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Viaplay is a video-on-demand and live online streaming service that was launched in May 2007. When this streaming service was introduced, it primarily focused on movies and sports. As the time passed by, it added comics, cartoons and TV shows as well to its existing services.

Through our guide on how to watch ViaPlay outside Denmark and from anywhere, you can fulfill your media streaming desires.

The headquarters of Viaplay are located in Stockholm, Sweden and the Viaplay live stream is currently available in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Russia and Denmark. Viaplay is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and gaming consoles, you can also watch it on your SmartTVs.

Watch ViaPlay with VPN

Geo-Restrictions Set on Viaplay Streaming

All the movies, TV shows, cartoons and live sports on Viaplay are subjected to geo-restrictions. If you are looking to stream the service from UK, US, Australia, Canada or other European, African and Asian countries, you will be stopped with the following message on your screens.

Watch ViaPlay with VPN

As bitter as it may taste, all the entertainment services are restricted for viewership in the Nordic countries only. If you are an expat living in the other part of the world, you will only be disappointed to get zero results out of Viaplay streaming service.

Countries where you can Access ViaPlay?

Surprisingly, ViaPlay provides its content to limited number of countries. It means the service is following region-blocking concept to another level. Here is the list of countries where you can avail the service that includes:

  • Ukraine
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Norway


If you are living in above mentioned countries, you can access to ViaPlay straightaway. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy streaming ViaPlay outside these countries. When you try to use the service from the US or Canada, you will have to face geo-restriction issue. Therefore, a VPN in this scenario will allow you to tackle the said hassle appropriately.

Once you are connected to a VPN service of your preference from the above list, you can change your online location. After getting IP addresses of one of the above mentioned countries, you are ready to explore unlimited doze of entertainment on your preferred devices.

Unblock Viaplay Streaming Service with VPNs

Have you ever been bogged down from accessing a geo-restricted streaming service or a website? So often does it happen that people are prevented from getting access to particular websites based on their IP address that represents their geographical location.

Believe it or not, but your IP address is your online identity and it plays an important role in determining what’s allowed for you to access and what’s not? If you want to gain direct access to Viaplay streaming service, we advise you to get hold of a VPN for Viaplay.

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How does VPN Give You Access to Viaplay?

VPN works on a simple principle of swapping your IP address with one of its own. Since Viaplay works perfectly in Nordic countries, we advise you to get a VPN service that has servers in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Russia and Denmark.

A VPN replaces your original IP address and connects you to your desired country’s server. For e.g. if you are looking for Finnish content on Viaplay, you can select Finland as your server. Similarly, if you are looking for Swedish content on Viaplay, you can connect to the Swedish server.

Does A VPN for ViaPlay Affect Your Streaming Speed?

It depends upon what you are trying to access and from which server you are connected. Normally, all the VPN providers make sure their users make the most of streaming services and provide them with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed so they can enjoy watching their favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons and sports at fast speeds.

Having said that, always keep in mind to connect to the nearest server of your geographical location. Even though all your traffic and online activities are kept safe and encrypted, your streaming speed may largely depend upon the actual speed of your internet service and your geographical location.

Movie Rental

Viaplay has a different set of movies that is available for the rental purpose only. It brings you some of the best Hollywood flicks filled with Drama, Emotions, Comedy, Romance and Action. You can get it on rent and can download it on your device.

Once you download a movie on your smartphone, gaming console, tabs, iPads, laptops or PCs, it will be available there for streaming for 30 days. And once you start watching it, you will be eligible to watch it as much as you like for 48 hours. It’s not necessary to have an active subscription for rental purpose; you can rent movies with a single username as well.

Viaplay App for Android and iOS

If you are a frequent traveller or you are a fan of mobility, you can enjoy the Viaplay streaming service on your smartphones, iPhones, iPads and tabs. The Viaplay app is available on both Google Play and iOS App Store free.

The Android and Apple users can download the app on their devices from there with ease without having to pay any charges. Both of them are entitled to enjoy the movies with HD 720p and can try the services for 30-days free if they are joining for the first time.

The Android app is compatible with Android 4.1 or above and the iOS app is compatible with all the iPhones and iPads running iOS 6.0 or above in them. However, the apps seem to work in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland even leaving Ukraine and Russia out. You will need a VPN for Viaplay in your devices to run the app smoothly in your devices.

Watch ViaPlay with VPN

ViaPlay Compatibility

Viaplay is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and gaming consoles, you can watch it on your SmartTVs.

ViaPlay Alternatives

The following list includes some of the most popular ViaPlay alternatives if you are contemplating other streaming options:

• WatchESPN
• Hulu
• Kodi
• Crackle
• Fox Now

How to Watch ViaPlay outside Denmark and from Anywhere FAQs

Where Viaplay headquarter is located?

Viaplay headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Can I get Viaplay free?

No, ViaPlay is a paid subscription service. You will have to subscribe to the famous streaming service to use it accordingly.

What are the benefits of using a VPN to Access ViaPlay outside Russia?

A VPN for ViaPlay is necessary when it comes to availing various benefit. Through ViaPlay VPN, you can obtain fastest streaming speeds along with bypassing ISP throttling and surveillance issues.

Moreover, you may experience money back guarantee and 24/7 365 days customer support features on your preferred devices.

Final Thoughts

Like any other popular streaming service, Viaplay also provides its users with hundreds and thousands of entertaining movies and TV shows. And like any other streaming service, Viaplay also restricts the right for viewership to certain regions. In order to go past and watch tons of TV shows and movies, we advise our readers to opt for VPN services.

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