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The Gods in DC pantheon have been especially considerate to the fans this decade. Blockbuster movies featuring the most popular characters from DC dropping in every year; TV shows; video games; animated series; you name it.

There is more DC content available today than you can keep up with at a humanly pace.

It only makes sense considering the recent wave of video-on-demand streaming services for DC to launch one of its own: the DC Universe (official). Announced in 2017, DC’s streaming service is finally live.

The sad news is that it is, as of yet, a US-only service. So, you might need to offer a few more sacrifices to the Gods if you want DC Universe outside US.

But let’s get real. Patience is not the strongest attribute of fans, and there’s no saying when the service will cease to be US-only.

So, is there anything fans can do to learn how to unblock DC Universe outside US?

There is a way, actually. And quite a simple one at that.

(Hint: It starts with a V and ends with an N).


What is DC Universe Exactly?

DC Universe is a video streaming service much like Hulu and Netflix.

However, unlike the aforementioned, it exclusively offers content featuring comic book characters known for their sharp dressing sense of wearing underpants over trousers (Batman, Superman etc.)


Erm… you kinda do the same, Batman.

The content catalog includes much more than movies and TV shows. Subscribers will get access to digital comics, animated series, as well as exclusive DC merchandise.

There is even a community forum for DC fans to discuss their favorite superhero universe!

Although DC Universe is limited to the superhero genre entirely, but considering the volume of content they have been putting out lately, you can rest assured there would be enough exclusive content to keep subscribers and long-time DC fans delighted.


What are the costs like?

DC Universe is a subscription based service. You can opt for monthly or annual plans. The per-month subscription costs $7.99.

The annual subscription can be availed for $74.99 upfront.

The prices are surely pretty high, considering that the content catalog is much smaller compared to streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Nonetheless, the service will still easily attract serious DC fans, as the exclusive content well makes it worth it.


How to Get/Unblock DC Universe Outside US for Streaming?

Being a region-locked streaming service like Hulu, users will have to look for alternative means to get access to DC universe from abroad.

International distribution and licensing laws are the greatest obstacle fans have to deal with when it comes to online streaming services, and it is one of the reasons why DC Universe is locked in the US.

If you open the DC Universe from outside the US, you will see this error screen:


But what if you could pretend to be located in the US without actually living in the country?

That can work with a good VPN service like NordVPN. To set it up for accessing DC Universe, here is what you need to do:

  1. Get NordVPN from the official website
  2. Install and launch it on your system/device
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Now visit DC Universe website
  5. Start streaming instantly!


Note: To sign up and start streaming, you might need a valid US address and credit card number. If you have a friend in the US willing to help, you can enter their credit card and address information.


Do All VPNs Unblock DC Universe?

The answer is a flat no. Streaming services aren’t easily unblocked.

It takes a strong VPN with water-tight tunneling protocols and advanced server infrastructure to get past the detection mechanisms of streaming services like DC Universe, Netflix etc.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
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3 Years Plan
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$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
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I mentioned NordVPN above, which is one of the VPNs that I have personally tested and found to be working with DC Universe. If you’re looking for more options, take a look at the table above.

These VPNs easily unblock DC Universe and bring superhero awesomeness to your screen.

Note: If you want to unblock US Netflix, go through our page on the best Netflix VPNs to do the job for you!


DC Universe Free Trial

DC Universe is offering a 7-day free trial. After you sign up to the service, the subscription you have signed up for will be charged after the 7-day trial ends.

The trial period is a little short, since services like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a whole month long free trial.

Nonetheless, it’s still better than no free trial at all. You can cancel your subscription before the trial period ends, and you won’t be charged a single penny!


DC Universe App

Android and iOS users can use a dedicated DC Universe app to watch their favorite superhero shows, movies, and comics.

But once again, the app will only work in the US. In fact, you won’t even be able to download the app if you are logged into a non-US region of the App or Play Store.

Even a VPN won’t allow you to download the app without first changing the region. So, you first need to change the region on your phone.


Change App Store Region on iPhone

1- Open Settings and tap iTunes & App Store

itunes a

2- Tap your Apple ID then tap View Apple ID


3- Tap Country/Region



4- Choose United States



5- Press Agree to agree with Terms & Conditions



6- Choose None in the payment method and enter a valid but random US address and phone number (search on Google for this) in the Billing Address fields



7- You have successfully changed your region



8- Now you can download DC Universe on your iPhone/iPad from the App Store

9- Once downloaded, launch a VPN and connect to a US server

10- Launch DC Universe app and watch shows, movies, or watch comics


Note: If this doesn’t work, you might have to disable any subscriptions you may have such as Apple Music and also clear all Safari cookies. Then try the steps shown above again.


Change Play Store Region on Android

Android deals with store regions in a different way than iOS. It automatically detects your region based on your IP address when you first sign up to make an account.

This means that you will have to remove your current account and then re-login with it after connecting a US server via VPN if you want to change your Play Store region.

Here’s how you can do that:

1- Open Settings and tap Accounts



2- Select your Google account from the list



3- Tap on Remove account



4- Now launch a VPN service like NordVPN and connect to a US server

5- Once connection has been successfully established, open Play Store

6- It will prompt you to add your account

7- Enter email and password of the account you just removed to log in with it again

8- Follow on-screen instructions and choose “no thanks” when you reach the payment info screen

9- Once finished setting up the account, search DC Universe in Google Play Store to download and install it

10- With the VPN still connected to the US server, launch DC Universe app and enjoy exclusive content!


Exclusive DC Universe Shows

Before DC Universe was launched, most DC superhero shows were released on Netflix. However, this is already starting to change since the launch of DC Universe.

For instance, Netflix has announced the release of the show Titans – the darker take on Teen Titans – quite a while back, but it’s only recently that the show appeared on it.

Meanwhile, DC Universe is already streaming Titans with a new episode per week since October 2018.

Side note: Here’s a bright idea You can take advantage of the 7-day trial and watch DC Titans online free of cost!

There are a number of other exclusive shows premiering on DC Universe including Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, Swamp Thing, and Young Justice: Outsiders.

This is likely only a glimpse for the future, as the number of exclusive titles will only increase with the passage of time.

As of yet, there’s no confirmation if these titles will remain DC Universe exclusives or Netflix and others will get the rights to this content.


Will DC Universe Expand to Other Countries?

There’s no saying if DC intends to move beyond the US and offer its content catalog to other countries, as no official announcements have been made yet.

Neither is it clear that if DC does intend to become internationally available, it will offer the same content library everywhere.

For all we know, they might follow Netflix’s approach of offering different content in each region. In that case, users will still have to rely on VPNs to access content only available for US audiences.

Considering the fact that it took Netflix more than 3 years to expand beyond the US and Hulu is still a service bound within the US, I assume it’d take DC Universe at least a few years to break geographical barriers.


Finishing Up

DC Universe is on its way to become a strong competitor to Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, the fact that it is available in US only places a huge limit on its market.

Thankfully, fans can get away with this restriction using a VPN service with servers in the US and enjoy content once you unblock DC Universe outside US.

Have you tried unblocking DC Universe with a VPN? How did it end up for you? I’d love to hear your experiences. Go ahead and participate in the discussion below.