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Launched on January 01st, 1995, Showcase has been one of the front runners of the TV channels in Canada. Owned by the popular Shaw Media Group of Canada, the channel is available for viewership in the Canadian region only. Showcase TV is renowned for broadcasting original TV series and movies and for on-airing “limited” American content.

Showcase Canada has had its share of controversies and scandals, and perhaps they are one of the reasons why the channel is listed in the A category channels of Canada. Showcase Canada was subjected to major rebranding in August 2009 and has also realigned their programs in hopes that the channel would look more attractive to the viewers.

How to Watch Showcase TV Canada

Since Showcase TV is confined for viewership in the North American region, it becomes virtually impossible for the viewers to get access to all its TV series and movies. However, you can watch all the TV series and movies online as well, if you are located in Canada.

Like many other channels, Showcase Canada can also be watched online even if you are located outside Canada. Confused at our contradictory statement? Well, you can use a proxy server or a Canada VPN service to not only to protect your online identity but to bypass the geo-restrictions as well.

Well, we also recommend the latter of the two because it provides good security and ads-free HD streaming to all the content that is restricted in your region. Following are the VPN service providers that are known for their effective speeds and good quality streaming.

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Why is Showcase TV Blocked outside Canada?

This has more to do with the sponsors and the producers of the content on Showcase TV Canada. The licenses for movies and TV series are granted for viewership in the Canadian region only, thus making the viewers from other regions ineligible to get direct access to its programs.

One more possible reason for the restricted access is the fact that Showcase TV Canada operates on a national level, and does not offer the programs to its international viewers. We tried to stream live the Showcase TV series and movies from non-Canadian region and this is the message we received on our screen.

Showcase TV Canada Error

Are You Looking for Ads Free Streaming?

So often it has been the case that people used proxy services to switch their IP addresses to Canadian IPs. But more often than not, they have landed themselves in trouble while doing so. The free proxy services are not only dubious for they can track your online activities, but they also fail to provide ads-free streaming experience to their users.

VPNs on the other hand, are more than useful while streaming the restricted online programs. Since we are talking about Showcase TV Canada here, we will give an example of how it can be watched even outside Canada without making things difficult for a user.

But before we do that, we want to make a point very clear that a paid VPN service does not only work as a shield to fend off all the online security threats, it also works as a tool that smashes the restriction and censorship issues. It does not only assign you with a but it also qualifies you for ads-free quality online streaming experience.



Showtime TV is popular for its TV series and movies in Canada. It has been subjected to various rebranding schemes and it is only fair to say that it has been a revelation since 2009. The choices of TV series and movies have become better since Shaw’s acquisition and the viewers have only grown large in numbers!

It is fair to say that the Shaw Media group has worked hard with Showtime TV Canada to come up with series like Lost Girl and Continuum, two of the most popular TV series of Canada (in terms of statistics). It is a pretty decent channel that on-airs several movies for its viewers as well.

But just like any other Canadian channel, it also restricts the access to its programs and grants the access to Canadian viewers only. You can use a VPN service to overcome the restriction problems and watch the popular TV shows like Dig and Lost Girl even outside Canada by connecting to a Canadian server.