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Absolute Radio UK aka Virgin Radio can now be streamed live outside UK. Stream unlimited billboard’s top music, news, sports and much more on Absolute Radio UK. Even more listen to renowned Radio Performers and exclusive Live Premier League Commentary. With variety of offerings, Absolute Radio broadcast is restricted to UK only. However, if you are travelling abroad and want to stream the iconic radio broadcaster, then VPN is the perfect option for you to unblock absolute radio UK from anywhere.

Listen to Absolute Radio OutSide UK


How to Unblock & Stream Absolute Radio UK Live Abroad?

Absolute Radio UK offers music from five decades (60s to 00s). Unfortunately, with the geo-restriction in place, listeners from abroad tend to miss out great source of entertainment. This restriction is due to heavy traffic on Absolute Radio UK. As a result, you see following message when you access Absolute Radio outside UK.

absolute radio

That only remains true until you learn about the blessing of VPN. A VPN gives you a UK IP address and enables you to access it from where it is easily accessible. As a result, you get access to full contents of Absolute Radio while living abroad. Absolute Radio users and Premium Radio Listeners suggest following VPNs due to their specifically optimized servers for uninterrupted and boosted-streaming.

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Absolute Radio Android App

Android users need not to worry when it comes to Absolute Radio Android App. It is a customized app for Android smartphones and tabs. The app lets users can listen to the popular songs of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, just like in the original website.

Absolute Radio Android App


Users can enjoy CD quality music over their Wi-Fi connections. With several other modes to offer, it is a must-have app for music lovers. However, Absolute Radio UK removed its app for Android users who travel or reside outside the UK region.

To download the Absolute Radio app, you will need to get a VPN in your device, which will then authenticate you for access to UK-only apps and allow you to proceed.


Absolute Radio App iPhone

To cater the needs of the masses that use iPhones or iPads, there is an Absolute Radio App for iPhone as well. You can listen to music and shows on any of the seven Absolute Radio stations, with only a few ads in between.

However, much like the Absolute Radio app for Android, the iOS app has been removed from non-UK servers.

People who wish to download and access Absolute Radio on their iOS devices have to equip their devices with a VPN. It helps bypass geo-restrictions and will make it possible for you to listen to your favorite songs on Absolute Radio.


Absolute Radio Blackberry App

Blackberry users have long been deprived of many applications due to its limited compatibility. But Blackberry has an app Absolute Radio. The users can listen to their favorite songs and shows with ease.

Absolute Radio Blackberry App

People can listen to songs across seven different stations with the Absolute Radio app for Blackberry. The channel provides a no-repeat guarantee to its users where the songs are never repeated twice. No wonder it is the app of choice for die-hard music junkies around the world.

Reactions of Users of Absolute Radio

We have compiled a few tweets to give you an idea about the reactions of users of Absolute Radio. Decide for yourself.


Absolute Radio has gained huge popularity since its transformation in 2008. It offers an expansive library of music and shows to its users. With music ranging from 60s to 00s, it has successfully targeted and entertained different audience segments – varying from adults to teenagers.

But with its limited access to UK only, people in other regions have been missing out on some of the finest songs that are exclusively available in its library.

Get a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and listen to your favorite shows, music and live football commentary.