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As the name suggests, Food Network Canada is a Canadian specialty food TV channel. The programming of the channel constitutes cuisines, food recipes and the food industry. The channel is owned by Shaw Media and made its first public appearance on October 09, 2000. It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

However the idea of Food Network Canada only popped up after the original Food Network became available in Canada in 1997. The American Food Network was the most watched food TV show in the country before the announcement of its Canadian counterpart was made. It is available on many satellite and cable TV providers in Canada.


A Quick Look at Food Network Canada Recipes

Before you say a word, let us share some of the best pictures from the most popular Food Network Canada recipes to show you what you are in for. Hold on your forks and knives, coz it’s going to be a juicy ride!

Following are some of the top Chicken cuisines prepared by top chefs of the channel to show you what Food Network Canada is really about.

Food Network Canada

Who wants some cookies? Food Network Canada has loads to offer.

Food Network Canada


If these awe-dropping and mouth-watering cookies aren’t enough to make you drool, wait till you see the next spread!

Food Network Canada

Food Network Canada does not only give you the access to the recipes of these flavorsome dishes but you can also watch Food Network Canada’s chefs teaching you how to cook such scrumptious appetizers!


Food Network Canada Shows

Food Network Canada is a great TV channel for those who love and live for food. It doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or not, it becomes really hard to take your eyes away from your TV screens, once you start watching it. The Food Network Canada show features some of the award winning chefs admired by people all over the world.


(1) Top Chef Canada

This reality competition show premiered in 2011 on Food Network Canada. The show follows the format of Top Chef America where culinary challenges are thrown at the chef participants to see what they are made of. Their dishes and fate in the show are judged by a panel of judges that include Mark McEwan and Shereen Arazm.


(2) Halloween Wars

Who doesn’t like eating candy on Halloweens? This reality competition TV show has 5 teams that include candy-makers, cake dressing experts and pumpkin-cutters. All the teams battle against each other and one gets eliminated every week. This competition goes on for 4 weeks after which the winner gets his hands on $50,000.


(3) Donut Showdown

Three of the best bakers are brought to a platform to showcase their talents and creativity skills in this reality competition TV show. They go head-to-head and create donuts with a surprise elements (read: ingredients) in the first challenge. They present it to the judges who then eliminate one of them and instruct the other two to create another batch as per judges’ instructions.

The winner of the show takes $10,000 with him.


Watch Food Network Canada From Anywhere in the World

You can get access to Food Network Canada shows either by tuning in to your TV sets or by live streaming in Canada, but can you access it outside Canada? The answer to this and possibly every other question related to its access outside Canada is “No, you cannot”. We tried accessing it from a non-Canadian IP address and this is what we got.

Food Network Canada

But what if we tell you that you can still watch Food Network Canada? You can use one of the security tools to evade the geo-restrictions and access its TV shows. That’s right, you can either opt for a proxy server or a Canada VPN, both will help you evade the restrictions; but the former will make you vulnerable to the threats of cybercrimes whilst the latter will protect you.

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Did you know there is a Food Network iPhone app for the Apple users as well? You can get can save, create, browse and share your food list with your friends and family. You can also set the feature of “Recipe of the week” on your homescreens! Similar to that, you can also access FX Network anywhere in the world.



Food Network Canada is popular among people for all the right reasons. It gives them the reason many people live for – food. Be it the recipes or the TV shows, it makes sure its viewers are never bored. Sadly, the channel geo-restricts its programs and does not allow them to go on-air. However, you can always get access to its programming via a proxy server or a VPN.

But we would recommend our readers to go for the latter, as it is safer and provides faster and ads-free access to all the programs.