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Several countries have geo-restricted and blocked their channels for other countries so that the masses who try to access from other IPs cannot view their content exclusively.

The reasons for these restrictions may vary. Whatever the reasons may be, the censorship and restrictions come at the expense of fans who just want to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows.

Many channels, keeping the technological advancement in mind, have gone online. They allow their users to stream full contents from anywhere at any time. They have taken this huge leap to provide the users the mobility which they were looking for. But sadly, it has come with a cost. The users who are not present in the certain region where the broadcast is available on TV, cannot access it online.


How a VPN unblocks your Favorite Channels?

It cloaks your original IP with one that is available on its server, hence enabling you to access the blocked content. It provides you unlimited bandwidth to stream the videos and movies online on your favorite channels and also allow you to download torrents as well.

A VPN makes sure that you are protected from the eyes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies and provide you a secure connection. We have compiled a list of the VPNs that are renowned for their security and fast speed and provide access to blocked contents in US, UK, Australia, Canada and European countries.

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Available Tools to Bypass Restrictions

However, the tech geeks have worked on this issue to bypass the restrictions that prevent them and others to access their favorite Channels online.

Option 1 – Proxy Servers

First option that is available to the users is the usage of a Proxy server. It helps the users to unblock the blocked content but supports only two different kinds of protocols.

The Proxy servers are cheap and free therefore they compromise on the quality of the services they provide to their users. The encryption of data is not as strong as that of a VPN and in some cases is visible to online surveillance agencies and the ISPs resulting in compromising your security.

Option 2 – VPN

A VPN when compared to a Proxy server is more efficient and more secure to access the blocked content online. It supports a variety of protocols which include PPTP, L2TP/IP Sec and OpenVPN protocols. It provides up to 1024-bit encryption to its users to ensure the best security to those who are concerned about their privacy on the virtual world.


Author’s Recommendation

Due to the restrictions and limitations that are set on channels, it has become quite frustrating for the general masses to stream their favorite TV shows and movies online.

However, the users can access the contents of blocked channels online. They can use a Proxy server to do so but we recommend the users to give VPNs a shot and use them to unblock the channels. It will not only provide them fast speed but it will also provide them ultimate security as well.