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You can watch Channel 9 anywhere in the world with a VPN, if you try to access channel 9 (9Now) outside Australia, you will be shown the following error message:

“Sorry, this video can be viewed from within Australia.

If you believe this is an error, please let us know and we’ll sort it out”.


How to unblock Channel 9 Outside Australia

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Follow these simple steps to unblock channel 9 live stream anywhere in the world in just 2 minutes:


1: Subscribe to a VPN service
2: Login and enter your credentials
3: Select an Australian server
4: Go to 9Now
5: Sign in with your login details
6: Go to Live TV

You have successfully unblocked channel 9 Australia.



Why will you need a VPN?

A VPN will change your IP address and connect it to one in Australia, this way you will be able to watch channel 9 online anywhere in the world and access your desired content be it live stream or TV series. In fact it will also enable you to access other geo-restricted websites as well.


Best VPN to Channel 9 Outside Australia

PureVPN Our No.1 recommended choice as the best service to watch 9Now, it has 4 optimized servers in Australia for great streaming.

Surfshark Successfully unblocks 9Now, budget friendly VPN service with loads of features packed in! it has 5 servers in Australia.

ExpressVPN Known as an Industry’s fastest VPN service provider with the least speed drops having 6 servers in Australia.


1. PureVPN ($2.91/mo)

Our Number 1 recommended VPN service. To begin with its client application is very simple to understand and operate, so anyone can use it. The service offers entertainment options along with providing strict and anonymity to the user.

One reason that it makes for a perfect VPN for streaming is its dedicated dashboard for streaming, it packs along many other features in its apps which are great for maximizing security.

But what makes PureVPN our number 1 choice for Channel 9? It has 4 servers in Australia, which ensures a smooth experience. The company also offers a 31-day money-back guarantee

PureVPN pricing

  • $10.95/mo
  • $4.16/mo (12 months plan)
  • $2.91/mo (2 year plan)

2. Surfshark ($1.99/mo)

Despite being new in the industry, the service has made a name for itself by offering great service! SurfsharkVPN successfully unblocks all 9Now, BBC iPlayer, Netflix or any other website. The user experience and the client software both are well designed and simplistic.

At $1.99/mo the service is astonishingly cheap yet powerful! It’s the best bang for your buck! Don’t let its low price make you think the service quality won’t be good. It has 5 servers in Australia and performs quite well when accessing channel 9.

SurfsharkVPN pricing:

  • $11.95/mo
  • $1.99/mo (2 year plan)
  • $5.99/mo (1 year plan)

3. ExpressVPN ($8.32/mo)

ExpressVPN  has a huge network of 3,000+ servers it is the regarded as the most reliable VPN service provider in the industry.

The service is also famous for its amazingly fast speeds and incredibly low speed drops. It has 6 servers in Australia and a top notch infrastructure to support it.

So, whether you’re transferring huge loads of data or simply just streaming your favorite content ExpressVPN will not let you down. Starting at $12.95 is one the most expensive service in the industry.

ExpressVPN pricing:

  • $12.95/mo
  • $8.32/mo (1 year plan)
  • $9.99/mo (6 months plan)

Watch Channel 9 Live Online Without Cable

You can watch channel 9 live online without cable by simply going to the channel 9 website and selecting the show of your choice.

Shows you can watch on Channel 9 (9Now)

Channel 9 airs Australian as well as American TV and reality series. We are sharing a few trailers with you for your convenience. Have a look at what ninenow has to offer!

Married at First Sight

Channel 9 Married at First Sight 2019 is one of Australia’s most dramatic TV show! Married at First Sight season 6 is available to watch on 9Now. The dating show has gained popularity among the fans due to the nature of its content. Meet the couples who have been married using the bizarre social matching experiment. You can catch the full episodes of Married at First Sight on 9 Network.

Get any of the above listed Australian VPN providers to unblock 9Now using an Australian IP address and watch Married at First Sight outside Australia from any corner of the world.


The latest addition to Channel9’s library of TV series is Gotham, an American crime show based on the famous comic Batman. The show depicts the stories of not just Batman, but also of all the Batman Villains.

Big Brother

Watch Australia’s own version of Big Brother where contestants compete with each other to earn the prize money of $200,000. Nine Network is currently on-airing the eleventh season of Big Brother.

The Block

The Block is an Australian reality TV show that features four or five couples who are given a task to renovate houses and to sell them at auction for the highest price.

Sports you can watch on Channel 9

Channel 9 offers a vast range of sport events to watch some of which include:

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Tour Down Under cycling
  • Rugby
  • National Basketball League
  • Australian Football League
  • The NRL Footy Show
  • QLD Cup
  • NSW Cup

9 Now Supported Devices

Channel 9 Now supports a vast array of devices, you can also download the channel 9 app on your respective device:

  1. Apple iPhones and iPads. iOS 10+
  2. Android phones and tablets. 5.0+
  3. Computer
  4. Apple TV
  5. Chromecast
  6. Telstra TV
  7. Fetch TV
  8. Freeview Plus
  9. Playstation 4
  10. Sony TV
  11. LG TV
  12. Samsung TV
  13. Android TV


What is channel 9?

It is an Australian commercial free-to-air television network. The Nine Network offers all sorts of programming to its viewers. The channel broadcasts various original programs from Australia and reruns of popular American shows, several reality TV shows, Cricket, National Rugby League, Tennis and Golf under the brand of Wide World of Sports. Channel 9 news Australia is also a very much followed segment of the channel

When will channel 9 broadcast in HD?

As channel 9 is free over the air channel, all you have to do is re tune your television and all the channels will be updated to HD.

What happened to channel 9?

Channel 9 was renamed as 9Now, offering a great selection of content and changing its identity to a much more progressive platform.


Channel 9 is a good source of entertainment and infotainment for Australia viewers. The diversity that it offers in its content is unmatchable. From news to reality TV series, everything is available on the Nine Network but sadly all the contents come with restrictions.

Viewers from other regions are denied access to its contents. However, a VPN can help them access all the blocked and geo-restricted contents by masking their real IP address with one of its own. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows and sports program while not having to worry about your online security