking of servers, they currently offer 2000+ serves in 94 countries, which is quite impressive to say the least. That said it is a bit on the pricier side.

Streaming wise there were no hiccups while streaming Pluto TV, regardless of whichever U.S server I choose. Connection times were also blazingly quick and consistent, which made the overall experience flawless.

Visit ExpressVPN


ipvanish-is-reliable-at-unblocking-Pluto TV-outside-US

Next, up we have IPVanishVPN. Although not as resource heavy as Nord, it is still a pretty-capable VPN service to say the least. This VPN provider offers about 1000+ servers in multiple countries, which is more than enough for streaming purposes.

Although not in the context of this blog, I think it is also important to discuss some privacy features of this VPN. IPVanish offers 256-bit encryption along with OpenVPN, which is great for staying secure online.

While encryption protocols are known to slow down streaming speeds, I was surprised to see zero lags while streaming Pluto TV shows.

The only gripe I had with this VPN was with their sluggish customer support. Needless to say, it took them quite a bit to answer my query for the best streaming servers.

Visit IPVanishVPN


Ivacy-is great-at-unblocking-Pluto TV-outside-US

Ivacy has been around forever now, and continuously ceases to amaze us with new features and improvements. Ivacy recently revamped their pricing plan, and now they are affordable as ever. Although a Singapore based company, it still manages to bypass any restriction thrown in its way.

Ivacy also has plenty of encrypted servers around the world, which makes it perfect for unblocking regional locked content. Speaking of which, streaming and unblocking Pluto TV worked great for me. All the content played in HD resolution without any connection drops or buffering lags.

Visit IvacyVPN

Pluto TV Reddit

I am totally sold over this application; after all, I can watch amazing cable TV like content free and in HD resolution. However, I am not the only one rooting for this application. One Redditer mentioned he absolutely loved the Pluto TV application as it has great random stuff to watch.

While another Redditer mentioned he loved the app until they started geo restricting their contents.

Wrapping up!

It is no surprise Pluto TV has grown exponentially in popularity over the years. However, what has remained the same is its same old geo restriction policy. Having said that, I have discussed couple of amazing VPNs in this blog that should help you watch Pluto TV’s U.S library regardless of whatever restriction that might hinder your way. You can learn how to unblock Fandango Now movies outside the US and access to wonderful movies and shows of your choice.

I hope my efforts were worthwhile and it helped you conveniently unblock Pluto TV outside U.S.