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Say Hello to DramaFever

Founded in 2009 as an on-demand video streaming service, DramaFever’s library is the biggest international collection of dramas, documentaries and movies in the United States. Despite being an East-Asian based streaming service in the US, an estimated 2,800,000 subscribers of DramaFever are non-Asian. All the programs are available in English and Spanish, catering to the needs of different American viewers.

With over 13,000 episodes and hundreds of movies available online, you can watch DramaFever for free. Registered users can watch a limited number of movies, TV shows and documentaries, while paid subscribers can watch all the dramas, movies, cartoons and documentaries in high definition (HD), without any ads, of course.

Where to Watch Korean Dramas

All the latest Korean dramas and Korean movies are available to watch through an extensive library on DramaFever. If you are located in the United States and use Windows PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android or Roku, you can easily register with DramaFever on its website or the official Facebook page.

But don’t forget that, the service only works within the US region. If you try to make it work outside the US, a geo-block error will show up on your device’s screen indicating that the service won’t work from your location. The fun part is that from the 3.5 million subscribers, only a few are based outside the US using the VPN services.

How to Watch DramaFever

Since DramaFever is a geo-restricted channels, streaming availability outside the US is out of the equation unless IP cloaking software is used. Fans of the latest Korean dramas or individuals in the mood to watch Korean blockbusters generally use VPN and connect to the US server in order to bypass the aforementioned geo-restrictions.

A connection to the US server will grant you a US IP address, enabling you to register and sign-up for DramaFever. Once you have registered or signed up, you will be able to watch Korean movies online even if you are not physically located in the United States. Here are some of the most streaming friendly VPN providers that are trusted globally to provide you the best streaming experience.

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DramaFever Android App

DramaFever is widely popular all across the US and even in some parts outside the US. This explains why it has every reason to have its own app for Android devices. The DramaFever app for Android is free to use and it requires you to have a stable internet connection in order to run the latest Korean dramas and Korean movies smoothly on your device.

The app gives you the in-app purchase option as well. You can watch hundreds of TV shows and movies on the free version and the latest TV shows and movies are available in fine quality in the paid version. With the DramaFever app for Android, you can actually resume watching the TV show or movie from where you left on the other supported device.

dramafever android app

DramaFever iOS App

If you are running iOS 7 or above in your iPhones and iPads and you are looking for a streaming service that could offer you the latest Korean dramas, go no further and download DramaFever app for iOS. The app is free and easily available if your iPhones and iPads are compatible. The latest updated version of the app has fixed all the previous bugs as well.

Much like the Android version, the DramaFever app for iOS also gives you the option to subscribe for the premium services. But as stated above, the app will work within the US territories. If you want it to work smoothly on your iPhones and iPads outside the US, you will have to equip your phones and iPads with one of the above mentioned VPN services.

Once you have installed the VPNs, you can enjoy watching some of the popular Korean dramas Moon Embracing the Sun, Heirs, Running Man and Bridal Mask on your iOS and Android devices.

dramafever iphone app


Binge-watching the latest Korean dramas, has been one thing we are accused of doing, excessively of late. And why shouldn’t have we done that? We have finally found a way to get past the barrier that has prevented us for so long from watching the Korean movies and TV shows. We have now also downloaded its app on our iPhones and Android smartphones as well.

We will be clear with you here, we are using the DramaFever app very easily even outside the US. The app is working just fine and has been one of our various sources for entertainment ever since we stepped outside the US. We have personally tested all the above prescribed VPN providers and found out that all of them work amazingly in bringing you the access to DramaFever and its variants.